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Living with Lupus: A New Approach

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is a disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs.

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Today I hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

Maximum respect to everyone who has been with me on this journey. It’s a goal I wanted to achieve for some time and now, thanks to constant content creation, today I hit my 1k subscribers on YouTube. 

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What Heart Attack? In conversation with Dean Jacobs.

Back in 2016, Dean had what he thought was indigestion and slept it off. 3 months later, after a little training session to lose weight for his wedding, he had what he thought was another bout of indigestion… turns out it was the 2nd artery to his heart blocking up and he was having a full on heart attack.

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The Confessions of an NHS Nurse. 30+ yrs on the Front Line.

During this light-hearted conversation as much as possible, we’ll be focusing on what it was like to work as a nurse all those years ago, how the profession changed (or has it?) and we’ll even touch, ever so briefly, on what life was like at the start of the pandemic.

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Mykal ‘Wassifa’ Brown & Ammo Talwar – Brum as F*ck

In this week’s conversation we continue to focus on the rise of the music scene in and around Birmingham, particularly the Reggae Scene of Handsworth as well as the emergence of a strong underground network of Hip Hop, Soul and even Bhangra in the second city.

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Todd Gardner – Face to Face Interview

Video Below. While I had him here, I took the opportunity to talk face to face with Todd Gardner. We discussed growing up in New Jersey, the important differences between New York and New Jersey and his career as a DJ and producer. I really enjoyed this face to face experience.

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Phil Gifford – Brum as F*ck

Another perfect insight into the progression of the Birmingham Music scene.

A truly hysterical interview packed full of anecdotes from around ’87 to ’91 and the history of the rise and fall of Wobble, one of Birmingham’s best known and earliest ‘Superclubs.’

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Doobie J – Inspire & Be Inspired

Listen to Doobie J tell how his world was turned upside down overnight and how he tackled it head on, so to speak, to build a new life for himself.
If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

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Inspire & Be Inspired – Mousse T

This week’s conversation is one of the house music world’s biggest success stories, I think you’ll have to agree. Find out how I met Mousse T and had a hand in making ‘Horny’ the worldwide success it was.

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