Weekend Maneouvres

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Weekend Maneouvres

This weekend I fly into London for the VB Reunion.
It will be my first gig since the Weekender itself and I am looking forward to meeting up with everyone and having a good old boogie and a few beers. I’ve still to listen to any new music so am also looking forward to hearing what new music I am going to purchase as well as pulling out some forgotten gems.
Michelle and I will fly into the UK on Friday evening and are staying with the lovely Mr and Mrs Walton close to Wembley.  A spot of retail therapy perhaps on the Saturday afternoon before heading into Brixton for Deep into Soul at The Lambeth, next to the Prince of Wales on Brixton Road.  Fancy joining myself, Neil Pierce, Sean McCabe, Ziggy Funk and Ted Lawrence for a great night ?  
Get your ticket here.
An extended stay means on Sunday we can have a lazy one, stuffing our faces with whatever food and drink we choose, before I make a brief return to Pressure Radio alongside Wally Walton between 8 and 10pm, Sunday night.  Tune in.  It may be messy.
In case you missed my previous blog, you can find out why I am no longer on my weekly show here.  Big thanks to everyone who went out of their way to send me comments and personal messages regarding that, btw xx.

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