The Misconceptions of Multi-Level Marketing, with Louise Barnacle.

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The Misconceptions of Multi-Level Marketing, with Louise Barnacle.

This is so much more than a conversation about Network Marketing. It’s a positive look at how hard work and determination plus positive affirmation really CAN change your life.

MLM/Network Marketing/Pyramid Selling… There are many different names and an array of differing views on this subject that covers a wide range of business and service sectors. Louise Barnacle is a fellow clubber who runs a successful MLM business, it has afforded her the opportunity to create a new life for herself, her partner and her daughter in the sunshine, as well as changing many of her friends’ lives along the way.

We’ll be having a general conversation about why people may have misconceptions of Multi Level Marketing and find out the struggles she faced along the way in starting a new life in Lanzarote.

[Music] good afternoon everybody Welcome along it is Inspire and be inspired our weekly motivational conversation occasional life hacks uh if it’s the first time that you’re joining us my name is Andy Ward it is a pleasure to have your company it is currently seven o’clock here on the Costa Blanca in Spain my guest is Dan in Lanzarote who will be going to her very soon the topic of conversation tonight is multi-level marketing uh the misconceptions surrounding it and my guest is a fellow clubber that I’ve known for quite some time actually when you think about it and I’m sure many of our friends will also know Louise before we begin uh as people slowly join us on the platform I remind you that I invite all conversation I invite all comments or questions and that also goes for anybody watching us on the recording it’s always nice to get some feedback and uh my esteemed guest will be more than happy to answer answer any questions that you have thank you to Mrs Ward for sharing the stream this evening all of the likes and shares do definitely help us get out there without further Ado let me Zoom across to my guest the lovely Louise Barnacle uh I have the diamond group then on um my title for yourself um I don’t know whether I’m supposed to share that but I’ve shared it anyway now so Louise welcome good evening good evening how are you I’m good thank you thank you for having me it’s my pleasure so you are down uh in Lanzarote we’re going to be talking at length about how you made that move and we can see in the background that the sun is still beaming through the window and uh here it’s pitch black and I’ve just had to rush onto the stream while I was getting the pellet burner ready for the wife so that’s the contrast in Lifestyles right now I know it’s crazy because you think Lance is obviously with classes Spain but we’re a good few hours flight away and we’re only going to have sunlight for about another half an hour about half past at the moment and does it get chilly of an evening or not yet I think we’ve still we have those mental shutters so we sleep with the doors open it’s pretty much well filled with all year round but um yeah I like a duvet uh nice concert that you sent over from next well it keeps the monsters away doesn’t it that’s it that’s it um so yeah I mean let’s not get into a hole weather report but I I do forget because we use the holiday um quite regularly in the winter down there so is there ever a time of the year where it does drop below 10 degrees I don’t think there is is there no no we have 16 days of rain on average a year they typically happen in three days at a time some big storms and then we have what I call polite rain okay so it always rains at night so you wake up in the morning you’re like oh the furniture’s wet but it’s it’s nice polite rain and our temperatures now I think probably 17 no hold on I’m not very good with um I’d say 70. I don’t work in um Celsius I still do Fahrenheit so I would say 70 upwards basically so we were about 85 a couple of weeks ago it was still nuts but it’s not the the beauty of here because I I’m obsessed with the sunshine and living in a sunny place and it was on my gold board for so long however I don’t actually ever sit in the Sun so I’m about the palest person I look quite Brown on this part of my zoom but I’m the careless person when when my friends come over to stay I literally look like I’m the tourist I’ve got a really pale legs because I never sit in the sun I for me it’s about being able to wear a dress open shoes having at worst we take a cardigan or a denim jacket out at night in the winter but it’s just it’s it’s lovely weather but here you have a constant wind so you’re never actually really hot unless you have uh Kalima which is the storm we’ve always got the wind so it doesn’t matter it’s just really comfortable heat I can’t stand the kind of stifling heat so so yeah that’s why Lanzarote wonderful well we will get to uh the points of how you did relocate eventually um we do have people slowly joining us so I’ll say once again please feel free to say hello let us know that you’re watching whether uh your fans of the page or whether you’re friends of Louise who are passing by to show some support we welcome all interaction so the conversation multi-level marketing um we were just having quite an enlightening conversation before we went live um most of my people that I communicate with most of my community are all of the same age we think back to the 80s when uh multi-level marketing was known as network marketing uh also referred to as pyramid cell and it became a negative word for many people and yet it was um a great way for many people to start their own businesses and so on and so forth so we’re here to shatter those misconceptions of what multi-level marketing exactly is and we’re also here to celebrate your successes along the way before we do that I guess we should find out a little bit about yourself um a club out now forgive me are you from Coventry area so yeah kind of pretty I knew it was I knew you were Studebakers Bakers and then I lived in London for many years so kind of the London clubs as well so we did get talking at some point down the line and a lot of that was about Miss money pennies huge fan of money pennies and the chuff chuffs and the likes we have some very good mutual friends crazy mutual friends who will both immediately think of that we sharp mention on air and we’ve had some rather messy nights along the way which include uh great parties in Croatia London Birmingham uh Miami all around the world all around the world so tell us about your early um your early business what you did when you left school you know how how you basically progressed to where you are today yeah I was a waitress my whole life um I was really into buying clothes so I used to waitress I used to buy ridiculously expensive clothes my mum would pay for it and then I had to waitress it back okay so so I was a waitress from 14 and it just kind of just I kind of almost just fell into that I went to University I started University to do fashion I went to college and did two years of fashion absolutely loved it went to University absolutely hated it so my mum and dad said well you know just try and get a job in fashion which was really really everybody said we wouldn’t even give you a free job and we wouldn’t even pay you unless you had a ba so that kind of was put to one side and actually that attitude of when I was reaching out to people put me off as well so then I’d always waitress I started um very young being a manager of a restaurant in Leamington that then led me to apply for a job in London to manage a restaurant there I got the job and I was super young I think it was like 1920 and then bought Flats in London when I was 21. still and then I was a waitress because you earned much more money being a waitress than you do being a manager so I waitress bought a flat and then an opportunity came up my parents had a villa in Majorca so their favorite restaurant was for sale so I sold my flat in London for a restaurant with that money and then so I was only 23 then but there was only Pasha in Majorca and um so I just got pretty bored pretty quick and just thought I was like in in poyenza which is a very quiet town in Majorca so I just I was just too young for all of that so after a few years came back um approached Raymond Blanc because he had a restaurant in Birmingham and I got the job there so I was