Vocal Booth Radio Show
Aug 23rd. 4 hr Special.

Much of the content (attached photo & audio) prior to April 2020 is no longer available on the server.

If there is anything specific you are after, get in touch as I do have it saved on my Hard Drive.

Most radio shows and mixes should be available on Mixcloud.

Vocal Booth Radio Show
Aug 23rd. 4 hr Special.

The fourth in the series of 4 hour specials throughout August sees me delve back into the digital archives.


  1. Hey Andy! Big big fan of the show… um, there’s this track at about 1.55hrs into the recording… just after you say hi to “Andrea” and “Dandy Skandy” or something of the sort… any chance I can get the artist & title. I’ve Shazamed it and Soundhounded it with no success and absolutely love it…
    Cheers from Guadalajara, Mexico!


    1. Hey there. Thanks for the message. Listening back to the recording, at 1:55 I play George Benson and Masters at Work – You Can Do it Baby. Is that it?

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