Sick of the Sound

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Sick of the Sound

It took a little longer than expected, but I am sick of the sound of my own voice. Again !

It always happens at this time of year.
A mixture of post VB blues coupled with the fact that I have to sit here listening to my drunken self introducing DJ after DJ as I split the audio recordings from the event ready for podcasts. Saying that, I have had some jokes listening to a very mash-up Schooly repeating himself every 5 minutes… I thought I was bad at times but he wins the award for true !
So, the inevitable has happened. I am taking October off from my radio show to give you all a break. I hate you all.
I love being a Gemini !
I also got into a spot of bother with the VB Podcasts due to putting too many on-line at once, causing the hosting provider to block the website. I am sorting that in the next few days with a dedicated server. Boring stuff but stuff that keeps me occupied.
So… Piss off. Speak soon. Love you.


  1. is there a doctor in the house.
    medication may fit the bill.
    hate you to ,
    loads ,
    just saying , being a libran,
    love you too.

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