More memories

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More memories

I once commented on MySpace “Nostalgia is a great emotion.” Isn’t it just !?
Thanks to Emilia for turning me onto this great video clip from back in the day.
Featured in it are Birmingham legendary clubs Wobble, Steering Wheel and Moneypenny’s, alongside a brief insight into the madness that was Marco Polo’s.
A little back story

I remember the day of filming well.
At the time I was actually living and working down in Exmouth with my good friend Giddy, preparing to set up a car spares firm for his dad. I was to be the branch manager and Giddy my assistant (shows a lot about their very turbulent father-son relationship, I’m laughing just thinking about dear old Ambrose.) We had been dispatched to Devon to spend the days stripping cars of all their parts, cleaning and cataloguing them ready for shipping back to Birmingham, whilst learning all the ropes of the car spares business. I spent three months down in Devon, we had some hysterical moments as you can imagine ranging from living off Aldi’s chilli (and the subsequent flatulence that ensued) to trying to fight bouncers because the DJ wouldn’t let me mix a tune in the very tacky Cinderella’s nightclub. The very thought of what a dick I must have been makes me shudder, at the same time I still crack up thinking back to it. I was talking to Giddy earlier today as it happens and he also reminded me of the time we went to see Cliffhanger at the cinema down there and we came out climbing all the lamp posts. To think that was 18 years ago scares me.
Anyway, before I go into way too much detail, to cut a long story short Ambrose got sold a load of dodgy car parts by his contact at the scrap yard down there and the business never really got off the ground once we had returned to Birmingham and started trading.
I was to later return to Exmouth to organise a Flower show for Ambrose at the very lovely Powderham Castle. Lots more stories attached to that !! I definitely think a book is in order in years to come.
I have a lot to thank Ambrose for who is currently enjoying a tipple upstairs with Elizabeth Taylor.  It was only after leaving my full time job to work for him and then being without a job afterwards that I was able to focus on my DJ work and self promoting that led to my involvement at Marco’s and beyond.
So…. back to video.
I had to travel all the way back to Birmingham from Devon as I knew the TV cameras were going to be there. This was a few months into the opening of the Sunday mornings and as you can see it was quite literally “buzzing”. As the camera crew filmed I waited nervously for my 15 minutes of fame and played my heart out. I was interviewed and I told of my delight in being involved in such a great new event, at that moment in time I wasn’t anywhere near as hands on as I was to become over time. Imagine how gutted I was when the only DJ they showed was Carl Page, a great lad who used to work in Tempest Records and one of the more established DJs in Birmingham at the time.
I have recently been listening to an old tape from 1994 that perfectly reflects my playing style on a Sunday morning and I will upload that for you in the next few days.
Enjoy the video !


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