Deep & Soulful House Mix. 15th Jan ’23. The Vocal Booth Radio Show.

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Deep & Soulful House Mix. 15th Jan ’23. The Vocal Booth Radio Show.

Back to usual proceedings. Two hours of timeless music from the vinyl archives. Soulful nuggets through to dance floor devastators.

The Vocal Booth Radio Show showcases some of the best Deep & Soulful House Music over the last 35+yrs. We also look at Soul, Funk, Jazz, UKG and everything else that has evolved from the sound we all love.

Broadcasting live on Pressure Radio as an audio-only stream and also live streaming direct to YouTube every Sunday at 4pm UK time.

0:00:25.800,0:00:30.119 check one two might check one two good afternoon everybody Welcome along it is today’s vocal 0:00:30.119,0:00:36.750 booth radio show broadcasting live on pressure and also on forward slash DJ Andy 0:00:36.750,0:00:42.500 Ward massive shout out for the last four hours DJ progwash and Jacques for a deeper Groove 0:00:42.500,0:00:46.750 beautiful music beautiful words and I’m going to keep it on that same kind of vein a couple 0:00:46.750,0:00:52.340 of Records to begin uh remembering some of our friends these records are very sentimental 0:00:52.340,0:01:27.950 so I’m just going to let them do the work thank you for being here guys let’s do this 0:01:27.950,0:01:36.220 [Music] 0:01:36.220,0:01:52.759 thank you 0:01:52.759,0:02:09.300 foreign [Music] 0:02:09.300,0:02:42.380 foreign [Music] foreign [Music] 0:02:42.380,0:02:50.650 foreign 0:02:50.650,0:02:58.920 [Music] 0:02:58.920,0:03:15.460 thank you 0:03:15.460,0:03:23.730 [Music] 0:03:23.730,0:03:32.000 foreign 0:03:32.000,0:04:05.080 [Music] thank you [Music] 0:04:05.080,0:04:21.620 one episode 0:04:21.620,0:04:29.889 [Music] 0:04:29.889,0:05:19.509 don’t think you can see me 0:05:19.509,0:05:27.780 [Music] 0:05:27.780,0:06:58.750 call out and you’ll hear me be happy for me [Music] 0:06:58.750,0:07:07.020 foreign 0:07:07.020,0:07:15.300 [Music] 0:07:15.300,0:07:16.300 thank you 0:07:16.300,0:07:22.880 [Music] 0:07:22.880,0:07:37.530 [Music] foreign 0:07:37.530,0:07:44.850 [Music] 0:07:44.850,0:08:43.720 don’t argue amongst yourself [Music] be happy for me 0:08:43.720,0:09:18.290 foreign 0:09:18.290,0:09:52.860 [Music] 0:09:52.860,0:10:27.430 [Music] 0:10:27.430,0:11:02.010 [Music] 0:11:02.010,0:13:31.060 [Music] reach out and you’ll touch me make effort to speak to me 0:13:31.060,0:13:46.500 hear me 0:13:46.500,0:14:17.380 happy for me [Music] 0:14:17.380,0:14:25.100 foreign 0:14:25.100,0:14:32.820 [Music] 0:14:32.820,0:14:40.540 foreign 0:14:40.540,0:14:48.259 foreign 0:14:48.259,0:15:03.690 foreign [Music] 0:15:03.690,0:15:19.130 foreign [Music] 0:15:19.130,0:15:34.569 foreign [Music] 0:15:34.569,0:15:42.290 foreign 0:15:42.290,0:15:50.009 foreign 0:15:50.009,0:15:57.730 foreign 0:15:57.730,0:16:13.170 [Music] foreign 0:16:13.170,0:16:57.140 [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] 0:16:57.140,0:17:23.329 foreign [Music] 0:17:23.329,0:17:36.429 [Music] 0:17:36.429,0:18:15.710 [Music] you know 0:18:15.710,0:18:28.809 [Music] 0:18:28.809,0:18:55.000 [Music] foreign 0:18:55.000,0:19:08.090 [Music] 0:19:08.090,0:20:26.659 [Music] ain’t nothing but forget oh 0:20:26.659,0:20:39.760 [Music] 0:20:39.760,0:21:05.950 foreign [Music] 0:21:05.950,0:21:19.039 [Music] 0:21:19.039,0:22:24.520 I’ll be so strong [Music] 0:22:24.520,0:22:37.610 foreign 0:22:37.610,0:23:03.799 [Music] foreign 0:23:03.799,0:23:29.990 [Music] tonight 0:23:29.990,0:24:22.370 [Music] I’ll never sleep 0:24:22.370,0:25:40.940 [Music] me now [Music] about me 0:25:40.940,0:25:54.039 [Music] 0:25:54.039,0:26:20.570 [Music] I won’t sleep [Applause] [Music] 0:26:20.570,0:26:23.929 foreign 0:26:23.929,0:26:27.279 [Music] 0:26:27.279,0:26:30.640 foreign 0:26:30.640,0:26:34.000 [Music] 0:26:34.000,0:26:37.360 [Music] 0:26:37.360,0:26:40.720 [Music] 0:26:40.720,0:26:44.070 foreign 0:26:44.070,0:26:51.280 to anybody recently joining us welcome along to today’s vocal booth radio show hi the devil 0:26:51.280,0:26:58.340 are you 0:26:58.340,0:27:03.760 I had to put as many records between me and the afro count sound system before I even 0:27:03.760,0:27:11.330 attempted to say anything on the microphone a huge record played in honor of a few people 0:27:11.330,0:27:50.790 that we lost these last few days [Music] anybody watching on YouTube we’ll see we are back 0:27:50.790,0:28:00.830 [Music] with