Oxford – Sat 9th Feb, HouseWurK

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Oxford – Sat 9th Feb, HouseWurK

With only one more weekend to go, the time has almost come for me to get my HouseWurK on.
I am really looking forward to this party, I know the crowd will really be into anything I have to offer and I am looking forward to a weekend in the UK where I will be catching up with some old friends and deciding once and for all who is the king of the squash court out of myself and a certain someone.
If you are anywhere near Oxford, then come and join myself, Tony Nanton and Lil’ Joey for a night of all things soulful at Clems. Grab your tickets here. Join the event page here.
See you there.
This year looks set to be pretty busy for myself out and about and so I am turning the tables and offering the promoters and/or resident DJs a chance to get THEIR words out there. Rather than me be asked the same old questions, I direct a few to the guy behind HouseWurk.

HouseWurk crewWho are ya, Who are ya ?
HouseWurk, Oxford’s one and only soulful, lush and funk filled House Night, brought to you by Tony ‘Naked’ Nanton and Dave Broadbent.
Are you solely the promoter or a DJ also ?
Dave is new to the promo game, but a long time House music lover, across genres. I, Tony, have been a DJ for 28 years, age of 18, and promoting Soul, House, Reggae and RnB night for a lot of that time.
How long have you been promoting your night ?
HouseWurK really started as HouseProud, from a team refresh. So really we’re about 18 months old…..
Which other guests have you had ?
Well, looking forward to yourself of course, but we’ve hosted Notting Hill Carnival’s main boys KCC, Rinse FMs soulful Don, DJ Abel, Southport rocking Karizma, the legendary Allister Whitehead, the ladies choice but also London’s sweetest Nat Wendell, and the divine Sean McCabe……
Tell me about the venue:
Clems is a ‘proper’ club, smallish (350, and it’s all about the basement….. Great system now, and bar prices that give you change out of £20 for a sensible round!!
Tell me about what you set out to achieve with the night:
Simple. Dave and I hooked up because we found a common thread of House that we loved, and we knew there was just enough ‘real’ lovers of House in Oxford. We wanted to bring quality DJs to Oxford and keep the door price under £10. Mission accomplished!
Tell me about your crowd:
No other crowd like it, almost back to the original party rocking days! Girls looking good and working it, boys whooping and dancing, black, white, blonde, brunette, dreads, Stone Island, Diesel, Vans, Adidas, Grey Goose….. FUN!!
Other exciting news you’d like to share about yourself or the party ?
You’re coming!!
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