Suncebeat Chillout

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Suncebeat Chillout

Recorded on the Sunday afternoon, main stage area of the Suncebeat2 Festival in Croatia.
Earlier in the day, I had joined a small group of people on the beach stage area of the site, listening to DJ Dekky play awesome vocal after awesome vocal… wonderful gospel driven tracks that sounded amazing in the blistering heat and on the powerful system.
The beach stage is situated right over the waves with a Function One sound system, someone made a very fitting observation that it’s like the world’s biggest pair of headphones it really is that clear and heavy.  It is probably one of the most idyllic spots one could play at.  I fought back the tears as I sang my heart out to Michael Watford‘s “For You”, it’s a record that pulls at my heart strings every time I hear it because I always think about how I used to play that record long before I had been able to tour the globe, get to become good friends with Mr Watford, get to play at so many spectacular parties etc etc.  It was a great afternoon and anyone with energy was there to enjoy it.
So while all the fun was being had by the water’s edge and continued with other DJs, I had to open up the main stage ready for the night ahead.  Following from me would be Ronnie Herel and then Incognito live on stage.
I really saw no point in coming on and trying to coax people to the dancefloor, the sun was still high in the sky and anyone not on the beach stage was happily relaxing on the sun beds or underneath the pine trees.  I took the opportunity to play some nice music (again, all very familiar if you listen to the Vocal Booth on a weekly basis) and enjoyed a beer or three whilst I played.
That’s where the mix begins.
There is one more set I have to share from Suncebeat, 3 hours from the main stage from the Saturday night.  I may use that as the music for this week’s Vocal Booth or send it as a seperate podcast.
Respect out to you, as always, for taking time to listen to my ramblings.. I hope life is treating you well.


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  1. i recall making the headphone comment,while we were having a drink with eddie….well rambled my learned friend…..

  2. Andy my dreams & feelings are the same as yours! Next time I will dance & cry 2 your set, hopefully very soon! Peace & Love Bro! Bless U!

  3. Yes, great afternoon at the beachstage with Tony Jenkins, Carl Hawkins, the Dutch crew and you. Dekky sure was on a roll! Still can’t believe you refused a beer though… 🙂 Keep up the good work mate and thanks for sharing the sets!

    1. I had to pace myself, if I had started I would never have stopped and I wanted to make sure I played well… if I knew there was no one going to be there I would have gotten drunk from the afternoon. Good to meet you guys !

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