the Beloved 12 tens [Music] going back into the vinyl archives anybody would 0:28:00.830,0:28:05.440 think that I’ve not been on the radio for years and years I wondered why it sounded 0:28:05.440,0:28:12.490 different I did have my talk over button activated search a [ __ ] okay back in full swing 0:28:12.490,0:28:15.300 there how are you guys how are you 0:28:15.300,0:28:25.580 that was really confusing so anyway one or two people with us on YouTube how you going 0:28:25.580,0:28:30.890 you will notice some new graphics different camera angles ever so slightly I’ve been so 0:28:30.890,0:28:36.559 busy over Christmas as many people will have known from uh Communications that I’ve sent 0:28:36.559,0:28:40.470 out and if you’re not aware then over the next few weeks on the vocal booth radio show 0:28:40.470,0:28:45.820 I’m going to be introducing a couple of features taking full advantage of all the tools at 0:28:45.820,0:28:53.990 my disposal I gotta say a massive shout out to all the access crew uh pick up Jimmy he’s 0:28:53.990,0:28:59.940 a sexy for Andy thank you my friend actually Jimmy funny that you should comment uh I had 0:28:59.940,0:29:05.340 to remind myself to make sure I give you lots of props for the music that you sent to me 0:29:05.340,0:29:10.570 I finally got around to listening to it today some beautiful tracks on there thank you very 0:29:10.570,0:29:16.340 much indeed [Music] hold tight inside the pressure Lounge let me line up another records 0:29:16.340,0:29:56.760 and then we’ll get some shouts out the way [Music] thank you [Music] thank you 0:29:56.760,0:30:03.160 [Music] 0:30:03.160,0:30:06.769 nice little dub version of the blackbeat Nyx I’m going to flip this over and give you the 0:30:06.769,0:30:13.309 full vocal now as I feed this one down because it’s quite slow we began as I say with the 0:30:13.309,0:30:19.950 afro count system uh afro sound system I played the Martha Wash uh not sure what else I played 0:30:19.950,0:30:29.610 anyway into this it’s almost two years since we lost this Legend 0:30:29.610,0:30:34.480 if you do want to watch me on YouTube forward slash DJ Andy wards 0:30:34.480,0:30:45.600 I’m going to be doing all kinds of break dancing [Music] I’ve had a YouTube channel for so 0:30:45.600,0:30:52.029 long and it’s only now I’m really starting to understand the power of what it can do 0:30:52.029,0:30:57.500 the power of its reach which sounds ridiculous to say out loud but that’s the way it is so 0:30:57.500,0:31:03.450 I’m focusing a lot on getting the content on there thank you to everyone that shared 0:31:03.450,0:31:10.149 a highlight video that I produced yesterday I really appreciate that thanks a lot this 0:31:10.149,0:31:11.731 is restless soul track called Happy 0:31:11.731,0:31:39.340 [Music] foreign 0:31:39.340,0:31:53.140 [Music] 0:31:53.140,0:32:20.740 foreign [Music] 0:32:20.740,0:32:34.540 [Music] 0:32:34.540,0:32:48.350 foreign 0:32:48.350,0:33:02.150 [Music] 0:33:02.150,0:33:15.950 foreign 0:33:15.950,0:33:43.550 [Music] foreign 0:33:43.550,0:33:57.350 [Music] 0:33:57.350,0:34:04.770 set up now so I can flick a button on my stream deck it will activate my Shazam the Shazam 0:34:04.770,0:34:12.060 will actually pop up on the screen that I’m broadcasting on as well and uh this came up 0:34:12.060,0:34:18.690 as Phil Asha smile and it’s incorrect because I’m playing it off the vinyl on the 2000 and 0:34:18.690,0:34:25.389 black it is restless soul track called happy trying to read a year as it’s spinning around 0:34:25.389,0:34:31.349 but I’ll wait to take it off the decks shouts out to West London whoever that was you have 0:34:31.349,0:34:36.990 to forgive me I’m not going to recognize some of the YouTube names I did see big man boy 0:34:36.990,0:34:43.510 there I did see ladybirds [Music] colossi Tommy White good afternoon Jimmy who 0:34:43.510,0:34:52.500 had to Lolly watching as well I know some people like to stream to the TV and it’s difficult 0:34:52.500,0:34:59.010 to chat I’m the live feed for YouTube but if you do comment on YouTube then it will 0:34:59.010,0:35:04.551 actually come up on the screen as well as I’m sure you’ve already seen hold tight pressure 0:35:04.551,0:35:13.940 crew [Music] okay I’m settled down there I’m settled down I’ll Stand Out okay my headphones 0:35:13.940,0:35:19.720 so I can see it’s all working fine apple juice is the order of the day 0:35:19.720,0:35:24.980 I’m sure I’m sure I