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Paying for Exposure – Facebook

Last week I decided to give the ‘promoted posts’ option a try on Facebook. This is the first time I have ever paid to promote anything through Facebook… it isn’t really important or necessary to do so for the VB but I wanted to reach out to a few other people for my WardsWebsites venture.
There has been a lot of negativity recently about the way Facebook is operating, tbh it doesn’t really concern me as I feel most people have gotten lazy now anyway with their marketing and the rise of so many DJs/promoters/edits/mashups etc etc means that most of us only pay attention to recommendations from our friends. When was the last time you checked out a mix or event from someone you don’t know ?
Anyway, long story short, I am sharing the results here for anyone that may be interested.
I currently have 2,330 “likes” on my DJ page. I don’t use my personal profile for any status updates or much else due to being hacked last year. Whenever I post an update on my wall I am told that between 300 and 700 people “saw” my post, depending on the absurdity of what I have written or something profound or interesting. By paying £10 to promote the services of my Website Building venture I ‘reached’ 1608 people.
Here are the stats:
Budget Spent – £10
Paid Reach – 1608
It then goes on to mention:
36 Page post likes
29 page photo likes
13 link clicks
13 comments on page posts
6 video plays
0 post shares
It’s impossible to know if the figures are from the increase visibility of my wall thanks to the paid post, or whether or not I would have had those kind of ‘views’ on my page anyway. As many know, I’m not that concerned about how many people ‘like’ my DJ page or how many interact with me… the people who care enough to come for some fun do, and fun we have, and the others can suck my balls.
Have a nice week. x

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  1. One addition to this is the fact that I also feel very sceptical about these kind of things.
    Of course, I only have Facebook’s word about these figures !!

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