“Ok people.

In short… I enjoyed being a successful DJ/Producer/Radio Presenter for over 2o years, playing all over the world in most of the best spots with many of the scene’s leading players amongst my closest friends.
I have enjoyed a taste of crossover success as one half of production duo Soul Central, covering the classic “Strings of Life”,  although I have always considered myself to be an underground DJ.

In 2015 I dropped out of the International DJ circuit entirely. I now spend all my time flexing my creative muscles as a Graphic Designer & Website Hosting Provider (click here for details) as well as weekly live FB streams where I interview people from all walks of life. Oh, and I also have a weekly radio show plus run one of the most beautiful events in Europe called The Vocal Booth Weekender which is supported by a truly life-changing group of people I call my Family.

For a more indepth look at myself, here is my official biography.”



Written 2015

Andy Ward first gained success as a DJ in his home town of Birmingham, UK in the early 90’s.  It was his legendary Sunday morning parties at The Marco Polo Bar that gained the support and following of his many friends in the second city, a following which allowed him to take an unprecedented 200+ people on a UK wide tour,  playing at the then super clubs such as Cream and Love to Be.

In 1995 he was hailed by Mixmag as one of ten new talents to watch out for, alongside the likes of Tony de Vit, Elliot Eastwick & Gayle San.

His musical style started out as an even blend of early rave anthems, which could have been anything from a Chicago house track to an exctasy-driven hands in the air number. It was this variety in his playing that led Andy to be able to adapt his set at any given time to the crowd in front of him, and this style slowly started to gain him notoriety around the UK.

The next chapter in his career saw Andy join Choice FM in Birmingham, and what was  fortunate timing in his appointment led him to be given three shows across the weekend on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Once again Andy used his musical knowledge and tastes to present a diverse spectrum of music to the people of Birmingham and continued to gain more and more listeners.  As Choice FM became Galaxy 102.2, Andy was given the prime time slot of a Friday evening and competed with Pete Tong for the lion’s share of the audience in the Midlands.

Various residencies in Birmingham and The Mud Club in London were accompanied by guest appearances at more and more high profile venues, and slowly but surely Andy became a regular headliner around the country at clubs like Back to Basics, Miss

Moneypenny’s and his favourite venue outside of Birmingham, Garage City.  It was this connection with Garage City and his faultless performances there that led Andy to be offered a residency for what he now describes as one of the best parties in the world.  Since its conception Andy played alongside the world’s most respected DJs for Soul Heaven.


Not only has he conquered the DJ booth, he also enjoyed phenomenal success as one half of chart topping duo Soul Central.

In 2005 Soul Central stormed the UK charts at an impressive debut number 6, with their worldwide smash “Strings of Life”.  Once again, Andy found himself step up a notch in his career, becoming a world class producer has enabled him to cover all continents, with several worldwide tours under his belt.  Continuing to release both club anthems and underground classics, Andy now enjoys a healthy solo remix and release schedule.

Now residing in Spain, until 2014 Andy presented his world famous “Vocal Booth” radio show weekly, (Thursdays 8pm GMT).  One of the busiest chat rooms in existence has seen anyone from Louie Vega to Dave Lee pass through on a regular basis.  Andy also provided guest mixes week in week out for internet and radio stations alike around the globe.

The Vocal Booth Weekender is one of the most talked about events of recent times, check here for full details.