remember someone saying that you can’t actually say cheers if you’re 0:35:24.980,0:35:32.829 not drinking alcohol but whatever cheers to you guys anyway for the next 92 days 0:35:32.829,0:35:40.760 I think up to all the crew with me on the hundred day no alcohol challenge piece of 0:35:40.760,0:35:48.530 piece for myself if I’m honest [Music] I know it’s a big deal for many other people so respect 0:35:48.530,0:35:54.730 to each and every one of those 0:35:54.730,0:36:14.349 Lolly shares photographs in the pressure Lounge of her gorgeous Sunday dinner oh my gosh [Music] 0:36:14.349,0:36:21.410 yes ladybird on the mocktail good on you good on you pick up to Danny wood as well gotta 0:36:21.410,0:36:22.599 give that man some props 0:36:22.599,0:36:32.270 foreign [Music] 0:36:32.270,0:36:43.839 tables brand new audio cables brand new Earth cable brand new power cable now I just need 0:36:43.839,0:36:48.869 to get myself some new stylus stylized styluses legals 0:36:48.869,0:37:00.940 right to Emily hi it’s a Kirk hi it’s a Micah foreign there’s a world of people inside the 0:37:00.940,0:37:05.150 pressure Lounge I need to get through some of those names before I do let me fade this 0:37:05.150,0:37:11.500 one down and say a big shout out to Sasha how are you my friend also saying hi to Marina 0:37:11.500,0:37:27.079 [Music] so here we go from the dub the Soul Survivors a track called ease your mind full 0:37:27.079,0:37:28.430 vocal version [Music] 0:37:28.430,0:37:34.380 from the pressures [Music] 0:37:34.380,0:37:52.790 to believe that’s the way you’ve gotta live music is 0:37:52.790,0:37:59.550 [Music] thank you 0:37:59.550,0:38:29.610 [Music] reach out for the music [Music] 0:38:29.610,0:39:14.430 foreign [Music] let the music 0:39:14.430,0:39:46.089 [Music] to be a business 0:39:46.089,0:40:36.020 thank you 0:40:36.020,0:40:44.670 for the message Richie ladybird is asking what is this tune Andy I love it I’ve been 0:40:44.670,0:40:51.430 pressing Shazam seeing if it will recognize it and Shazam says no but I can tell you on 0:40:51.430,0:40:57.310 the pan label at a London West London as it would happen shout out to Rishi there that’s 0:40:57.310,0:41:02.190 the second release for pan records the Soul Survivors ease your mind 0:41:02.190,0:41:33.109 six times [Music] thank you [Music] 0:41:33.109,0:42:25.980 I can live with nothing today [Music] 0:42:25.980,0:42:34.800 foreign 0:42:34.800,0:42:43.610 [Music] 0:42:43.610,0:43:01.230 let’s go 0:43:01.230,0:43:32.349 [Music] outside to Patrick and to Cheryl joining us inside the pressure Lounge you can guarantee 0:43:32.349,0:43:36.540 smoothie would have taken me down to West London and introduced me to the guys behind 0:43:36.540,0:43:44.890 this label [Music] the kind of Vibes that we shared regularly in the Second City tomorrow 0:43:44.890,0:43:50.610 night I’m going to be having a live chat with a gentleman by the name of Nigel Reese as 0:43:50.610,0:43:55.240 well as Jeremy Sylvester we’re going to be talking about those early days in the Second 0:43:55.240,0:44:06.030 City [Applause] keeping praise upon Patrick as one of the uh mentors of the scene one 0:44:06.030,0:44:11.290 of the guys who led the way and we followed in his wake these are the kind of Vibes that 0:44:11.290,0:44:19.670 we were busting out mid to late 90s [Music] [Applause] okay so let me get through this 0:44:19.670,0:44:26.619 list at the tippity tippity top gotta say hi to Andrea and to Andy tummo to Rick and 0:44:26.619,0:44:37.280 Angela to Mr reeds to Danny Woods to Dino and to Sarah already said hello to Emily shouts 0:44:37.280,0:44:45.500 out to Helen and to Paul Miss Harrington is in the chat room three times wow triple trouble 0:44:45.500,0:44:52.980 what is it not good enough being a twin to Jamie Bean to Jeff and Jules to Jack to Phil 0:44:52.980,0:45:05.470 and Kelly to Lolly the original soundboy [Music] hello my love sir Tommy in Iceland and the 0:45:05.470,0:45:10.900 rest of the crew on the outside I do recall seeing Tim Moore floating about I do recall 0:45:10.900,0:45:15.761 seeing uh oh I’ve just said hello to Andy tummo anyone else that’s bounced in and out 0:45:15.761,0:45:22.829 that I haven’t said hello to or the regulars happy to get us back on track excuse the punt 0:45:22.829,0:45:25.530 going back into the vinyl archives as you can see behind me 0:45:25.530,0:45:31.069 30 years plus of music 0:45:31.069,0:45:38.053 about 10 minutes worth