My 2016 in Review

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My 2016 in Review

If you’ve followed my music blog for some time, you’ll be more than familiar with my end of year review. I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now, I’m sure.
I remember writing one in Australia, at the end of a very tough financial year. A few years after that I recall writing about how unhappy I was at the way DJing was going for me and how I was pulling back from most of my gigs.
Sharing my woes, whilst not looking for sympathy, was very therapeutic… a way to unburden myself of all the negativity of the past 12 months and make way for a more positive future.
In recent times though, my end of year reviews are more and more difficult to put together because they generally tend to be upbeat and looking back on amazing things I’ve achieved in the year, both personally and materialistically. This makes it uncomfortable for me to write about.
Most people know I am a very confident person, a ‘larger than life’ character. Throughout my life, even in school, I was always the centre of attention to some degree, so becoming a DJ and radio presenter (when I think back) seems a very obvious career path. However, as I have said many times on my radio show and in person, I actually hate the limelight. Pretty ironic maybe, for someone writing an end of year blog about himself ? I’m not good at accepting compliments yet I love to think that what I do for people is appreciated. Well, that’s me all over, a true Gemini – blowing hot and cold at the drop of a hat.
Why do I start the blog with these words ? Well, I actually just read back on my end of year review from 2015. Truth be told, I could repeat that blog word for word for my 2016 review so if you want reminding or don’t think you read it, go check it out.
There’s a few key moments in 2016, like my Rome Marathon, Stevie Wonder concert, couple of weddings but being on FB so much I feel I’ve more than shared words and photos about those. Which is why I am a little apprehensive about repeating myself again and again.
Remember, check my Instagram feed here. Here you can look back on my Facebook wall.
After a recent VB reunion where I made another almighty show of myself (to everyone’s delight), I need to start caring less again in 2017 what people think of me. Don’t get me wrong, on one hand I really don’t give a toss, as is apparent for most of the nonsense I come out with online, however I have to be honest to myself and admit that sometimes I do spend more time worrying about how I come across than I should. I could go on and on about this but can’t be arsed, lol.
Anyway, the back end of 2016 will see the four of us heading over to Estonia for Xmas, returning in time for more of the VB Family to arrive in Campoamor for an end of year meal and party in Shumara (thankfully the horrendous weather we are currently witnessing will have passed by the time they arrive). As a family unit, the four of us hope to venture further afield for another trip of a lifetime to South East Asia. I think I speak for everyone in saying we pray to hear less of tragic loss to those close to us and around the world.
Michelle and I have been joking today about her age as it’s her Birthday this week but I truly relish all that growing old holds for us. Each day brings a new wisdom & lesson and I definitely think one can never know enough about life and all it brings us.
Thank you for being a part of our lives and all your support, whether VB Family or simply someone that appreciates the music I share… I am sure by now you know I do it all for the right reasons and together we grow !
Seasons Greetings and may 2017 bring you all you truly deserve.
Once again, go check my 2015 review as it really does say almost everything I would have wanted to share this year, including important words about VB Family.
Andy (Michelle, Drew & Mikey)


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