VB Birmingham Gathering. A 'Ton-a-Grooves'.

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VB Birmingham Gathering. A 'Ton-a-Grooves'.

Saturday night saw another regional VB Gathering in Birmingham at the wonderful Soho Rooms.
The venue is the perfect size and location for an intimate social gathering and whilst the sound system really isn’t up to what the VB Family is used to, it more than did the job, with many staying till the final tune dropped at 4am. Good job no one noticed one of the speakers get shaken off it’s brackets before everyone turned up 🙂
Warming things up nicely was Neil Pinnock, followed by myself and Patrick Smoove.
The event had been promoted across Facebook and via the VB Mailing list and we had a great turnout from the VB Family as well as numerous faces that have been our supporters on the Birmingham scene for over 2 decades.
For my part, I was pleased to enjoy a few beers and vodkas without going overboard, meaning I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy ready for the journey home on Sunday. All 4 of us had flown over to “the motherland” and brought my mom and family friend back with us to enjoy a few days in the sun. Michelle & I enjoyed checking out New Street’s ‘Grand Central’ for the first time and had some great food in there, I was also happy to catch up again, albeit briefly, with Lenny Fontana who was playing in Birmingham on the same night.
The entire night was recorded and when I get around to it, I will be sharing mine and Patrick’s vinyl-only 4 hour back to back session. It’s fair to say we pulled out some nuggets to celebrate the 20th anniversary of us putting mixes out together !
Too much respect goes out to everyone in attendance.

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