Random Soul remix

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Random Soul remix

The first of two remixes to surface from myself in the not too distant future comes in the form of this Random Soul release.It seemed like forever since I actually got around to finishing anything in the studio, and I am very happy with the result.  Click here for a video created by the guys for the release on their own imprint (the embed doesn’t seem to want to work.)
As always, if you’re feeling the package then please show your support and pick up one of the mixes. The track is on sale NOW at Traxsource.

More info to follow shortly on the next release for Sounds of the Booth.

Random Soul return with another vocal with Kristen Pearson, remixed by none other than Andy Ward
The original mixes of Take Your Time incorporate hypnotic strings, spacey synth’s and a deep dub bass that chugs along with Kristen’s big vocal harmonies. Taking it back to the old school with some funk laden ‘classic’ mixes, the RS lads have kept true to their soulful roots with a live bass phenomenon and paddy rhodes whilst keeping the beats jacked up. This one’s ripe for the dance floor with the dub mix stripping it back again and rocking a more cut up vocal hook. Yogi & Husky also flex their main room muscle with a filtered piano mix that whip’s up the energy for the more late night peak set.
Andy Ward needs little introduction for any house music lover. However, for those who have been living under a rock, he is 1/2 of Soul Central, the duo responsible for the dance music anthem’s known as String’s Of Life, Time After Time and In-Ten-City. Andy gives us nothing but soul on his remixes, using classic rhodes and taking you on a vocal journey. It’s timeless music here as always from Andy, so don’t sleep on having these gems in your box!
Rounding out the EP the boys have a jacked up party track called That’s Right, Get Funky. Like its name, it is by nature FUNKY with live bass, up front chords and cheeky vocal cuts, this track has it all for the party rockers. Who said funky shit was dead.. alive and shaking here, that’s right, we be getting funky !

Vincent Kwok (Eight Fifteen/Salted) – Nice one guys! Really liking the funkiness of the original mix!
Nicc Johnson (Pacha/DCS Trax) – Top release guys ! my fav picks : Original, classic dub & thats right get funky
Jorge Watts (Drop Music/Guesthouse) – Take Your Time (Random Soul Classic Dub) really feeling this & Take Your Time (Original Instrumental) will do it for me 😉
Dave Alison (Kinjo/Editorial) – Excellent, more deep buttery grooves from RSR! my fav’s here are the ‘Take your Time Dub’ (totally groovin’ B-Line) and also the chopped up vox and soul vibes on ‘That’s Right ,Get Funky’ will give ’em a rinse in Toronto this weekend, thanks!
Dutchican Soul – Guuuuys!! Thanks so much for the new promo! Lovin the Classic Dub mix and That’s Right, Get Funky… will def be supporting these! Congrats on this great release…
JC Hanna – AMAZING package fellas. Original and the Soul Classic both went down on the floor proper in ATL and Nashville over the weekend. Still can’t pick a favorite. Glad to see Andy Ward back up in the mix as well.
Dave Law (Tempo UK) – loving the original mix…..great track getting my full support
Lewis Ferrier (Reel Groove) – Dope ! Andy Ward Mix for me. RS Classic Mix sounds proper as well
Souldynamic (Purple Music) – Nice funky soulful tune!! Random Soul Classic Mixes , Andy Ward Mix are our favourite tracks! support!!
Andrew Chibale (Salted/Grouper) – Always a treat listening to your music… soul classic mix – love the bassline here, this remix definitely has that classic groovy sound we all look for andy ward instrumental – great melody here .. chillin’ mode on!
D-Reflection (Adaptation UK) – Hot release with good vocals. Just the way I like it. My favorite mix is the Random Soul Classic Mix! Sweet bassline chords. Will give this some plays on the beach!
Rick Preston (Moulton) – Love the Random Soul Classic Dub and That’s Right, Get Funky!!!! Great tracks!!
Kevin Kind (Salted) – Instant rotation. Full support. Solid release.(Random Soul Classic Dub)
– Played it at The Endup … Solid response. Loving the real bass funky feel. vocals on point.
Christos Kedras (Kapa) – great work guys, RS Classic Dub for me, supporting!
Nutritious (NYC) – Take Your Time pack is blazin and jam packed – what a lineup! Full support – definitely a time and place for all cuts in here. Added bonus heat with That’s Right, Get Funky. Many thanks to everyone here for smashing it.
Real Time Hand Motion (Knocturnal Emissions) – Y’all always come with so many mixes to pick from and I really dig that….diggin the OG instrumental most and will support.
Jevne (Onethirty) – Solid release guys !
Ollie Brooke (Pure House Music) – Absolutely cracking track. Andy Ward’s remix is pure fire, smooth and lush, The Random Soul Dub mix is also shakin me down in a funky peak time way – overall perhaps the strongest release yet?
Dave Hayes (Cocoon Lounge Bahrain) – Awesome package! Like a Box of Quality street, dunno which 1’s my fave!! Although, at the current time of writing my Green Triangle is the Random Soul Classic Dub, Have been Remixing that on the Fly with the Vocal. Andy wards Vocal is also Serious pressure!!! &….. as Always the Track tagging along at the End of the package is anything but a Filler. Huge!
Sound Diggers (Blockhead/Groove Shop) – Your beginning to turn out to be the masters of funky house with a twist of deepness ! im a deeper lover and Yogi n Husky turn in a mix that satisfy my needs ! lovely mix ! Also really like the original mix instrumental ! Dope release again from this camp !


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  1. Down with Ollie Brooke, as occasionally happens… Strongest RS yet. This may be a whopper for them. We gotta prop Andy for such an amazingly economical mix. Really uncanny how he got right down to the bone of the number and made it slick as hell.

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