VBW sets / Hurricane Sandy.

Much of the content (attached photo & audio) is removed from the server after a few weeks.

Most radio shows and mixes should be available on my Mixcloud Channel or YouTube Archives

If there is anything specific you are after that you cannot find, get in touch as I hopefully have it saved on my Hard Drive.

VBW sets / Hurricane Sandy.

After over 5 weeks of daily editing, uploading, sending out and promoting I am happy to finally say that all the sets from the VBW are now on line and available for download or stream.
If you are not subscribed, then find out how to get them here.
On a totally separate note, my thoughts and those of any sensible person must go out to the many millions of people affected by the Hollywood blockbuster-like happenings associated with Hurricane Sandy. I watched the news in disbelief at what had took place after seeing a few mentions on Facebook… I’m not really one to watch the news and thought everyone was exaggerating.. but it was every bit as bad as people were saying.
I hope it is not too long before those affected can get back to some kind of normality and of course pray that none of those close to me where immediately affected by any sever injuries.

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