a manager there and then so this would be forgive me this would be to other like the mid-2000s yeah I think so um no so the year 2000 so Millennium was before I’d gone to um Mallorca so I’m 40 I’ve just turned 46. okay so went off to um came back to Birmingham Raymond blanc’s restaurant and then obviously the hours are just super anti-social so I then took a massive pay cut and went into marketing for a group of restaurants in Birmingham and then from that moved to London to help somebody with marketing in a restaurant again so I I worked in I lived in London for two lots of five years and then then I had a broker shop business so yeah because everyone used to think my name is Louise Barnacle Quivers which was the Quivers test tube shots so that was a guy from Birmingham he owned this uh fabulous company but needed someone to run London for him so that was still a self-employed role but so we were living in London Molly was then born I was landlady in a pub at the time and had the barbershop business and we stayed in London for about another six months and did the like moved to St Albans and then worked our way back up towards home for help with Molly right of Whirlwind I didn’t realize there was so much that had gone on in in all that time lots of lots of restaurants and late nights but um see I have my own business doing the Vodka Shots when I moved back to Kenilworth and that then led me into the network marketing because my best friend had started about two and a half years prior to me and I was her customer so yeah so I absolutely love the product and then that just LED them into sheep well she she didn’t approach me about the business because she thought I had loads of money and I wouldn’t be interested that was her misconception of I suppose what she was doing in thinking that I wouldn’t be interested but actually I was I was literally working seven nights a week until I literally used to have these like wooden clipboards and if I went clubbing I’d have two mobile Nokia phones one for work one for um you know for my own personal use and then I would literally have a sheet and I was like dealing with girls selling vocal shots till 2 30 3 30 in the morning and that was seven nights were these the girls who had sort of like um belts on that had all the shots you know like the grand Slingers used to wear what was that different bands no it was the ones it’s similar but it was in a glass box that had a light under it so they were cool and the girls were just selling sealed they’re very low alcohol vodka shots and so um but it was it was exhausting I was literally working seven nights a week I was a new mum I was completely knackered so I was earning loads of money doing that but there was going to be a point where that had to get because I was absolutely shattered and I was literally tied to my phone so seven nights a week okay so you mentioned about your friend who didn’t approach you so she was clearly focused just make jumping to um assumptions she was focusing more on the business side of things rather than the product itself is is that correct then because she you said she didn’t approach you because she thought you earned so much money yeah so so it’s all about you know there is a lot of focus on the product and you don’t earn any money if you’re not selling the products and teaching other people how to sell the product okay so what Paws you there um we are not here to uh blatantly promote what you do but at the same time we do need to put it into context so please feel free to tell us about the Fantastic company they work for and the Fantastic products that you sell okay so the company’s Forever Living they are 46 year old company 44 year old company an American company and we’ve got head offices and 168 countries which then leads me to living here and we have um so I can work with people all over the world but we we grow aloe vera so we have um plantations in Dominican Republic Mexico and Arizona we grow aloe vera and then turn that into products so aloe vera that you drink and aloe vera that we turn into other skin products Etc but what I’m really passionate about is minerals and vitamins so where you kind of like find your way with with what what you’re learning along the way and mine has been just my Intrigue with how we can take care of ourselves and vegetarian so I’ve always needed to take us you know certain supplements so for me my big um my customer base is pretty much people coming to me saying I’m completely knackered you know what am I not eating what am I not doing right you know that kind of thing so so yeah so vitamin supplements skin cream I’m not you know I’m not I’m not someone who spends loads of time on skin cream so I use it but it’s not something I really recommend because it’s just not my area of expertise okay um good evening Amy uh good evening Emily thank you for your comments nice to have the ladies involved um a big advocate of the products there in the in the years that you’ve been working for them have there been a lot of advances in the product range or has it always been pretty strong and there’s not been in any wavering any any branching out so they are a huge nutraceutical company so we are always bringing out new products but most products will take a good two to four years in the making so it’s not about bad things that are maybe the most fashionable things at that moment it can often take a bit longer than that so um we have collagen products uh which is obviously a more of a new thing um and um and our science behind our kind of energy products and things like that everything’s always evolving they probably bring out two to three new products per year right okay yeah okay uh that’s a a great background so when you began with the company um the entry level for yourself because we’re keen to understand how it works and as I say to break down the misconceptions and why you have been so successful in it clearly a social butterfly with a a great network of friends around you so tell us about the how it all began how the process started okay so I my friend said to me she rang me up and said she wants to come on a holiday that I’ve won to Sardinia and obviously Molly was about two or three I was like uh yes and um so we got on we got on a plane and before we got on a plane uh Heathrow we she handed me a book and the book was information about network marketing so I knew she sold products I knew she recruited people because I’d recommended people that wanted to earn some money I’d say speak to my friend and she helps people do that but I didn’t understand the scale of what it does and the scale of what you can do Etc so I didn’t realize that somebody who was quite trapped in what I was doing so I was used to spending the money I was earning I was a young mum an older young mum and I didn’t realize that I could just find a path where if I put in the hard work I could replace my income I wasn’t aware that that was a thing I thought my only backgrounds in restaurants I’m too old to kind of retrain in a whole career that could bring me back into that kind of money so I was kind of in a place where um I was just used to working really hard to earn loads of money and in a way of like having to put in so many hours and that be um our deficit to my family time because obviously I was working seven nights a week um and exhausted so when I read the book and realized okay hold on a second I could build a business where I don’t have to know everything I’m going to be taught what I need to learn so in other words I haven’t got to go back to University for four years to do something completely new and come back in at an entry level I can work I can work equally I’m working really hard anyway I can also work really hard at this and there’s a way forward for me to be able to be a mum and also have that kind of income that I’m willing to work for so when I read the book I nearly whacked her with it the next day I was like why didn’t you just explain this to me because I literally thought you were um I literally thought she was just doing like before and after weight loss pictures and I was like there’s no way I’m doing that like I just don’t want to do that and I just thought that they were selling products and also that it was just for earning just a tiny bit of money I didn’t really know that you could do more even though she was doing really well she wasn’t really sharing that with me um and social anyway she said