Time to chill

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Time to chill

The last few weeks seem to have been music overload on my behalf. Recording and uploading archived tapes on top of my two weekly shows, as well as the recent VBCS episode, I think it’s time for a break.
The Tuesday afternoon session of the Vocal Booth was meant to be for our Australian counterparts to get involved live, it went well for the first three weeks although there was more support from people in this hemisphere than the other. I am fully aware that this will take time to ‘catch on’, unfortunately the last show of this batch has had to be cancelled due to studio commitments with Deep Josh tomorrow (in the next few weeks I have a couple of new productions to share !)
I may get busy with the Tuesday show again soon, although I definitely won’t be doing it weekly, the days just come around too quickly between this and the regular Thursday show. I will also be getting cover for the live Thursday show for the next two weeks, here is why.
I have just spent the last two days chasing out my terrace walls in preparation for some plant irrigation (automatic watering) and electric cables for my lighting. This basically meant I was let loose with a pretty angry angle grinder, along with a lump hammer and mortar chisel. As I type this my knuckles are black and blue. I am also about to build 6 or 7 waist-high plant beds and will then render and paint the whole of the inside of the terrace. I don’t have a huge house but the terrace is of a decent size and it is a nice little project for me to get involved with while I don’t have any weekends away. By not having to worry about my radio show, this also helps to get a crack on and break the back of it.
Now I know some people might say, “You lazy bastard.” Without wanting to make out life is so tough putting a radio show together, the fact of the matter is that a lot goes into it other than just opening the mic and talking shite for three hours, so I decided to just get someone else to take to the air instead. I doubt I will be missed.
All is not lost, however, for anyone that may miss me. I will be sending out my weekly podcast as usual, but instead of the regular show I will take a look into my “studio sessions” and chose a mix or two to go out each Thursday. I’ll try to find some that you may not already have.
As I think forward, there isn’t really anything to promote until my next gigs in June. I am thoroughly enjoying life at the moment, which reminds me.. here is my latest tattoo which I had done last week.  “Living life for my Family, Loving life with my Family.” My new mindset is still holding out and we live life for the moment.  I don’t ask for any more than that for the time being.

The Vocal Booth Weekender is ticking along nicely and I was actually shocked when I looked back at this point last year at how few tickets we had actually sold in comparison to this year. I can categorically state that 2011 looks set to be the biggest and best yet and I am curious as to how many do finally attend.
I think the excitement of the last few weeks concerning the event has also calmed down now and I am able to let things roll along at their own pace for a while.
Ahead of the Weekender, there will be one more chance for us all to get together and that will be at my Birthday party in Birmingham, on 18th June. I will send out another blog about this in a few weeks, but for now put a date in your diary and it would be great to see you there.. free admission for all my good friends and ‘followers’ of course !
I have been reading the reviews about the recent Southport Weekender @ Minehead and I’m so very pleased it went well for all concerned. I haven’t really thought about it much but today’s great weather in Spain got me thinking about the SunCeBeat festival in Croatia in July, that’s going to be insane ! Thinking of parading around on a beach sends me off on another tangent.
I have been enjoying my running quite a bit lately, in the last 9 days I have actually ran 40km so by the time the summer kicks in I might have actually lost the beer belly. I want to congratulate Michelle who has also started running a lot and is now comfortably running 10km a few times a week… you go girl !
It is only a few weeks before the kids start on half days at school due to the heat, and then by the last week of June they start their 12 week summer holidays. Oh, the joy ! So for the next few weeks it’s all guns blazing to get the terrace in order ready for a full on chilled out summer.. well as chilled out as I can be considering I can never relax for too long.

Closing thoughts are with people who work on a building site for a living. Now that’s hard work !!

To think, some people moan they have it tough by playing a few records !! Divs.



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  1. I will deffo miss you on thursday nights, I now make sure I am at home thursday nights, so I can listen to the show, bastard, how dare you take 2 weeks off 🙂
    All the best with your garden building works, I have just finished mine, look forward to when you are back Mr Ward

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