My Time Will Come

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My Time Will Come

Jesus Pablo, a great producer out of Liverpool who I have been supporting recently, made a statement that was clearly born out of a frustration with how things were progressing for him on the ‘scene’.
He said on Twitter that

“My time will come!”

This got me thinking, as always !
I am positive there are thousands of people (yourself maybe one of them ?) waiting for ‘their time to come’. This applies to DJs and producers/singers/record labels alike.
What does it mean exactly ?

  • Are you waiting to be discovered ?
  • Why haven’t you been discovered yet ?
  • Are you waiting for more people to start enjoying your music style, generally ?
  • How do you intend to be discovered if you continue to do what you’ve always done ?
  • Do you plan to make or play a style of music that the masses like, and then change to the style of music you love ?
  • Or does ‘your time’ simply consist of you earning more money from the music scene ?

Please leave some comments here on what you are doing to make things different, it may help others !


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1 x AOC U2879G6

1 x AOC 24B1W


Sony ZV1 =
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Wave XLR =
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DJ Kit:

Shure 55s Radio Mic =
DJ Controller = Pioneer XDJ-XZ
Technics 1210 Turntables =
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  1. For what it’s worth, I never really felt “my time came”, despite having achieved some pretty successful things with my productions and DJ work.
    I still feel that I would take on any DJ in the world if you put me in front of the right crowd and get annoyed when average DJs get so much praise due to empty hype.. so I understand totally when people get frustrated as artists or DJs.

  2. I can’t moan too much as I have played around the world nearly, plus got South Africa and USA again to look forward to in November / December.
    It just seems that good tracks from myself, close friends and others I know and even music on mine and Di Riviera’s label is always over looked as it’s not the hyped up crap of loops / copied sounds / ideas of others.

  3. So are you saying that if more people heard your music they would like it, or that they don’t like it because it isn’t crap enough… which is what your comment would imply !

  4. Your original comment on Twitter was backed up by the question as to whether PR companies are a good thing or waste of time.. I believe that getting people to read or hear about your work is only half the battle… the important thing is to get them to listen off their own back. How do you intend to do that ?

  5. PR is a vital part of promotion. We use it extensivley in the business I work for, and it is our most effective form of advertising. I just wish I could afford to do it for my DJing and music in the same way.

  6. I’m a part time DJ of twenty years the only person to blame for not getting further has been myself for lack of promotion and hoping for “that lucky break”.
    I’ve just come back to djing after a four year break and might try a bit harder this time…..
    You never know my time might come too

  7. Andy: Slowly thinking on how to knock this wall down – haha.
    Wally: This is my point, why pay for PR when you can do it yourself? But how long does it take to knock on all the right doors and be noticed? I’m not going to change my sytle and jump on a trend for others. I just make wholesome and timeless real house music.
    Chris: I not waiting for my break or lack promotion of pushing myself – I do alot of it. I play worldwide, have solid releases and remixes and my label hits home. I’m just frustracted by the poor DJs / artists / producers that become over night successes due to PR / hype and other bollocks.

  8. Hey Andy, Jesus & Wally!
    I think success is achieved through a combination of Yes good promotion, marketing etc, and of course a shed load of talent.
    Word of mouth!! Your own fan base no matter how big or small to start, are your best bet for success. Look after them, thank them, never forget them and they will be your best ambassadors! The power of the internet is fabulous of course, and social media sites are an excellent source of promotion. However, nothing beats that interaction you get between a DJ and his listeners/dancers. The internet is now a crowded shop window which is making it harder and harder to stand out among the masses of DJ’s out there.
    Andy you are successful I believe 1. because you a very talented DJ/ producer/artist
    2. Because you connect, through radio, online, in clubs etc on a personal level. Your music is an extension of you and very likeable. Keep doing what you are doing!
    Advice to others, find your own way do not aspire to be the next Andy Ward or Louie Vega, shine and grow you! If you build it they will come lol xx

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