do you want to come on this holiday and it was her way of saying come and have a look so I got on the holiday with uh when there’s these trips as I think there was probably 4 000 people on this first trip to Sardinia and you start talking to people and everybody’s more alike than different are they and especially when you’re in that kind of environment where everybody’s you know positive happy they’re doing well they’re succeeding I was like there’s no but they’re completely normal people I was like oh okay I completely get this now and and there’s so many people it’s funny because I don’t know where we were all dancing in money pennies but there’s so many people that I can’t believe I didn’t know as I was growing up because obviously and that I now work with um so yeah so I went on the trip and immediately I said just show me what I’ve got to do I was in that place in my life where I was like if you show me what I need to do I’ll go and do it I love the products anyway I kind of understood what she was then doing so I just got off the plane and I got to work and I really got to work so I just um you know surrounded myself with everything I needed to do read the positivity books listening to the CVA you know the audios so learning about the industry but also learning about personal development for me because at the time I was literally singing cbeebly songs and I didn’t think as much as I had a really successful bokeh business I wasn’t speaking to anybody I was literally doing that all by text message I had no social skills at that point other than with my mates and so I I was literally one of my first meetings I did the presentation and the girl that I was with I was during the meeting for her and she was like I thought you were trying to be cute and I was like no I just went into like being Molly’s mum with like I’ve done it tada I was so embarrassed but you know what I and that’s again outside of my deck thinking what on Earth can I do in life that I haven’t got to completely retrain for all those years for and then you know so so I just kind of got to work and what I actually did was I looked at where I was in life and I reached out to my friends that were in the same position so I have my own business but I had no time freedom I had no security couldn’t take a holiday without taking my business with me I had no pension I had um all the kind of ins and outs of having to deal with everything payroll start everything else and so I thought to myself who else is in my shoes so I reached out to my friends that were self-employed initially massively self-employed people because um Tucky won’t mind me mentioning he drives cranes you know it’s everybody has these these challenges with being self-employed and when you’re within a network marketing company those things are all taken care of for you which gives you then the family time that’s the part that’s that’s the bit where you get your time back because you’re not dealing with everything you’re not wearing every hat so for example a hairdresser can be great at cutting hair but they still then got to be there washing you know someone’s got off those towels someone’s got to do every aspect of it until they’ve got enough staff Etc and with network marketing it’s the fact that you can do the bit that you’ve got to do but also then the other things are just taken care of I don’t need to do product um testing development I don’t you know we’ve got all of that going on in America in in our head office in Warwick we’ve got a marketing team a payroll team a finance team everything is just done for you so if you do that part well you you clearly are very um driven uh goal-orientated person so for you to jump into it with with both feet it didn’t seem too difficult when you were going and and reading the books and going to the seminars which I’m familiar with myself because I um had a little experience in the past did you ever um when you were approaching people did you ever get looked at with the side eye as if you were a little bit too enthusiastic and you know what have you been uh dragged into Lou what what cult have you been dragged into no because you know what I’m I’m a genuine authentic person and I think if you’re not that’s obvious and here’s the here’s something I was thinking about earlier before we came on is that when we’re talking about maybe some negativities it’s that the people that just come into this for the money you can tell that’s where some of the problems lie for me I was like oh my God I can help my friends my friend is it and that’s just give me goosebumps my it’s yes I can build a business and I can be a mum but most importantly I can solve this same problem that all of me and my friends talk about we’re all knackered we’re all literally and and you know you say I’m driven and very goal related it’s because I’m expensive like it’s not because it’s not because I’m you know want to have a yacht or anything else it’s just because life is a life is very expensive but B I’m expensive because I like meeting up with my friends I like going out for dinners you know it’s I’m not not into when I when I before children before Molly you know I would have bought designer clothes I’m not into all of that anymore but life is typically expensive isn’t it so I kind of have to be driven so when we when Phil and I have needed to do four jobs we’ve done four jobs because we don’t want a lifestyle to drop so we just always we’ve just always worked hard my parents have obviously installed that in me uh from a young age that you just you know you choose what you want to what what you want to have in life and then you need to work towards it don’t you yeah wonderful well that’s great hard work and as well if you’ve worked in a restaurant 15 hour shift when I was head was working us broke 15 hours a day because it was a brand new pub then why wouldn’t I do that for myself exactly that’s the thing I’ve literally killed myself working for other people well I’m sure there’s a few people who will relate to that working on their feet for all the hours that God sends so um you hear the the stories you see the pictures of the people on the stage with the big checks and you you hear about the the Glamorous trips to Texas or San Diego or whatever it is at what point um well first of all initially what is the what are the steps that you start to you realize okay well this is moving along I’ve got more people involved and then your enthusiasm has to obviously uh brush off onto them did any of your friends Fall by the wayside or did pretty much everyone that you brought along uh stick with it loads of people star and of course that’s the reality of absolutely everything in life to be honest but people stop because their goals change people stop because their life goes in a different direction people stop because they can’t they they think people they think maybe think that they’re talking to people being like do I sound like I’m in a cult and that puts them off you know is that because they don’t truly believe no I don’t think so I just think people can be um people can be rude to you of course they can so rejection and hearing a no will literally stop someone in their tracks it will just make them think you know what it’s just not worth it and not because it’s not worth it because but because their confidence is broken and actually what’s what I try and obviously teach people is that it’s not personal you know I’m not asking someone if they want to come and have a coffee with me I’m literally saying would you like to build a business with me it’s completely they’re either very much a yes or very much a not really thanks very much I’m so busy and that’s the other thing that I said to my friend before when she was trying to show me the opportunity before a premier free holiday she kept saying you should do this thing it’s really good and I would say to her no are you mad I’m literally exhausted I’ve got molly who’s a baby I’m running out of a shop business where am I going to get spare time and I literally thought she was Bonkers because again it was like you should do this thing it’s like well she wasn’t telling me why I should have a look at it it was more like oh you could earn some money doing this I’m like I earn loads of money doing what I want so she didn’t sound like she was the best at it with all due respect to her she she was really bad with me and she said she doesn’t didn’t want it to interfere with