Raver flu

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Raver flu

The last 8 days have definitely taken their toll on me.
A great event in Bosnia followed by 7 days of non stop raving at a wonderful location have left me with badly mudded hearing, a throat that feels like I have been gargling with acid (not ‘that’ kind) and my head could explode any second.
Still, the soldier that I am I wanted to let you know that the Vocal Booth will go out as a podcast tomorrow as usual, although there will be no live show tonight.  It will more than likely feature one of the sets I recorded at the “Suncebeat Festival” in Croatia.
Full report to follow.


  1. Hi Andy, just wanted to say how good it was to finally meet properly and have a bit of time to chat at Suncebeat. As I said at the time, I’ve always admired you from afar, and it was a pleasure to hang for a while at last’
    Hope to see you somewhere, keep on keepin’ on mate, it was a pleasure to listen close up and I hope to do it again soon.
    Best….and plenty of respect TJ

  2. It doesn’t really get much better than that… respect indeed from one of the most respected guys in the game ! Thanks Terry, let’s do it again soon !

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