Southport Weekender to End in May

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Southport Weekender to End in May

What a day. I spent a few hours watching wack coverage of the Eclipse, a practical non-event here in Spain due to cloudy skies and it not being anywhere near as “total” as the UK. I tidied up my linen cupboard and vaccumed the lounge. I then checked my emails.
Bang !
The official newsletter announcing the end of an era can be read here. Basically, as the title of the blog confirms, Southport Weekender will be ending in May. It may seem over-dramatic but for many it’s one of those pieces of news that makes you sit in silence and just look into thin air. I can’t believe it.
Here is my immediate reaction on Facebook:

I felt I needed to give a more permanent tribute to the guys behind the event, hence this rather rushed blog.
There are too many to mention but of course the main men Alex and Dave have so much to be proud of.  People got married at SPW, I’m sure MANY babies were conceived at SPW, friendships for life were forged at SPW and many, many DJ & artist careers where heightened due to the SPW magic.
I am sure I’m not the only “promoter” (I put it in speech marks, as I refuse to try to put myself in the same category as those guys) that has drawn inspiration from a SPW event. Many events I have put on I have always had the euphoria of a SPW in my mind when trying to recreate that vibe for the crowd.
Southport was special. On so many levels. The ‘crack’ in the chalets was second to none and the carnage across the site both during and after the sessions will stay with me forever.
Lasting memories of the original Southport ? Almost throwing up with nerves the first time I played in the Powerhouse, warming up for MAW. Later that night, getting blind drunk to the point I was dancing on the stage, with a golf umbrella, in front of 3000 people doing “singing in the rain” while Kerri played.
Another one ?
Bailing from the main room at some point, grabbing sausage and chips from the rank café and walking with the tray back to my car because I couldn’t remember who I was staying with or where. Waking up in the morning, opening the car door to see a remaining sausage on the plate on the floor, eating it and going back to sleep. Standard.  There’s many, many more. I know you must have your own moments that make you chuckle as you think of them. Southport was special.
I missed the first one at Minehead but heard varying reports of how good/bad it was. When I went for myself I thought it was brilliant and that first time I played in the Suncebeat Dome was another of the highlights of my ‘career’.
28 years the guys ran this event for. I know first hand what it’s like to have to deal with a few hundred people when co ordinating an event. The thought of doing it for 5000+ on a regular basis makes my face twitch.
I know there have been ups and downs for the event, peaks and troughs in its popularity but there is no denying that they go out at the top of their game and I, along with many many thousands of others around the world thank everyone behind Southport Weekender for all they have given us.
I’ll see you there in May !


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  1. Hard to think it won’t be there every year like a birthday…. But so much better than anything gift wrapped…

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