of knowledge thanks for being here love your loads [Music] 0:45:38.053,0:45:39.053 foreign 0:45:39.053,0:45:40.053 [Music] 0:45:40.053,0:45:41.053 foreign 0:45:41.053,0:45:42.053 thank you 0:45:42.053,0:45:58.450 foreign 0:45:58.450,0:46:18.800 [Music] 0:46:18.800,0:46:59.500 thank you 0:46:59.500,0:47:19.850 foreign 0:47:19.850,0:47:40.200 foreign 0:47:40.200,0:48:00.550 foreign 0:48:00.550,0:48:20.900 [Music] 0:48:20.900,0:50:02.660 foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign 0:50:02.660,0:51:26.619 [Music] [Applause] [Music] in the morning 0:51:26.619,0:51:29.630 [Music] [Applause] 0:51:29.630,0:51:41.650 [Music] [Applause] [Music] we just doing it just 0:51:41.650,0:51:46.240 Urban Nights Booker T and the remix for a track called chill 0:51:46.240,0:51:56.970 1995 I’m that bad boy 0:51:56.970,0:52:03.460 as we take you back to the later part of the 90s club asylum on the remix for the absolute 0:52:03.460,0:52:06.680 monster 0:52:06.680,0:52:47.329 Barbara Tucker everybody dance [Music] me and my friends went to a club the other night 0:52:47.329,0:53:00.099 the flowers [Music] enemies 0:53:00.099,0:53:03.290 [Music] 0:53:03.290,0:53:11.450 so because this has got Barbara Tucker on the label I’m struggling to remember who did 0:53:11.450,0:53:18.329 the original horn song someone someone enlightened me please put me out my misery movie tell 0:53:18.329,0:53:30.549 me tell me foreign [Music] 0:53:30.549,0:53:53.369 [Music] just fine everybody 0:53:53.369,0:54:10.480 [Music] [Applause] [Music] 0:54:10.480,0:54:16.190 [Music] 0:54:16.190,0:54:47.240 [Applause] everybody [Music] DJ Pierre ridiculous [Music] so this was one of those records it 0:54:47.240,0:54:54.170 was absolutely massive in Miami absolutely huge on Strictly Rhythm got released as a 0:54:54.170,0:54:58.570 double pack and then it got signed no it got released there’s a single and then it got 0:54:58.570,0:55:04.579 signed to positiva and Barbara took her put the vocal on it and it became the done presents 0:55:04.579,0:55:25.920 Barbara Tucker everybody dance for its DJ Pierre originally went clean out of my head 0:55:25.920,0:55:29.809 foreign 0:55:29.809,0:55:57.049 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] 0:55:57.049,0:56:43.500 they didn’t know just what to do I know he made me lose [Music] 0:56:43.500,0:56:49.900 [Applause] [Music] 0:56:49.900,0:56:59.700 yes Jay thank you my friends welcome along pick up to Jason shout out to John and Wendy 0:56:59.700,0:57:05.530 Hi to Miss Murphy hello my love thank you for your comments thank you for passing through 0:57:05.530,0:57:13.240 [Music] very kind comments on YouTube son you’ve still got it old man yeah these are 0:57:13.240,0:57:17.170 the tunes we would have been rocking to towards the back end of the 90s at Marcos as you’ll 0:57:17.170,0:57:27.119 remember hold tight for the next one incoming oh my gosh smoothie are you ready schooly 0:57:27.119,0:57:47.050 are you ready oh Lord 0:57:47.050,0:58:06.260 [Music] foreign 0:58:06.260,0:58:15.860 [Music] 0:58:15.860,0:58:44.670 let’s go back 0:58:44.670,0:59:03.880 for me 0:59:03.880,0:59:13.480 [Music] 0:59:13.480,0:59:32.690 thank you 0:59:32.690,1:00:11.100 to blind to see 1:00:11.100,1:00:12.100 me 1:00:12.100,1:00:17.079 [Music] 1:00:17.079,1:00:23.049 foreign 1:00:23.049,1:00:43.140 in time you will discover 1:00:43.140,1:00:59.440 you took my love 1:00:59.440,1:01:07.590 [Music] [Applause] 1:01:07.590,1:01:16.809 Samantha jumps into the Chats on YouTube saying good evening I have to show appreciation for 1:01:16.809,1:01:23.549 this tune it’s an absolute gem you’re not wrong you are not wrong at all taking you 1:01:23.549,1:01:27.599 back to 1994. 1:01:27.599,1:01:33.220 on the nice and ripe label a young gentleman by the name of Grant Nelson smashing her at 1:01:33.220,1:01:52.250 the park with this one ah Goosebump charm 1:01:52.250,1:02:39.270 [Music] you took my life [Music] 1:02:39.270,1:02:50.120 foreign 1:02:50.120,1:03:00.960 [Music] 1:03:00.960,1:03:39.829 I never know you 1:03:39.829,1:03:52.789 know 1:03:52.789,1:04:05.750 foreign 1:04:05.750,1:04:18.710 [Music] 1:04:18.710,1:04:31.670 [Music] 1:04:31.670,1:04:37.339 just taking another look at this record uh 1994 on the nice and ripe label this was the 1:04:37.339,1:04:46.839 20th release out of the nice and ripe Camp total control featuring Harold Dean black 1:04:46.839,1:04:52.030 remix and additional production by