our friendship she didn’t want it to feel um you know she didn’t want it to feel awful between us if I’d have said no so instantly when I did my first talk on stage the first thing I said is please go and talk to your best friends because actually if they can say no like it’s absolutely fine like but let them make that choice and the problem is with a lot of people is first of all you get a lot of people who join the business who say I’m not going to talk to my friends I’ll just talk to strangers and that’s again just a personal fear thing isn’t it but strangers are going to be much more harsh and be like are you mad like I don’t know you um then if you speak to your friend and say look I’m brand new and that’s the thing as well is that sometimes well we’ll talk about this separately but sometimes it can be um the fear of somebody being new so so I have no problem saying I’m brand new I really don’t know everything I don’t really know enough to really be showing you this but I’m going to get my friend to explain some of it too um do you want to have a listen I just need 40 minutes of your time and I was very much would you like to take a look yes or no I wasn’t saying all this you know you could win a holiday no one’s interested in that they just want to know what’s in it for them immediately oh sorry to interruptly train a thought when you say about that it’s like when you’re walking down the street back in the day and the guys on the on the uh on on the the Promenade they’re trying to pour you in have you got a spare hour we give you some cigarettes all you’ve got to do is listen to our holiday presentation try to sell you time [ __ ] right in Tenerife I guess as well exactly right carry on cigarettes yeah oh I used to get free cigarettes loads of money a three weeks holiday all you gotta do is sit here for two hours I’ve done that I’ve done the seminar I did it in Birmingham for a free holiday that we didn’t then go on and my parents got drummed into it in America once as well until we sat in something for free sea life tickets or something oh Craven free sea life tickets but that’s the thing is that the other thing is that in life because we we’re we’re being salty all the time so it’s again just training when I’m training somebody to work with me it’s very much like that you know you’re not it’s not a cup of coffee so you just need to say I might I might have something that might solve your problem that you’ll that they know about um so would you like to have a listen and that’s it and it’s just keeping it gentle keeping it genuine and and very much that’s that’s it that’s the sales pitch done you know it’s like would you like to look yes great no that’s fine too and it’s it’s when the opposite of that and I think why there has been a bad name towards it in the last yeah so well I’ve been with the company nine years and we’ve gone through this period of I’d say it’s almost to put a nice time on it brand fatigue so network marketing for tea social media almost you know it was a huge huge thing on social media to the point of everyone’s like get out of my face you’re driving us nuts you know so that’s more what we come across these days is people who are just like they it takes a lot more to get someone to listen because their idea is like oh and and the other thing going back to when I started was I said to Ange on the way um to Sardinia was if I’ve got a post on social media I won’t do it so I’m not going to speak on stage ever and I’m not going to put this on social media and she said that’s fine I’ll show you the old-fashioned way and that was the thing the reason why I was actually saying I would have post on social media wasn’t the cringe Factor at that point I mean I wasn’t going to stand in the Bikini but my reason behind that was because with the Vodka shop business if I’d have posted anything about another business I’d have lost my contracts with the clubs right because then the girls don’t stand up for work and they they would have thought oh he’s not she’s um you know she’s took her out of the ball she’s preoccupied so let’s get into the the Crux of how it actually works then because clearly there are levels um within the organization um so explain shed light on how that works and um because first of all I just want to drive home again how incredibly positive it is how um how driven everybody is it is um what’s the word uh infectious the positivity is infectious I I can’t see anything wrong with being around people who are so energetic depending on the and the um attitude that others may have then they could possibly look at you with a side die as if to say you’re pretty weird you know no one’s that happy all the time because it does happen doesn’t it people do have that attitude um so let’s get back to my original question tell us about the structure how it works and what the misconceptions are compared to the reality yeah so the is there’s two ideas basically you can come in and just want to earn say up to 500 pounds or Euros or whatever and that would literally just be somebody who’s fallen in love with the products and they want to share them they want to share that that product so same as you’ve watched something on Netflix you’re going to recommend that to 10 friends I mean all I do all day is recommend restaurants but the restaurants don’t even give me a free garlic bread but I’m perfect you know I’m promoting their business for them but I don’t get paid for it so the the product promoter role is just somebody that wants to earn a bit of extra money and it literally can be these days by talking to their friends and saying you know I’m using this I mean most of my friends are my cup most of my friends are my customers most of my customers are my friends so it can be just people um sharing it with their friends but also of course these days you’ve got affiliate links so our our net our online shop which we get when we join has an affiliate link you can do QR codes so if you’re really tech savvy you can just build a business that way and have literally nothing to do with the with the with the um well you don’t touch the product anyway it’s shipped directly from from Holland to anywhere in Europe or you know in America or whatever we have different um warehouses but essentially you don’t need to touch that product so you can just be sharing a link purchase it here I’m not I I haven’t taken my business down that direction I’ve got people in my team that do it like that with um with a lot on in on the internet and stuff but I’m I’m a bit ancient so mine’s a lot more people say to me Lou you know they know me they’ll laugh yours is yours is pretty much a lot more yeah old-fashioned way um I’m full of energy do you want to try this product you know and and I do mention it on social media first of all I didn’t mention it at all for 18 months until I qualify for my first trip to Dallas I did not mention it on social media but at that point I thought okay I’ve matched my income now I’m going I don’t mind if I start getting in trouble with the nightclubs a little bit so I didn’t mention it at all it was all done the old-fashioned way of just you know just recommending and um and then I’ve lost my chamber thought there sorry no you we were talking about how you build it you were how you were pushing promoting to your friends that’s it so so people have different ways of marketing the products essentially they’re not shipping it or touching it themselves so and my friend who lives here she has never touched the product you know she she probably has like a handful of customers but it’s so small but then everything is done by Links because when she built her business it was building it in England so it was all online um so you’ve got people who just want to sell the products and they don’t they do that just for the extra you know six grand income a year which to a lot of people makes a lot of difference and that’s what they want to do so we don’t talk to them about um the other levels you can recruit people Etc because they don’t need to then that’s not what they’re there for so it’s nothing again people tell us what they want not not me trying to push them away no you should do more so then if you want to earn more income then you start to share the business opportunity with other people because then what will happen is you’re going to earn commission on the sales that they that they’ve got so um and that can be in any country so you