VBCS Episode 70

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VBCS Episode 70

After another long break, the non-stop club sessions return with another two hours of music I’m really feeling right now.
Recorded at the height of a boiling hot afternoon today in Spain, this mix starts off with some lovely vocals and progresses into some banging club dubs.
I was going to tell you I recorded this in a pair of Speedos but I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the music, so I’ll keep that part a secret.
Seeing as I stayed in tonight, I had a vodka and listened back to this mix with the rest of the world. It sounded very nice.
Click the image to check out the mix, you need to be a member of SSRadio to listen on line, of course it’s a better idea to just subscribe in iTunes !
This is the part where I tell you I love you, because I have been drinking all night. Alternatively I could call you a cock… them’s the breaks !

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