You don't like my voice ???

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Most radio shows and mixes should be available on my Mixcloud Channel or YouTube Archives

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You don't like my voice ???

Thought I would share this with you.  No other reason than it made me smile.
Feedback from a ‘former’ fan !
Your Name: Suzie
hey Andy! i think ur a Awesome dj, i’ve lost count the amount of Big ups n cd’s i have burnt for mates with you mixing it up!! “U would of thought I was yr PA ast” – str8 quality music, n may i add no talking!!.. the choice of tracks u put together n mix! bwoy ” its HeavyWeight confunksion”
I found u by chance 1 nite before i was travelling to NYC…. I got your podcast listened 2 the first 5 min n thought i’ll download dis n listen to it on the plane! OMGosh i really had to contain myself on that flight from not getting up n bruckin, shuckin, getting down !! lol.. LUV IT….. However for the last 2 years I have been unable to download you 🙁 cos on your VB podcast your chatting all over the place on key tracks when an experience dj like yourself should know better! “ITS A SHAME” n mate Luv u to bits but I aint feeling that voice of yours! its actually annoying sorry*… im not a hater! but please pls can u do a edit version without any talkin! or go back to how u did it…… It goes like this @ the beginning of your podcast it says ” THIS is THE VOCAL BOOTH SESSION ANDY WARD” A woman says it n 1 track after the end same thing….. Beautiful” I want u back on my ipods sort it out
From: “”
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 13:41:57 +0200
Subject: Re: A comment from Suzie
Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. The Vocal Booth Club Sessions are still available to download when I get around to doing them.
My Thursday show is what it is so I guess I have lost one listener.
Please search iTunes for Vocal Booth Club Sessions for the mixes with no chat.
Subject: Re: A comment from suzie
Date: 4 June 2012 14:52:30 CEST
To: Andy Ward
Fanks 4 da reply so swiftly, On itunes ur vocal booth session sessions with no chat! r yr 2009 mixes!! I’m going thru it now, If u do get round to updating them pls let me know… U might as well do radio 1 the way ur going on!!
Bye my favourite house DJ for 2007 ,2008 – 2009 🙁
Goodbye Andy ward


There isn’t one.  I’m just shaking my head.  Despite the latest two mixes from 2011/2012 showing up in iTunes and Lord-knows-how-many mixes available on my Soundcloud page, website and mobile app… it seems one can never do enough for people.
Happy Jubilee !!
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  1. mate .. she’s got a point :O)
    if you have talk could you at least put on an american accent or something.
    I will be “getting up n bruckin, shuckin, getting down” for sure then
    FFS .. she should move on !!1

  2. I think you should just fly to Thailand and get your vocal cords adjusted. That way, you could please this particular listener and the rest of us could get a bit of variety.. Love your fans, do what it takes!!
    Da Pimp

  3. Hahahahaha Your comments and chats are such a bonus to the awesome music,think people think I’m mad whilst cycling past them listening to your shows laughing coz of your humour, don’t stop the chatting and comments

  4. I am never tired of your voice Wardicus, as you always lift my spirits!
    It seems to me that your ex fan Suzie has never experienced the live show in the chatroom; cos if she did, she would understand what the chat is all about and would leave the chatroom having had a blast of fun, banter and awesome music. The Vocal Booth Sessions live show on Pressure gave birth to the Vocal Booth Weekender in 2009 and I have to say that any remote listener should experience the live show and The Vocal Booth Weekender as friendships are born there and bonds made for life !! It brings all of us together out of the fakery of cyberspace into proper old fashioned real life social gathering of Family; no podcast or club night can beat that! – You have to be in to win, as they say !
    When recruiting djs for Pressure we try to keep it Live and Interactive via the chatroom. We encourage djs to present the shows with a mic for that purpose.
    Pre recorded mixes are one thing and recorded live shows are something totally different and are personal to those present in the chatroom at the time.
    Nothing wrong with either format. DJP the owner of Pressure resisted having an on demand server of pre recorded mixes on Pressure until very recently as he insisted on keeping all the shows LIVE.
    In conclusion we have to separate the two formats and yes, one point Suzie is correct on; you should get ur thumb out of ur bum and produce some more mixes for pod purposes but at the end of the day i have to dedicate this tune to you as we tend to just communicate with each other with song these days due to my absence – Erro – Don’t Change xxxx Luvya Dubya x

  5. hey m8, long time no talk haha, suzie sounds like a hardcore music junkie lol maybe u should do the odd no talker for all of us who LUV ur music keep on partying m8 ;p

  6. It would help if you spoke English though so us southerners could understand what the hell you are talking about. Just sayin…. 😉

  7. Someone once facebooked me to say that they loved my work but hated my laugh ! ” Stop that hammering laugh “. Some things my friend, you are just born with! haha People must take it or leave it… ” Good bye by favourite DJ, Good bye ” hahaha!! Classic!!

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