work your way up to what’s called a manager level managers are earning around 1 000 to 1500 pounds per month and then what you do is is you’re then teaching other people the ones that want to earn more you’re then teaching them how to get to that level as well so the more people you help the more people uh the more the more successful you become and that goes back to what I was saying this business doesn’t really work for the people that only came in it for the money it’s very much about helping people because if you don’t help people they wouldn’t know what to do and then then they wouldn’t sell anything and then you wouldn’t earn any commissions so it is very much this lovely community of helping people and occasionally you know I’ll meet people who literally or you know have had people in my team who just come in it to do to earn the money but they don’t really last they might do two or three years flat out but I don’t believe I think you really genuinely need to care about other people is is that because they don’t want to invest their time in in other people underneath them as well or they yeah yeah because coaching people is is a is a well it says as many hours as you want to put into it but it is a full-time job you you know and people you do take on that role of friend Mentor coach obviously and back in when I first started you don’t really put any boundaries into that so you’re just working non-stop and your phone’s going Non-Stop and everything else obviously my life’s changed now and and you and you know the older Molly’s got the more she’s needed me a lot of parents will say they need to be around their babies more but actually I find the older she gets the more she needs me so you know those boundaries are you know very you know I have my work hours and things but but yeah I just think if you don’t really care about people then you shouldn’t like when you’re recruiting them then you’re really only recruiting them for their for your own gain aren’t you yeah so it is about helping people it’s about saying you know saying to somebody I really think I’m that you should have a listen like this could be something that could help you but you’re doing that from genuine not thinking oh if they join my team I’m gonna earn another grand a month it’s just then I believe you can you would be able to tell you it doesn’t authentic it’s and again another negative thing is when people join network marketing but they weren’t really suitable and so that again it’s you know for example a Makeup Company if so if you’re recruiting somebody for the sake of recruiting them because you’re just in it to earn money and you’re recruiting people that don’t even wear makeup it’s really unethical all right yeah so there are a lot there are a lot of different products aren’t that that are um within the multi-level marketing so you talk about uh makeup diet products whether it’s um supplements the likes and then there’s also Services as well that can that can fall into the same bracket um and so that it is basically about helping people you touched on the coaching so you must constantly be having to train yourself as well um to refresh refresh your courses every single day I will be reading listening doing something because ultimately that installs my own confidence so I often find if I’m suddenly feeling a little bit demotivated or I’m suddenly getting that oh my gosh can I really do that feeling I’m like what are you listening to Lou what are you reading and and guaranteed it’s because instead of pressing play on my whatever audio book I’m listening to I’ve suddenly started putting the radio on and and it’s so true because it’s straight away if somebody in my team calls me and they say Lou I’m really struggling no one wants to buy the products you know I’m talking to people and they’re not interested my first question is what are you reading what are you listening to because actually it’s that that’s dropped it’s not that no one wants to to use Health Products you’ve only literally I said since one lady in in Cyprus I said go to the shopping mall because there’s a Holland and Barrett there so just sit and have a copy and watch how many people are walking out of Holland and Barrett with bags of vitamins and supplements and then just remember that it’s you that needs to grow it’s not if everyone’s buying these things it’s just that you’re not confidently you’ve lost your confidence a bit and I for me I know it’s reading books and and things that aren’t related you know just um I’m listening to Dr Julie at the moment that why did nobody tell me that um okay I’m not familiar with that yeah so she just became uh like a ins Instagram presentation in lockdown and my mum bought me the book I like to have the book and the audio um because I love listening to their voice because I find that really uh inspires me so so yeah so it’s normally personal it always comes down to personal development so I’m always learning and I’m such a geek with it there’s there’s a really famous nutritionist Patrick Holford who my granddad bought his books my dad bought his books and then I was in Dubai and he was on stage talking about our products he’s not he’s not associated with us we just hire him in as a nutritionist to talk to us to train us and um he loves the products and I’ve been on his course the same course the four times that it’s rang same one-day course because I’m just you can’t stop can you can’t stop learning and you can’t take everything in so what I’ve heard one day doesn’t sink in the next day you know brilliant that’s great oh uh I mentioned Mark Wilkinson to you earlier somebody who’s um I’ve listened to a lot of these words and one of his uh I don’t think he’s his quote where he says repetition is Mastery so you know just feel that yeah that’s nice there you go you can have that it’s not mine I don’t think it was Marx um and the same goes four sorry that leads me back to your one of your questions it’s the same with working in network marketing one of the biggest reasons you’ll quit is because you didn’t really get started because the repetition is Mastery but if you’re not actually speaking to people you’re never going to get good at it so the whole point is it’s okay to be new and say I’m sorry like I was terrified of selling the products and thinking someone would ask me a question that I didn’t know and then I just thought oh I’ve got to get over this I’ll just say I don’t know I’ll go and find out for you it doesn’t make me a criminal it just means I’ll go and find out that information for you and I think that repetition people just won’t put in that amount of repetition well in life as well generally unfortunately it’s uh I I’m sold on the whole positive you know idea that the PMA the reading of the books the listening to the Seminars the listening to podcasts of of other successful people listening to How they’ve overcome their trials and tribulations and you always take something away from it you always get inspired by something and even if it’s just to be able to share um oh you’ll see somebody else who’s having a a tough time of it they’re struggling with their motivation and just to be able to part some words of wisdom unto them you know if you’re a people person then it’s a it’s a great business to be in isn’t it yeah I’m yeah absolutely well listen I would love to continue talking about uh them the uh multi-level marketing I think we’ve we’ve covered the the basis of of everything how you got into it and the love that you’ve got but I’m also Keen for people to hear your story about how you uh took your family took the leap of faith and moved over to Lanzarote because um there are so many people in who are unhappy in life and they they say to me you know being here for so long myself ah one day one day and I have to bite my tongue and not saying well why one day just do it you know just just make it happen were you thinking a long time before you you you took the plunge let me ask 19 years ago or like 15 years ago did you used to say just do it and then you’ve stopped how did you mean well you said that you bite your tongue to not save them just do it but did you get there at the beginning because you’re so excited maybe not because I didn’t have the experience back then and it is difficult to for me personally to not come across as a know it all and people say oh it’s okay for you but if they know the struggles that we’ve been through you know it’s a