Grant Nelson so you may have heard me talk about a little 1:04:52.030,1:04:57.420 chat we’re going to have tomorrow on Facebook we’re going to be discussing these Glory Days 1:04:57.420,1:05:01.329 in the Second City we’re going to be talking about the early days of nice and right we’re 1:05:01.329,1:05:06.140 going to be talking about the UK garage movements and how we played a big part in it in the 1:05:06.140,1:05:22.170 Second City controversial for some people we’re gonna set this set the record straight 1:05:22.170,1:05:29.020 back in 1994 I was playing records like this I was sidestepping into a groovy number like 1:05:29.020,1:05:30.020 this one 1:05:30.020,1:06:02.119 foreign 1:06:02.119,1:06:34.799 foreign 1:06:34.799,1:07:07.470 foreign 1:07:07.470,1:07:40.150 foreign 1:07:40.150,1:08:12.829 foreign 1:08:12.829,1:08:18.600 Jacqueline says I could literally cry I want my youth back I know this is taking you right 1:08:18.600,1:08:38.100 back to wobble right [Music] 1:08:38.100,1:08:47.550 foreign 1:08:47.550,1:08:57.000 [Applause] 1:08:57.000,1:09:15.900 foreign [Music] 1:09:15.900,1:10:03.150 he started to play around 1:10:03.150,1:10:22.050 [Applause] [Music] 1:10:22.050,1:10:50.390 thank you [Music] 1:10:50.390,1:11:09.290 that day 1:11:09.290,1:11:18.740 [Music] 1:11:18.740,1:11:37.640 foreign [Music] 1:11:37.640,1:11:56.540 thank you 1:11:56.540,1:12:05.990 [Applause] 1:12:05.990,1:12:15.440 foreign 1:12:15.440,1:12:31.650 uh track before the first choice you heard on the Underground Vibe label the anorak tracks 1:12:31.650,1:12:37.730 volume one uh I can’t remember what record I played off from there to be honest written 1:12:37.730,1:12:44.710 and produced by DJ face AKA Gavin Mills and Brian Farm the catch Productions you would 1:12:44.710,1:12:49.480 have heard me talking about this with Gavin on the live stream that we did on Inspire 1:12:49.480,1:12:55.170 and be inspired it just it just occurred to me guys I haven’t said hello to all the crew 1:12:55.170,1:12:58.270 on the podcast please forgive me how the devil are you 1:12:58.270,1:13:08.110 speak up to Mr Chris Harris inside the pressure Lounge 1:13:08.110,1:13:09.110 good day sir good day 1:13:09.110,1:13:19.020 [Music] it looks like one or two of us are going to be seeing you in December myself 1:13:19.020,1:13:24.230 and Michelle are enjoying our 25th wedding anniversary this year we were married in New 1:13:24.230,1:13:30.130 York so we’re going back there and I asked in vocaboo family if anybody would be interested 1:13:30.130,1:13:38.981 in coming along we had a couple of replies of the positive nature so we’ll see who can 1:13:38.981,1:13:42.179 afford it when the time comes I’m not even sure I can if I’m honest 1:13:42.179,1:13:56.840 dangerous 1:13:56.840,1:14:26.139 City dangerous 1:14:26.139,1:14:40.790 foreign 1:14:40.790,1:14:56.320 by the skin of my teeth 1:14:56.320,1:14:57.320 [Music] [Applause] 1:14:57.320,1:14:58.320 foreign 1:14:58.320,1:14:59.320 foreign [Music] 1:14:59.320,1:15:00.320 [Music] 1:15:00.320,1:16:09.260 that’s still too low for me you make me tasting tribulations [Music] 1:16:09.260,1:16:19.590 [Music] 1:16:19.590,1:17:11.270 yeah it’ll show you [Music] 1:17:11.270,1:17:27.820 [Applause] so it would appear we’ve gone from the Marco Polo to wobble now we’re Bank slap 1:17:27.820,1:17:58.199 bank at least money pennies with this one sounds of Boris to lugash you all know this 1:17:58.199,1:18:04.690 one 1:18:04.690,1:18:11.180 [Applause] 1:18:11.180,1:18:37.120 [Applause] all right [Applause] 1:18:37.120,1:18:43.610 foreign 1:18:43.610,1:18:50.100 [Music] 1:18:50.100,1:19:01.170 I realized I put the wrong recorder I I’ll put the wrong I’ll put the wrong mix on just 1:19:01.170,1:19:04.159 shoot the DJ [Music] 1:19:04.159,1:19:15.880 no no no no no come on now Andrew come on now calm down hold on a minute hold on 1:19:15.880,1:19:16.880 that’s better 1:19:16.880,1:19:24.500 getting carried away with all my different cloths 1:19:24.500,1:19:33.280 anyway one hour and 19 minutes into today’s vocal booth radio show we are back on the 1:19:33.280,1:19:42.590 racks we are back sharing music with you from down the ages Timeless vocals banging Beats 1:19:42.590,1:19:43.650 thank you for being here one and all 1:19:43.650,1:19:54.310 now that’s a nice groove right 1:19:54.310,1:20:03.300 keep it up 1:20:03.300,1:20:08.310 coincidentally I mentioned New York City two records back to back now