My Southport Experience

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My Southport Experience

I wanted to write a note about the events of the weekend just gone before I forget them, but I am still reeling with exhaustion and a real sore throat.
At the same time as writing this our good friend is currently facing a 12 hour operation today in her battle against a very rare form of cancer, so I need to totally man up I guess !
The weekend started with an early flight to Bristol, followed by the taxi ride to Minehead. I arrived nice and early and attempted to get some footwear. I obviously forgot how small the town was (I used to go to Butlin’s Minehead in the 70’s with my family). After some Facebook fun, sharing what I found along the way, I managed to secure me a pair of sneakers that would just have to suffice, before sampling a nice pot of tea and a scone and cream… this was definitely the calm before the storm.
After heading back to my B&B off site and lying there for as long as I could to prolong the hurt I was about to inflict upon myself, I decided to head into battle. I came bearing gifts.
That’s as much as you’re getting in the way of a review… for very obvious reasons.
I will say, I had a great time, met up with some true friends, reconnected with lots of others and made lots more.  I enjoyed putting the world to rights with Kerri Chandler on Sunday afternoon as we talked about Aero chocolate bars, New Balance trainers and anything else that we thought of.
I watched seagulls having sex and two grown men play some pretty decent music on some kids’ toys.  I danced non stop all weekend long and managed (I think) to not do my usual trick of telling everyone I love them a million times.  I was told by many people that my set was a highlight of their weekend and will share some of the records I played on my radio show this week.
The Vocal Booth Weekender was of course a hot topic and I am inspired even more (if possible) by the kind words everyone bestowed upon me regarding it.  Check out the site here.
Love to all the new people I now have in my life…. here is a clip of me getting very angry someone stole my drink.  Then found it 5 seconds later.  Oh, you get a tiny idea of the vibe when I was playing too !
Take a look at the video of me playing at the Suncebeat Dome.


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