case of well nothing and people again I’m going off on a Township website oh we want kids but the timing’s not right time is never right to have kids definitely not so anyway oh shut up tell us about how how you got there so obviously over the nine years I’ve built my business um qualified for those glamorous trips my team have qualified for those trips and built my business to um a level where you know I just love helping people and wanted to um but we always wanted to live abroad so Molly is has just turned 13. our plan was always to move overseas to be in the sunshine because growing up in the Midlands you never say she’ll get to the beach after school you know it’s like everything’s a mission and we are just rubbish at being outdoorsy people in England we wouldn’t be like let’s put on a coat and let’s go for a walk in the rain like I’m just I just it’s just not our thing so if you if you if you’re adventurous it’d be like should we go to Stratford on Sunday I know but it’s and you know and that’s great and I am that’s great in the summer months but I just don’t have any inclination to want to do that in the cold I just become miserable the minute I’ve got to put on boots and a winter coat I just become miserable and like I said I never sit in the Sun so it’s not because I’m one of these sunbathing people I just need the blue skies and the Sun so so the plan was always to move so we we put in that patient to move to Australia because I thought where can I go and build my forever business where would be a great place to go that speaks English so we decided on Australia we put in an application it was horrible for Phil because he’s an electrician and he was the one who had to do like a an IELTS exam which is the equivalent of an a level in English even though he’s from Liverpool um you’ve got a we went and did the Medicals um Etc and spent all the money on the Visa and we’ve literally to this day never heard back from them I mean up to five years and one net we never will will we because of covered and they they’re desperately short of short of electricians I was going to say I thought the points hairdressers and skilled laborers were like it’s really hot totally sore after over there well we had all the points but obviously in case get knocked in so our plan was to go to Australia for two years build my favorite business there and then move to Cyprus so I’d been to Cyprus a few times I’d started to build a team there started to go and host some meetings there and so was ready to kind of build in those two different countries and then with covid I really miss my friends and I thought gosh that started to kick in then thinking even though we’re only going to Australia for a couple of years it’s no one’s going to come and see us and the joke in covid was I kept planning this party my mum kept saying every Amazon parcel with like a you know a cushion for the party my mom was like no one’s coming no one’s coming though like why don’t you understand no one’s coming locked down and I’m like for my party I’ve got these new straws no one’s coming though so then I started thinking oh gosh am I going to feel like that in Australia anyway we I was really fed up in lockdown I do a lot of goal mapping and I realized I just wasn’t I I felt like I had nothing to look forward to because Boris was telling us we couldn’t go out so we weren’t booking holidays and we were just following these rules so I did a brand new goal map which was going I said I thought I’m gonna book a holiday that I have to work to earn the money to afford because all of our money was going for Australia all the time so I thought I’m going to do this change my mindset gonna do it so that was for the February I set a 90-day goal map went crazy with this map and within within a month just booked to come to Lanzarote now we’ve been coming here for 22 years my best friend lives here my goddaughter’s here but what I did was I was going to book a different Resort in an expensive hotel so that it was something that had to work towards but I wanted to still come here because I wanted to see them so anyway um got to work and instantly it changed my mindset because where we go to bed at 9 30 10 I was staying up all night watching American um the big network marketing conferences are always in that time of year and they’re in America so you’ve got to watch them live to open three in the morning I was up all night I was getting up at 5 30 in the morning to catch up on what I’d miss and my mindset just completely shifted when I had something to look forward to so with that we booked the holidays so Molly and I flew out on the 13th of December and Phil was going to follow us on the 23rd of December for Christmas but the planes closed on the 22nd and we couldn’t get Phil out of England when we when we heard the announcement that they were closing the airport there was we couldn’t even get him a flight to Russia we were literally me and my friends six hours online perfect both of us on our laptops trying to get Philip like anywhere just to get him out of England but there wasn’t any opportunity for that so Bill got stuck so this was this was the second lockdown this was the first second look there yeah Christmas 2020. yeah so when um suddenly you weren’t allowed Christmas dinners and things but fill it up the PCR to fly here so he was allowed to eat with my mum and dad he was just he was stuck and he had 90 kilos of luggage for me uh oh no sorry not at that point that was just for Christmas so anyway we um we said well we’ll just wait because he can get on the next plane and we’ll just send Molly back to school a week late but nothing changed so but on the 28th of December my friend said to me if you ever want to live in Spain ever you should apply for The Residency because it’s only 200 quid to get someone to do the paperwork for you and even if you don’t use it you’ve lost 200 quid because then I was thinking what if we never hear back from Australia so we rushed around on the 29th and 30th and got our residency application so that’s we’d have an address we’d have a bank account we had to have a certain amount of money in the bank um all of those we ticked all the boxes Private health care rushed around doing that like crazy um but then so then we couldn’t leave so we me and Molly had to stay because we flew home they wouldn’t have let us back in so we had to stay here and be be like residents and then Phil’s resident first of all he couldn’t get out here till the end of March so his first flight here that’s when he had the 90 kilos of luggage for me it’s not like living with one suitcase it was full of high heels and dresses to go out at night it was ridiculous sounds like my suitcase end of March but then his residency didn’t come through till September so he because he’s an electrician he wouldn’t have been able to legally work here so he couldn’t stay we needed him to be earning money so he went back to England and he moved here at Christmas but in the meantime I’ve got a wonderful story about that I found this house what I never wanted to live in Lanzarote but my friend drove me down the coast because in my mind I’d done this goal map that said I live in a spacious Sunshine Home by the beach and I’d had that in the center of my goal map for four years and it had this photograph of this view of a house in Australia I found this house and put this view on the picture and she drove me down the coast and I wasn’t aware that you could live on the sea here because I’ve never seen it before it’s all hotels along the front anyway we found a house I said I’m going to rent that house and she was like no you’re not like it’s probably three grand a week to rent it it’s on the cliffs it’s amazing I said I’m gonna rent that house I’m gonna find the owner and I’m going to rent it off him and I knocked on Doors found the owner I said I’m going to rent it for a thousand a month and she was like you’re just Bonkers and every day I took someone to the house and said come and look at my new house but anyway positive positive affirmation I love it photographs outside was so we rented that for six months and I loved it it was insane but I was doing Journal then because I was like oh my god I’ve manifested this perfect house that I’ve been wanting oh sorry I’ve missed that point the view of the picture in the gold map it was identical to the view from Australia the literally the wooden gazebo the mountains in the