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Just back from a three day break in Switzerland with all the guys behind the great on-line magazine and music site, groovenite.com.
Started off on Thursday morning, after an early drive to the airport I was greeted with the news of a 5 hour delay with Easyjet. I’m used to sitting around in airports so made myself busy with a big fat baguette and tried to sort out my connection problems upon arriving in Geneva.
Manuel Walti, aka Miles Numan, was busy preparing for the night’s party but did a great job in gettin me tickets and onto a train, 13 hours after leaving my house I arrived in Aarau. Miles was on hand for the short drive to Lensburg.
Into the Nightshift bar where Maik Pederson was on the decks. A cosy litle venue with around 100 or so people in, waiting for the Vocal Booth to go live on Pressure Radio. Finally, an hour late, we went on air. Click below to listen or click here to download to your computer.
Vocal Booth live from Switzerland, 18.2.10 by andyward
The night was a great success and it was lovely meeting up with all the crew that came to the Vocal Booth Weekender last year and other friends. Renato, Miles, Luca, Maik, Sandro, Felicia, Thomas, Remo and the rest of the crew got the proceedings well under way. It was also great to finally meet Benjamin from Artillery, the guy responsible for putting together my lovely new site.
After the show we went in search of the illusive late night meal, which ended up being a packet of crisps and a raspberry tart from a vending machine.. rock and roll !
Friday was a chilled day, spent mainly preparing some more of my studio projects for mixdown. On the evening we took a drive to Zurich where I was interviewed on Radio 24 by Pea Weber and then aired a guest mix. Back to Aarau for some liquid refreshment, sampling a wonderful concoction of Luca’s simply called “Seriously!”
I decided against one and had a sensible early night, if you can call 1am sensible.
Same deal for Saturday, chilling, surfing the net and watching movies, preparing myself for the long night ahead. At 6pm we all went for dinner, and at 9pm it was time for drinks at the club.

A very impressive number of friends of the crew all arrived for pre-party VIP business, I was greeted by the beaming face of Valentino of ‘UDM show’ fame. We had a good catch up and watched the club fill up nicely, grooving to the sounds of Jack and the Jerk on the warm up set. Terry Lex also made the journey to the club that night and he gave me a run down on all the projects he has forthcoming in the studio, good luck with it all, mate !
Continuing the music, Maik & Miles took to the decks and got the crowd going, one of the biggest reactions of the night had to go to the “Babylonia” remix from Balearic Soul. By the time I was ready to come on, the club was packed and we got to it.
I’m not sure why, but I never totally felt relaxed whilst playing even though I was enjoying myself.. the crowd on the heaving floor were rocking all the way with me but those on the outskirts seemed to stand and watch, which made me ever conscious of every track I played. To close the party the guys came back on with some classic tunes that I really enjoyed having a boogie to and everyone went home with a big smile on their faces.
Well done Groovenite & congrats on 10 glorious years !
Be sure to check out the Vocal Booth this Thursday, where I will be airing my set from the night.  It has some of my favourite current tracks within as well as the obligatory hands-in-the-air tunes for those peak time moments.
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