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Despite my recent blog “Time to chill”, that’s been the last thing I have done.
I have been working hard at home on my terrace whilst taking care of the kids who have been ill and off school. Thankfully it was nothing too serious and they are over it now, get back to classes you lightweights !!
The weather has been glorious all week and I continue to punish myself on the streets, I’ve now ran 76km in 14 days. Yesterday I joined Michelle in a 10km leisure race in a small village north of our area, I am very proud of the progress she has made, having not really ran before she herself has ran almost 60km in two weeks and is really enjoying it. Thinking of the race makes me think of the minute’s silence we had before it began for the victims of the Lorca earthquake in the week. Lorca is only an hour or so south of us and I want to thank everyone that messaged us enquiring if we were ok. In the past I have felt small tremors here but thought nothing of it, I guess I’ll be more aware in the future, although it’s not something that worries me.
All weekend I have been locked to Pressure Radio while working hard outside, props to Brother C and Mr Nugget for some great music yesterday, as well as Pugwash and DJ Hinge for the sweet Sunday sounds. Unfortunately I missed Miloe’s session to take in the cup final, congrats to all the Man City fans and condolences to Shady and the rest of the Stoke crew. So near yet so far !
Not having to ‘worry’ about the radio show has been a great help this week and I know that when I’m ready to return I’ll be back in full effect with nothing in the back of my mind to stress over. Talking of radio, it was a surprise to get messaged by quite a few people this week after being heard on Sandwell FM. Upon further investigation it appears that some friends who are handling the output decided the Vocal Booth would be a welcome addition to the schedule for the time being, when I get the official show times I’ll let you know how to lock on in your car around the midlands. I go all warm when I think about the glory days of broadcasting live on Choice and Galaxy… and no, I haven’t pissed myself !
I am also being messaged quite a bit regarding my apparent lack of presence on Facebook nowadays. I guess I’m over it for the time being.. as well as being quite busy at home I don’t really have anything to moan/joke about on there, however being somewhat of an up and down character I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’m spouting more nonsense. Don’t forget if you want to be kept up to date with all the IMPORTANT news, just subscribe to these blogs to be sure not to miss anything.
Finally, for those of you who can be bothered to trawl through my ramblings and who contact me to say you enjoy them, I have put together a page explaining exactly what I’m doing at home right now and in the future, take a read of it by clicking this link.


Streaming Gear I use and recommend:


Mac Mini M1 2020 (upgrade to 16GB RAM) =
Elgato Stream Deck =


1 x AOC U2879G6

1 x AOC 24B1W


Sony ZV1 =
Logitech Brio 4k (x2) =


Wave XLR =
DJI Mic2 =

DJ Kit:

Shure 55s Radio Mic =
DJ Controller = Pioneer XDJ-XZ
Technics 1210 Turntables =
Stylus; Ortofon DJ =

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