Your year in review

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Your year in review

End of YearI touched on this a few times in this week’s radio show and on Facebook earlier in the week.
Now is the perfect time to start looking back on your year and getting it down in writing so you can take stock of the last twelve months.
Chances are, in this current economic climate, you don’t want to be reminded of how hard the year has been. Believe me when I say it is the first step in insuring you start off the New Year on the right foot and it will also be great to look back on in future years. You may not want to necessarily share your year with the world but just getting it down ‘on paper’ will be therapeutic, trust me ! You will be reminded of the good times and bring some warmth into your heart as you smile and laugh out loud, you will also rid yourself once and for all of any bad things that are gone from your life… confining them to the page and leaving them there in moving forward.
Andy Ward, DJ, presenter, producer, life coach… knob head.
I will be sharing my year in review in a couple of weeks, just ahead of NYE. You are more than welcome to add links to your own words, whether on a Facebook page or your own site, or to leave as many words as you would like on my page. I look forward to sharing the good times with you and helping to chase away the bad. Remember, you don’t have to mention people by name that have annoyed you or be too specific about any one circumstance… you get my drift anyway.
That is all… next up for me is Birmingham. OUCH !


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  1. THOUGHTS…..
    It is the middle of winter here in the UK and I sit here typing in front of an S.A.D. Light feeling surprisingly good after the excesses of the last two days. It has been great seeing my Dad he is actually starting to speak a lot clearer now, six years after a major stroke took half his body and his voice away. I am looking forward to taking him to see The Hobbit in 3D as my mother won’t, her selfishness shows no sign of abatting but bless her, she has stopped pouring out her frustrations on me (apart from some regarding my Brother which is understandable) This year Christmas has been joyful and peaceful rather than tense and overindulgent, unfortunately Jules is working today and tomorrow and I miss her already.
    I feel extremely blessed to have a wife with whom I share many interests and spend every available minute with enjoying life together. This year we decided to go for it and do some of the things we dreamed of while we could afford them. All the places we went together provided so many smiles and good memories we could not have scripted them better. In reality the company of friends and companions we genuinely LOVE made it all the better, not only old friends, we also met and made new friends which is another huge bonus. Who knew there were so many bright souls out there?
    Through our love of House Music we have moved into an extremely happy and full period in our lives. We didn’t plan this it just happened and I think that is the way great things should take shape so the surprise is even more special when you find yourself in the centre of it. The group of people we meet and party and smile with is expanding all the time as if the gravity of the scene pulls the right kind of person towards it. Word of mouth and introducing the right types certainly does work.
    I watched MARLEY the movie yesterday and when you think what an impact he made in his far too short life and the message he left behind over 30 years ago we humans are far too slow to learn. What is wrong with some sections of humanity that they can’t live without fear, anger, war why can’t they embrace peace, love and unity? Music is a unifying force that can bring people of ALL backgrounds and beliefs together it is time we grew up as a race and stopped acting like confused and scared children, embraced the differences we have and celebrated LIFE, LOVE & UNITY
    In 2013 I hope for more of what 2012 brought us HAPPINESS, PEACE & LAUGHTER with others who cherish those things as much as we do.
    Jeff & Jules xxxxx

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