Terrace Project v2

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Terrace Project v2

For anyone remotely interested… here is the remix of my terrace project from a few years ago.
In short, the day bed that I constructed all by myself was great for a while, until the wooden lid I used to create the storage area started to rot, making the underneath pointless. I decided to move the whole structure to the east side of the house, giving us shade all afternoon and early evening in the summer, and making more space for an outdoor eating area on the South facing, front of the house.
As an after-thought I didn’t totally demolish the base of the old bed and used it instead as seating.. it worked really well.
Respect to Paul Baxter who helped bring my vision to life and created a PROPER version of what I originally had in mind… complete with drinks holders, arm rests and more importantly Flashing LED lights !!!
Did someone say BBQ ??

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