Summer '03

Much of the content (attached photo & audio) is removed from the server after a few weeks.

Most radio shows and mixes should be available on my Mixcloud Channel or YouTube Archives

If there is anything specific you are after that you cannot find, get in touch as I hopefully have it saved on my Hard Drive.

Summer '03

2 studio sessions out of the archive provide the music for your listening pleasure this week.
First up, once we had successfully relocated to Spain in 2003 I couldn’t get the decks set up quick enough after I sorted out all my equipment, vinyl and CDs.  What you hear is the first mix I put together as we started our “New Life”.   The second session is one I recorded one evening after a bottle or two of the good stuff, aptly titled “Vino Tinto”, I love both of these mixes because of the memories they evoke and I hope you enjoy a snapshot of days gone by..  it’s scary to think how long ago this actually was !
Vocal Booth live, 26th May 11 by andyward

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