that are going to 1:20:08.310,1:20:10.489 take us right there 1:20:10.489,1:20:15.110 oh my gosh [Music] 1:20:15.110,1:20:17.030 tribulations 1:20:17.030,1:20:32.360 [Music] yeah it’ll show you what to do 1:20:32.360,1:21:14.950 the head up high ER 1:21:14.950,1:21:57.510 [Music] [Applause] [Music] times 1:21:57.510,1:22:11.830 I don’t think today 1:22:11.830,1:22:30.929 [Applause] [Music] keep yourself 1:22:30.929,1:22:59.590 foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] 1:22:59.590,1:23:02.360 good afternoon Amy how are you my love welcome along 1:23:02.360,1:23:10.090 hi come on 1:23:10.090,1:23:18.460 shout out to Alex in Georgia Happy New Year to all my friends down under big shout out 1:23:18.460,1:23:26.480 to Paul thank you for your message my friends Happy New Year to you and yours or my West 1:23:26.480,1:23:31.790 Coast crew or my East Coast Buddies one or two of my friends who listen down in Asia 1:23:31.790,1:23:40.050 North America crew Canada crew I don’t think I’ve got anyone listening in South America 1:23:40.050,1:23:43.900 have I 1:23:43.900,1:23:50.210 don’t forget people drop me a message anytime just let me know you’re enjoying the vibes 1:23:50.210,1:23:58.280 and again if possible if you want to listen to the show and you are able then please listen 1:23:58.280,1:24:06.270 back to the YouTube broadcast I’m doing my best to get my uh hours up of people watching 1:24:06.270,1:24:11.190 the contents and if you listen for two hours every week and if you do that via YouTube 1:24:11.190,1:24:17.690 it would mean a hell of a lot to me forward slash DJ Andy wards and don’t forget 1:24:17.690,1:24:25.230 to subscribe as well if you aren’t subscribed [Music] 1:24:25.230,1:24:41.960 on the YouTube channel that is 1:24:41.960,1:24:49.830 [Music] 1:24:49.830,1:24:57.700 here 1:24:57.700,1:25:21.310 [Music] [Applause] [Music] 1:25:21.310,1:25:29.180 foreign 1:25:29.180,1:25:38.100 [Applause] This Record is for you brother 1:25:38.100,1:25:55.710 foreign 1:25:55.710,1:26:14.540 [Music] personified New York 1:26:14.540,1:27:00.440 and then this is definitely one of them Sun Terry River reworking away [Music] away 1:27:00.440,1:27:13.590 baby 1:27:13.590,1:27:39.900 [Music] foreign 1:27:39.900,1:27:43.239 how are you my love big kiss is in your direction 1:27:43.239,1:27:52.520 our original crew right there [Music] 1:27:52.520,1:28:15.420 I’m gonna [Music] go 1:28:15.420,1:28:32.590 [Music] home [Music] 1:28:32.590,1:28:44.040 came through 1:28:44.040,1:28:51.650 sorry I’m doing a thumbs down to Shazam just getting half of these wrong today 1:28:51.650,1:28:53.750 a big thumbs up for you Jackie as always 1:28:53.750,1:29:00.110 [Music] 1:29:00.110,1:29:11.320 Shazam is trying to tell me that this is africanism a track called do it no it isn’t 1:29:11.320,1:29:37.190 thank you 1:29:37.190,1:30:03.060 [Music] foreign 1:30:03.060,1:30:15.990 [Music] 1:30:15.990,1:30:28.929 foreign 1:30:28.929,1:30:34.230 asks inside the pressure Lounge Andy what time are you until Amy I am until the same 1:30:34.230,1:30:41.570 time I have been on for the last I Think It’s gotta be 18 years now on pressure radio actually 1:30:41.570,1:30:46.690 that’s a complete fabrication forgive me I’m being facetious I’m on for another 30 minutes 1:30:46.690,1:30:54.719 every Sunday Amy four until six well actually it’s five until seven for you as soon as you’re 1:30:54.719,1:31:02.110 just around the corner uh yeah Steve Reed is up next with the revolve radio show in 1:31:02.110,1:31:17.460 30 minutes and Counting so that’s your evening planned right 1:31:17.460,1:31:23.280 saying it like that though ah it is quite weird to think it is coming up to easily 17 1:31:23.280,1:31:29.021 or 18 years since I’ve been broadcasting on pressure this year we’ll see our 15th vocal 1:31:29.021,1:31:36.170 booth Weekender kicking off at the end of September mad to think absolutely mental to 1:31:36.170,1:31:50.300 think this is our 20th year of living in Spain wow 1:31:50.300,1:31:57.179 Lolly I hope you’ve polished off that dinner because anytime I come across a spend production 1:31:57.179,1:32:07.770 I always think of yourself I hope this doesn’t give you indigestion [Music] 1:32:07.770,1:32:21.890 foreign [Music] 1:32:21.890,1:32:28.949 everybody 1:32:28.949,1:32:36.010 [Music] 1:32:36.010,1:34:00.710 wanna say [Music] just move out my way I came to hear my favorite song Mr DJs [Music] get 1:34:00.710,1:34:21.210 