background the sea everything and literally and also I put that I was getting the keys to the one in Australia on the 31st of December 2020 I got the keys for the one in here on this on that day so and I’ll show I’ll send you those pictures but um so then I was like oh my gosh this manifesting stuff I need to be writing it every day being really good with my journaling and I kept writing I own my house meaning I owned that house but I wasn’t being specific in saying I only finished there I wasn’t saying actually the address and then my nail lady said my friend’s selling a house it’s amazing go and see it and what was wasn’t wanting to own buy a house specifically I just wanted that house by the Sea and when we came into this house I was like oh my God and I said to my friend can you come and look she’s like you need to buy it immediately it’s perfect so we’ve been we’ve had this house now since last July well Michelle is sat in my front room and she’s just said uh earlier you are so positive and great to listen to and then after finishing that story she’s just said absolutely brilliant that’s really good as I said before we went live uh unfortunately the way that Facebook works it does kind of throttle the output sometimes so we do struggle to get people to uh be able to see us but I do know that when people come back and check out this recording they’re gonna really relate to what you’re saying and your uh your positivities definitely infectious you know but it’s not all been it’s not all been uh sunshine and Roses has it because uh having a teenager to uh bring up in it in a new in a new environment and and other struggles as well um tell us about a couple of the challenges that you faced so um Molly goes to an English school so they follow the same curriculum um you have to travel to there so it’s a good half an hour there and half an hour back and for the first year she literally it was just a nightmare she would go into the classroom or into the actual building two days a week I was driving her up and down up and down up and down and she just didn’t want to go in and it was awful for her um and then within a year she agreed to get the bus was because they put 60 kids on that live in Playa Blanca and they drive them there so you know things were growing but she’s just been so unhappy the whole time and because of her social group and she was in a lower class because England was nearly a year behind educationally so she had to go into a year below and then literally this week um my smile will be bigger this week because on Monday she moved up into the year that she should be because she felt ready and she’s got friends and she’s enjoying it and she’s coming home chatting about them whereas we just had a really really sad Molly for two years and it’s been completely heartbreaking remind me um of the post that you made a few weeks ago I can’t drag it from the depth of my mind that you made quite um a poignant post regarding your relationship together and how you felt you really connected with her could you mind sharing that yeah I mean I can’t think the the detail either but it was basically that you know a lot of so many people say oh wow your Facebook your Instagram your photos are so amazing blah blah and you know and it’s like of course people post the highlights don’t they but and also when you’re feeling down you don’t feel like even going on social media so that’s a bit of a catch-22 either it’s almost like you’re not hiding it but it’s not my time when I’m sitting there going I want to be on my phone it’s like when I’m miserable and I’m sad about Molly I just want to literally just do nothing I’m and that’s and that’s you know that was how my business was for the first year that I was here I couldn’t have meetings because I didn’t know if I was bringing her home or not I didn’t know if she was going to be at school coming home and if she was coming home we just got a bag and went to the beach I did anything to take her out of that despair of leaving our friends in England we would just go and do something fun I didn’t just come home I’m sitting on my laptop and she’s just being miserable we just I had to switch the the um the environment for her so you know I just didn’t work at all for the person I think actually that’s just my male person basically I was saying most moms take maternity leave when they have their child where it’s like yeah I had a pub so my Pub was brand new so Bill took seven months off he was upstairs with Molly in the pub and I just worked flat out and obviously had the Vodka shop business had the pub to run and that was fine it wasn’t it was never that um you know she didn’t need me in the capacity that she needed me when we moved here and that was for me to be able to just not work and say when she was crying and upset and not wanting to go to school for me to just go we’re going to the beach we’re gonna go we’re gonna go and get an ice cream we’re gonna go and have an omelette we’re just gonna do something we’ll go to the shops we’ll go see about it because I had to it’s like that switch isn’t it you know I I often do it with music if I’m if I’m just feeling like oh I’ll just Chuck on a tune and dance around and just that movement in your body changes your um your perception of everything doesn’t it because you’ve just split that switch so with her it was like I wasn’t just going to bring her home and me sit on a laptop and ignore her whereas now I’ve been able to a lot more say mummy’s doing a meeting are you all right on your she loves gaming so you know she’ll do her gaming I’m doing a meeting because she doesn’t need me like she did when we were first here but that’s taken two years and now obviously now fingers crossed we’ve turned that next corner but you know there is never a right time to leave it to leave where you’re from there’s there you know I’m sure we’d have had different challenges had we have been here two years previously it’s just there’s never a right time for these things ever I don’t think you’ve just gotta literally go for it and if I I would have never thought to myself I’m going to move to Lanzarote but I but when I was stood here and looking at that house that I saw I was like and this is it this is this is just just be spontaneous be crazy just do it you know if there’s a thought of even doing it for a second just do it you know what’s the worst that’s going to happen what’s the worst yeah we just pack a bag and go home like obviously now we’ve bought a house and things and because we we went through that first pain barrier but what’s the worst that can happen the worst thing would be regretting not doing something in in my life most definitely it is an inspirational um it is an inspirational conversation and um you know motivation indeed for people whatever their whatever Walk of Life because you you reach out and you give people the opportunity to change their surroundings you genuinely do care about making um a better life for people and their families uh before we start wrapping up if you can off the top of your head give me two pieces of uh advice that you would share with anybody um not necessarily thinking about getting into uh multi-level marketing but just for to change their outlook on life and because you know you are so versed in the positive mental attitude to two things that you just grab out of thin air that someone could do that would change their life tomorrow whether it’s listening to an audio book reading a book watching the seminar yeah so I think just think about write a letter right start with today I woke up to the sound of start an essay it can be a list it can be bullet points it can be in sentences but start by writing something that starts with today I woke up to the sound of now that could be the birds whistling the scene the you know whatever and I get out of bed and I open my curtains and I see whatever and it’s an exercise with with the goal mapping that I do that that I frequently frequently I’m doing and I know other people’s stories because I’ve read them and it’s just put so much detail into it because that’s the only way that you’ll really know what you really truly want and then try to one thing that I really get sad about is when people aren’t living to their true potential you know people are really struggling with with different areas that that if you just do a little bit of research you can have you can you can change it doesn’t have to be you