Snoopy Sounds, Episode 75

Live every Tuesday on Pressure 4pm and Rebroadcasting Saturday morning on Two hours of music from the vinyl archives of the man like Warren Pereira aka DJ Snoopy.

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If you find any images or audio missing, let me know and I can reload it.

All radio shows and mixes should still be available on Mixcloud.

Much of the content prior to April 2020 was not loaded to the new server, although I do have it stored locally.

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Have I Got Heat For You – Episodes 1 to 12

A podcast originally started in 2010 and sent out via SSRadio. Many will remember these podcasts with fondness and may be pleased to know I have finally gotten around to loading them again for further listens. It features 2 hours per episode of myself and Julian Bendall of Bah Samba fame, sharing mainly non-house music and a lot of dialogue.

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Farewell, Phlash. Phil Asher – RIP

Yesterday we all learned of the passing of Phil Asher. The outpouring of emotions and the tributes online are incredible reading.

I will be paying respects the only way he would have wanted, through his music, on the VB Radio show, soon.

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Buzzin – Name That Beat

Our first Saturday night broadcast. Pitting the wits of your favourite DJs to see who can spot the beats/intros first. Get the drinks in and be ready for some fun.

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