the things 1:34:21.210,1:34:41.700 [Music] 1:34:41.700,1:34:45.800 no dancing for me I’ve done something to my ankle it’s really sore it started playing 1:34:45.800,1:34:49.650 me up midweek at the gym just started giving me a little tweak again now 1:34:49.650,1:35:03.739 let’s add to all the hobbling crew I know how you feel [Music] Amy Watching Me on YouTube 1:35:03.739,1:35:09.429 hello my love cleaning the records as the weeks progress I’m going to start bringing 1:35:09.429,1:35:16.440 a few more features for people who do watch on the camera thank you thank you for being 1:35:16.440,1:35:17.440 here 1:35:17.440,1:35:31.290 all right it’s okay anyway 1:35:31.290,1:35:43.639 everybody [Music] uh just fiddling with my rubber wristbands that we got in Iceland and 1:35:43.639,1:35:49.570 it reminds me many of the sets are now available for you to check out positive vibrations has 1:35:49.570,1:35:55.699 their own Mixcloud Channel and Tommy White has been sharing links where you can hear 1:35:55.699,1:36:01.619 all of the recordings from the daytime and the evening as well tell me if you’re still 1:36:01.619,1:36:07.610 locked on feel free to share the link inside the pressure lounge or I recommend you go 1:36:07.610,1:36:13.860 over and check out Tommy’s profile I’m sure all of the people who have been DJing have 1:36:13.860,1:36:15.140 been sharing their own sets 1:36:15.140,1:36:23.670 I gotta say again respect to all of the crew who made it over to Reykjavik such a beautiful 1:36:23.670,1:36:29.710 occasion indeed [Music] 1:36:29.710,1:36:40.090 foreign [Music] 1:36:40.090,1:36:51.820 ERS from DJ Spen aka the deeper ones uh Jasper Street company that came out on the basement 1:36:51.820,1:36:54.040 boys label a track called dancing 1:36:54.040,1:37:04.000 I would Hazard a guess and say that’s probably 99 or 2 000. 1:37:04.000,1:37:07.820 maybe even 2001. 1:37:07.820,1:37:10.130 doesn’t actually stay on the this couple 1:37:10.130,1:37:17.880 I just come across uh a version of this that I don’t recall playing in a long long time 1:37:17.880,1:37:23.800 this looks like it’s out of Italy you’ll recognize this one immediately 1:37:23.800,1:37:54.610 foreign 1:37:54.610,1:37:59.000 the legendary Mr Paul Johnson [Music] 1:37:59.000,1:38:07.090 down down down 1:38:07.090,1:38:52.930 down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down 1:38:52.930,1:38:55.619 foreign 1:38:55.619,1:39:09.000 wow full-on ravetastic 1:39:09.000,1:39:11.770 this is the XXX remix on the rise label 1:39:11.770,1:39:28.869 oh gosh today’s are you okay Andy it looks painful I’ve literally just put all my weights 1:39:28.869,1:39:33.300 on my foot and it really made me Yelp really really uncomfortable I don’t know what’s going 1:39:33.300,1:39:40.320 on there 1:39:40.320,1:39:41.380 I’ll manage I’ll manage 1:39:41.380,1:40:08.570 [Music] 1:40:08.570,1:40:35.770 foreign 1:40:35.770,1:41:02.960 foreign 1:41:02.960,1:41:30.160 foreign 1:41:30.160,1:42:24.550 another day 1:42:24.550,1:42:51.750 foreign 1:42:51.750,1:43:02.330 Charisma production another one from the deeper ones on basement boys this is in the sky 1:43:02.330,1:43:07.800 and I do know I recognize the label rise is out of Italy the label that the Paul Johnson 1:43:07.800,1:43:16.670 has just done that took us back to 1999. 1:43:16.670,1:43:33.810 so this in the background level 42 right sample Steve blackwax 1:43:33.810,1:43:39.080 I’m just reading the comments sorry you didn’t like the uh the Paul Johnson 1:43:39.080,1:43:49.830 foreign 1:43:49.830,1:44:15.440 balls I’ve just found a second 12 inch for the Barbara Tucker I played earlier I’ve got 1:44:15.440,1:44:17.050 no idea where I’ve put it back in the racks now 1:44:17.050,1:44:51.099 foreign 1:44:51.099,1:45:25.150 [Music] 1:45:25.150,1:45:30.860 of course he’s just come to me star child is the record right hence why it’s called 1:45:30.860,1:45:53.139 in the sky I want to just work that out about 20 years later 1:45:53.139,1:46:04.250 shout out to Mr burden I see inside the pressure Lounge how about your brother haven’t said 1:46:04.250,1:46:09.400 hello for a few weeks which always reminds me to send a shout out to Scott who will be 1:46:09.400,1:46:12.880 listening midweek 1:46:12.880,1:46:18.850 and I’ll say hi to abiola although I’m not sure if we still have your attention Abby 1:46:18.850,1:46:34.510 drop me a message let me know you’re still checking out the show [Music] 