Suella's B'day Bash

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Suella's B'day Bash

Last night I played a 4 hour set for the lovely Suella‘s Birthday Bash, a good friend who is instrumental in keeping some kind of order at the VBW while my mind takes a wonder every night there.
For some reason I had agreed to play a while ago, as long as I could do a warm up set. I was meant to play some nice tunes to set the mood for the evening before handing over to Adam Kharas. I say ‘meant’ because after starting with another hours worth of 80’s Grooves classics I found myself banging out some crowd pleasing floor fillers at 9.30pm to a screaming bunch of women. One could get used to that. Of course, I had to play ‘Strings of Life’ for them all… boy it went off ! I also had Drew and Mikey there to witness the carnage which was nice, I think it’s the first time they will have really seen me play to a crowd and what it’s really like when they are all chanting my name.
I wasn’t drinking and had to get the kids to bed as soon as I finished the 4 hour set, so towards the end I brought in a little funk to get the night back on track before handing over around 12.15am. It was a good night.
The whole reason for this blog is to point out a few observations.
I definitely think that the future of clubbing for us old bastards will be early starts, early finishes. All-dayers will come back around full strength, mark my words (there are already a few doing very well). I also enjoyed playing a very obvious set last night, it was what I had every intention of doing and it did exactly what was required, even though it did feel a bit odd having everyone go mental at 10pm on a Friday night.
A lot of the 80’s music I played, thanks mainly to a couple of compilation CDs, was also very very obvious but did the trick. I don’t mind doing that every once in a while but I definitely wouldn’t want to do it every week.
Anyway, up at 7am with a clear head is definitely the way forward after a great night… I’m fairly certain there will still be a few of them going for it as I send this blog. Happy Birthday, Honey ! Respect to everyone that made the effort to attend from near and far, we had a mini-VB Family in effect and I hear that when I left Adam Kharas rocked it, along with impromptu sets from Andy Roberts and Nita Funk !
Off to Deep Josh‘s studio today with Mikey to mix down my remix for the new Shane D track ft Andrea Love.. I’m looking forward to sharing it on Thursday night.
Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. ‘Twas a FANTASTIC evening – that DJ bloke wasn’t too bad either – rocked the house he did – nice one Mr Ward 🙂 – btw, I had the pleasure of the company of Drew & Mikey for quite a while last night 🙂 apart from Mikey cheeting to beat me on his phone games – they were FAB 🙂 a proper credit to U both 🙂 And I was most impressed at his “note taking” of all the tracks he thought were cool, so he can build them into his VB2013 set – he’s a top DJ in the making 🙂

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