VB 2013 Line Up announced

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VB 2013 Line Up announced

On Thursday I announced the line up for the Vocal Booth Weekender 2013.
It is a line up which I am immensely proud of, for many different reasons. I wanted to share some of my own thoughts about the line up and my vision for this year’s event, here on my blog for anyone that cares.
I will happily take some praise for such an amazing gathering of great people but it us, as a unit, that have enabled it to grow into a truly organic, authentic music event and therefore we all must take credit. I say ‘we’ because I hope that my original crew are reading these words, I am sure they are. I won’t be sharing this link on Facebook or sending them out on a newsletter… it is only for those who make the effort to find them.
I have to admit, after having formed the line up in my mind, I was a little apprehensive that there weren’t enough ‘new’ ‘big’ names on the line up in comparison to other years, but that is purely because many of the surprises of years gone by are now our regular DJs and it is pretty easy to take this for granted. Take a look at the line up. Could you have imagined we would be able to bring this amount of talent together, all from a few jokes in a chat room every week ?
Another thing is, there just isn’t the space for any more headliners.
This year, the lion’s share of the big sets are going to the residents and those that have supported us from day one. Words cannot explain how proud of them all I am. A few of the DJs lost faith in the scene, a few almost hung up their headphones and others never got to play other than at the event. Now they are highly respected amongst the many people who attend and the many thousands of people who download the podcasts. The inspiration that the VB brings is clear to see. I can’t explain how proud I am but I’m sure the cheers from the crowd will speak volumes.
It is too early to commit to revealing the timetable yet, but I have more or less got it locked down now and I am totally confident this WILL be our best event musically yet.. mark my words ! It is time for the boys (and girls) to stand up and be noticed. I cannot wait.
I am actually writing this ahead of Thursday’s show and so am overly hyped… I have just selected 3 hours of music supplied by many of our DJs, putting it all together reinforces the idea that this is the strongest event, musically, yet. No empty hype, no names to draw a crowd.. it’s all about the music.
As always, I share some great memories with 90% of the DJs that attend and I just can’t get across enough how excited I am about it all. We have sold the most tickets this early in the year than we ever have, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to be any busier than in years gone by. I never allow myself to get too carried away in that regard.. and besides… there isn’t really much I can do about it anyway. I’m not concerned in the slightest… we keep a lid on the promotions and only wish for decent people to attend. The more people who attend, the more fairy dust we sprinkle over it all with the extra revenue. Job’s a good one !
As you would expect, there are still plenty of surprises and little touches lined up that will make this event like no other. It is going to be a great summer. It is going to be a great VBW.
*edit – Just wanted to say, what a fantastic response to the line up in the chat room.. I couldn’t be happier !

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