The truth is out there. Or is it ?

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The truth is out there. Or is it ?

A little while ago I wrote a blog about Conspiracy Fearies, stating my occasional curiosity of a good conspiracy theory.
Since then we have had the awful occurrence in Woolwich where a British soldier was hacked to death, supposedly in the name of Allah. This seemed to bring about a period of weird political/racial unrest in the UK and created a whole heap of on-line debate and even conspiracy theories that the whole thing was staged, by whom and to what end goal, I don’t know.. but the ideas/theories were out there !
I was also directed recently to some video footage where a Canadian member of government actually comes out and admits the presence of Aliens on Earth. Mental !
**Disclaimer – I really can’t get my head around this… I have looked to see if it’s a spoof but I’m sure it’s real ?**

Most recently however, I have been directed to a video that tells an alternate history of World War II and the role Adolf Hitler played and his motives and actual actions. It is probably one of the things that has played on my mind the most these last few days. I have always been fascinated by World War II and am currently reading a book about the campaigns, so this video came about at a pretty relevant moment for me.
The video below is over 5hr 50m long. I watched it over the course of 2/3 days and I’m glad I did, because it gave me questions that I am now digging deeper into, just for my own curiosity.
I know that many people won’t watch ANY of this video. I also am very aware that the subject matter is EXTREMELY delicate, it is basically providing evidence that challenges the way the history books have been written about the events of World War II. It brings to light/makes apparent some EXTREMELY fascinating FACTS. Did you know, for example, that it is against the law to deny the holocaust in many European countries ? I didn’t until I watched this video.
To give you the basic outline of what is being said in the video, I came across this page. It gives actual FACTS about ACTUAL proof and testimonies regarding the video content. Read it here.

I welcome any debate on this although I also have to state that such a sensitive subject needs to be approached accordingly. I also want to point out that I make no statement myself regarding the material and fall down on neither side.
Just another in a long line of things that you could send yourself crazy thinking about too much !


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