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Day: August 4, 2011

Suncebeat 2 closing party

Recorded live @ the 2011 Suncebeat 2 event in Croatia.
Phil Asher began the night with some sweet grooves from across all genres, the perfect way to ease the bruised and battered crowd onto the dance floor or allow them to sit and reflect on the amazing weekend they just had.
By the time I took to the decks it was apparent a little more energy was the order of the day, the following two hours was the chance also for me to get some energy back from the crowd, together we made it something beautiful indeed.
Click “read more” for further info on this event and my trip to Bosnia.
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Raver flu

The last 8 days have definitely taken their toll on me.
Still, the soldier that I am I wanted to let you know that the Vocal Booth will go out as a podcast tomorrow as usual. It will more than likely feature one of the sets I recorded at the “Suncebeat Festival” in Croatia.

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