don’t need to start a second business but there’s ways of you know there’s so many different ways that reading a book reading an audio so definitely like personal development ask someone what are you reading what are you listening to you know ask people questions um and yeah just just write a little letter to yourself and start journaling the more I Journal don’t do it religiously I get annoyed with I don’t do it every day but the more I write down how I want my life to look the more your subconscious will find the solutions and seeking opportunities to help you do that like there’s an absolute science behind it it’s not just puppetry it’s literally scientific that your brain wants to help you it just it needs the directions just start by just taking them oh my God my biggest thing the passion the passion I love it the thing that I say to people constantly would be if you take one thing when I do when I do a talk on something I think the biggest thing please if you only take one thing don’t turn your phone off for the first hour of the morning don’t turn it on don’t turn it on not off because your brain your subconscious is a hundred thousand times said to be stronger for that one hour in the morning and that’s your creativity it’s your inspiration it’s your thought processes it’s everything magical about you it’s not that I’ve got to do this it’s not the analytical side but the minute you turn your phone on and allow outside noise to come in you’ve just killed it immediately because imagine you you turn your phone on in the morning and three people are asking you a question so you go go and get in the shower and you’re like I must remember those three things right what were those three things oh there’s three things I know that there’s three things you’re like literally doing this ridiculous list for the whole duration of your shower you might quickly go and put it in your phone notes afterwards or whatever but it’s like oh Nina’s asked me this question I mustn’t forget to take the the I’m lending someone a t-shirt at the school bus whatever it is that noise that you’ve let come into your head removes anything that will ever help you change your life because the creativity like you love your morning walks don’t you and and it’s that time when you’re not allowing the outside distraction to come in and then another another level to that is if you are trying to do something to improve your life whether it’s trying to listen to something or you’re trying to do a little side hustle that’s on the description do that same thought process when you come in from work before you start your extra thing because the person that comes in from work who’s just had a crap day with their boss and their environment and their colleagues and everything else is not going to be the person that is going to find the solutions and the opportunities and the ideas so sit very quietly turn off the noise again so feed the kids do the dinner do everything but then just I would say I always say just lie down on a sofa and just have that mental image of where do I want my life to be and then jump up and do your motivational reading or your little part-time job or whatever but don’t do it with the attitude of the person who’s talking about their work day so everything that you’ve just said is all based around the the personal development self-development loving yourself loving the person that you are who you want to be uh positive affirmation vision boards um visualization it you mentioned the word woo-woo there I’ve said it in conversation with many of my friends that uh when you do talk with such positivity and I I keep saying it because I come across it so much people that there are a lot of disbelievers out there because it can be so far-fetched it can be so um you know like hippie nonsense but you just hit the nail on the head it’s scientific it is scientific and reading good books and listening to other people who have succeeded in your life something along the same lines of what you’ve just said I’m currently listening to a podcast um watching it on YouTube as well I’m not sure if you’re aware of it um Stephen Bartlett the Diary of a CEO he was on Dragon’s Den I watched I listened to a podcast that they and one of his guests was saying that the first thing every morning before picking up the phone or when picking up the phone always create before consuming yeah exactly that so you know I do remember some little Pearls of Wisdom there’s a great one um that a lot of emails will relate to polio and a new book called everything is figureoutable and it and it and it reminds you about that it’s like you know create before you consume because and it might not be that you’re creating something but just create thoughts that’s all it is the noise destroys so many people that constant social media noise I I hate people sitting on their phones it drives me nuts I mean I do it but I’m often doing it for a purpose but this whole thing about just scrolling through and looking what everyone’s doing in their lives if it if it helps switch off don’t do it in the morning it’s the worst thing to do wonderful okay well Lou listen I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to you he has been a very inspirational conversation um it’s been great to share your story with others that they will comment and check this out um we are I am very happy to see that things are going so great for you and I hope it’s not too long before we we all get to enjoy a beer again uh in some far-flung beautiful location uh and I look forward to getting to meet Molly at some point in the not too distant perfect thank you so much it was lovely thank you thank you for joining me I’m just going to say a few goodbyes and uh if people want to contact you and reach out what would be the best way for them to to reach out so just on Instagram or Facebook it’s Louise barnacle and um I I I’m just about to do another recording of a goal mapping session that I do so if anybody wants I’ll be I’ll be doing that they’re definitely in December which just is and it links to a free website uh where you can go on and create a gold map so you can actually do your own vision board online and it’s all free wonderful well I can think of two people who would definitely be joining you who are with us right now so thank you very much I’ll say my goodbye thank you thank you take care okay so as Louise disappears I say thank you very much and uh to Michelle and to Emily who have been watching listening to that all the way through um unfortunately as I did say uh for some reason Facebook seems to have throttled the uh sharing facility of that video so we didn’t get so many people with us live but I know there are going to be a lot of people checking out the recording um a truly inspirational story and it will really really encourage a lot of people to think about their activities of a morning and it’ll also encourage them to think about the books and the podcasts that they listen to so uh Michelle said I think talking about coming home and clearing their mind sat on the sofa fell fast asleep that might have been something to do with having the fire on at four blast as well and uh also Michelle was giving praise to Louise saying she loved your energy actually a lot definitely to be taken away from that right so next week I will do my best to reach out to more people uh we will have Mr Dean Jacobs talking about his uh experiences and a rather tongue-in-cheek uh title that says what heart attack he’s going to be talking about coming back from his heart bypass overcoming a genetic disorder and uh his road to Smashing some big goals uh what is a DJ having these conversations I hear you ask well it’s all about sharing positive words it’s all about uh showing the journeys that we all go through and it’s about inspiring one another that’s what it’s about as far as I’m concerned um thank you to the crew who inspire me on a daily basis my Axis crew we can see all of the names proudly displayed here on the uh ticker going across the phone as well as one or two of these logos uh I am currently at 970 subscribers on YouTube I’m just 30 short of that 1 000 goal are we going to get there before Christmas before the new year should I say okay guys uh thank you for watching please remember do leave a message do get in touch with Louise and I will catch you online soon thank you thank you [Music]


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