1:46:34.510,1:46:45.210 next week maybe you can get yourself all set up to check out DJ Andy Ward on YouTube 1:46:45.210,1:46:51.860 tweaking changing a little plan of action to get the content out to more people part 1:46:51.860,1:46:59.619 of me uh really can’t be asked and yet the other half knows that just by changing one 1:46:59.619,1:47:05.800 or two little bits and pieces here or there it will improve the reach and some of the 1:47:05.800,1:47:11.710 content that I am creating with some of the wonderful guests that I’m interviewing I personally 1:47:11.710,1:47:19.989 believe needs to be seen by as many people as possible which is why I’m always so grateful 1:47:19.989,1:47:23.050 for your attention so once again thank you thank you thank you 1:47:23.050,1:47:43.380 [Music] 1:47:43.380,1:48:03.699 foreign 1:48:03.699,1:48:28.929 [Music] as we continue the streets super sexy signs of Kings of Tomorrow 1:48:28.929,1:48:32.250 [Music] 1:48:32.250,1:48:45.550 Let It Go [Music] 1:48:45.550,1:48:48.880 ES 1:48:48.880,1:49:29.510 [Music] all of the answers [Music] 1:49:29.510,1:49:54.750 [Music] oh you got to believe 1:49:54.750,1:50:22.590 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] 1:50:22.590,1:50:46.460 because this music is [Music] foreign 1:50:46.460,1:50:50.440 [Music] 1:50:50.440,1:51:14.310 [Music] yeah let’s go [Music] foreign 1:51:14.310,1:51:46.130 [Music] said Let It Go Let It Go 1:51:46.130,1:52:02.040 [Music] [Applause] amazing [Music] 1:52:02.040,1:52:06.020 [Applause] 1:52:06.020,1:52:13.980 [Music] [Applause] 1:52:13.980,1:52:17.960 [Music] 1:52:17.960,1:53:16.540 just let it go let the spirit [Music] [Applause] let me go [Music] [Applause] [Music] early 1:53:16.540,1:53:23.230 Kings of Tomorrow records always hit the mark sending this one out to John Rogers saying 1:53:23.230,1:53:30.660 a shout out to Tony Paul foreign [Music] 1:53:30.660,1:53:40.300 love you all and remember okay tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life indeed 1:53:40.300,1:53:47.940 Jane beginning Today’s Show remembering people that we have said goodbye to in the last few 1:53:47.940,1:53:55.500 days [Music] you know I’m a bit of a Sentimental fool so sometimes it’s difficult for me to 1:53:55.500,1:54:02.810 find the right words but uh today’s show is sent out to the memory of shady original VB 1:54:02.810,1:54:11.520 crew here in Spain loved and missed by a lot of people back in Birmingham and in the Midlands 1:54:11.520,1:54:12.520 Staffordshire boy 1:54:12.520,1:54:23.409 crazy right no deepness for me to end uh gonna fade this one down Mr Reed advises us he has 1:54:23.409,1:54:30.170 a pile of seven inch records that he has put to one side he has purposely not looked at 1:54:30.170,1:54:35.460 any of them and he’s looking forward to being surprised as to what is there as he shares 1:54:35.460,1:54:40.000 them with you 1:54:40.000,1:54:46.690 bring in the tempo down ever so slightly changing the vibe ever so slightly allowing for a reset 1:54:46.690,1:54:52.670 ready for the revolve radio show thank you ladies and gentlemen 1:54:52.670,1:55:02.770 I love you wholeheartedly the beauty of being back on the camera I can look you in the eye 1:55:02.770,1:55:10.110 I can smile put my hand on my heart and tell you how much I love and appreciate your enthusiasm 1:55:10.110,1:55:15.770 your energy and your encouragement each and every week thank you for being here to all 1:55:15.770,1:55:20.480 the crew on the podcast and all the crew inside the pressure Lounge sharing photographs of 1:55:20.480,1:55:26.340 their [ __ ] as I say goodbye this is the last one from me enjoy the rest of Sunday 1:55:26.340,1:55:41.489 evening I love you see you later [Music] 1:55:41.489,1:55:48.090 questions 1:55:48.090,1:56:01.300 [Music] [Applause] 1:56:01.300,1:56:14.500 [Music] [Applause] 1:56:14.500,1:56:21.100 [Music] 1:56:21.100,1:56:27.699 foreign 1:56:27.699,1:56:34.310 [Music] 1:56:34.310,1:56:54.110 [Music] [Applause] [Music] 1:56:54.110,1:57:13.920 [Music] thank you 1:57:13.920,1:57:20.520 [Music] 1:57:20.520,1:57:27.120 [Music] 1:57:27.120,1:58:06.730 [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] 1:58:06.730,1:58:19.940 [Music] [Applause] 1:58:19.940,1:58:39.739 [Music] foreign [Music] 1:58:39.739,1:59:12.750 hands like snakes place [Music] 1:59:12.750,1:59:32.560 [Music] foreign [Music] 1:59:32.560,1:59:39.160 [Applause]


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