Have I Got Heat For You – Episodes 1 to 12

A podcast originally started in 2010 and sent out via SSRadio. Many will remember these podcasts with fondness and may be pleased to know I have finally gotten around to loading them again for further listens. It features 2 hours per episode of myself and Julian Bendall of Bah Samba fame, sharing mainly non-house music and a lot of dialogue.

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Farewell, Phlash. Phil Asher – RIP

Yesterday we all learned of the passing of Phil Asher. The outpouring of emotions and the tributes online are incredible reading.

I will be paying respects the only way he would have wanted, through his music, on the VB Radio show, soon.

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Buzzin – Name That Beat

Our first Saturday night broadcast. Pitting the wits of your favourite DJs to see who can spot the beats/intros first. Get the drinks in and be ready for some fun.

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