Southport highlights

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Southport highlights

I had every intention of doing a full report of the weekend, with photos, videos, interviews etc etc. Right now I simply don’t have the brain cells to do it justice and my camera gave up the ghost on me too meaning I have relatively few shots & videos, although I am sure once the tagging starts there will be more than enough !
Short but sweet.. here are the highlights in no particular order.
Meeting all my close friends and partying without having to be a host
being one of the people on the dance floor and letting my hair down and having a real good boogie
meeting new people I speak to a lot on line, face to face
hearing so many people talking about the Vocal Booth radio show and Weekender
Not talking about facebook or music forums (much)
seeing people on the Saturday night saying “good to see you, it’s been too long mate” only for them to reply “we were talking for half an hour last night, son !”
hearing about Ricky Reid’s naked antics (legend)
spending time with the northern contingent in their chalet and being amazed at how f*cked they were all the time (really enjoyed your company lads)
a great Saturday afternoon dinner with Martin Ikin, Grant Nelson and Groove Assassin.. pure laughs. Martin is good company, next time you see him tell him “he’s really great” (private joke there ha hahahahahaha I just laughed out loud in the hotel foyer)
watching grant smash the powerhouse
watching grant cringe at himself as he watched the video of him playing air vibes.
restless soul saturday afternoon session, big up !!
getting great feedback from everyone about my own set
seeing so many VIP DJs turn out to show their support for me so early on
having Osun Lade go out of his way to tell me how he really enjoyed my set
(after the 10th compliment I started to actually believe that I did a good job)
having a hotel to escape to, even for a short period of time
The “you had to be there moments” including:
crisps on a plate
big soup
curry goat, champagne and fisting
enoch powell
Mr soft
Limbo dancing
white shoes
meow meow
the urban rave directly outside the chalet door ALL weekend
the red slippers
(I’m sure more will come to me as the week goes on)
the after party – great fun to be a part of and hopefully a good show for everyone
meeting Rahaan and getting him wasted so he passed out mid set backstage (Oh, is that meant to be a secret ?)
watching kerri actually singing through a needle on the turntable
watching kerri mixing with his trainers
watching kerri…simple
hearing the roar when I dropped Jazztronik’s “Samurai”, as well as Todd Terry’s “Bounce to the Beat”
I could go on and on, and I probably will continue to add to this all week
You know I’m an emotional so and so, but I truly love you all guys. What a weekend. That has energized me now for weeks.


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