Mid-May ramblings

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Mid-May ramblings

Wha’ppen ?
Just a little note to say “Hello” and share a few random thoughts on this fine May morning. There’s nothing of major importance to come so you can stop reading now !
First thing to ‘spring’ to mind is just how fast the year seems to be going. It’ll soon be June ! I put that down to the fact that I have been flat out working since last year with my website builds. I am still extremely chuffed at how well that little venture has taken off for me and I appreciate every single customer that comes my way, even when some of them are right pains in the arse, and I’ve had a few of those recently !
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Don’t forget, if you’ve ever pondered getting a website built or creating your own blog, then let me know and I’ll be happy to discuss your options, there are many for you to consider, some which won’t cost you a penny with my advise and direction.
Next to tick off the brain box is the recent spate of house guests we’ve had at Casa Ward.
A few weeks ago, after posting a photo of my jacuzzi filling up, my Brother made an off-the-cuff remark about how he needed some sun. 24 hours later I was collecting him from the airport. We enjoyed 5 days of fun, gym, random nonsense and laughter with the kids, they enjoyed having him here as he is a lot more laid back than me (I know I’m pretty stuffy in the house at times due to trying to give the kids discipline and guidelines they’ll need in the future – you know the REALLY important stuff like how to line the plates up correct in the cupboard etc etc). It was great to spend that time with him, he is 4 yrs younger than me but about 400 stone heavier. Which reminds me (sorry tubs, ha ha), my middle brother (4 of us in total) also came earlier in the year which again was really nice for the kids to get to spend time with him and we also had loads of fun.
While ‘The Fud’ was here, Michelle’s best friend also came over to spend the weekend whilst I was in the UK for the Choice Reunion and then a few days later the man like Giddy visited with his daughter, with them flying home yesterday. It’s been a lovely time having people here and not one of them were in the slightest any inconvenience, although it is now nice knowing that I have 5 weeks of ‘free time’ with no travelling on the cards and no guests expected at the house. Bring on the DIY projects, ha ha !
Joking aside, there are a few DIY things I want to get my teeth into now before I take on any new website work and both Michelle and I are really excited about the back end of the year where, hard work permitting from us both, we will finish off our kitchen extension. Our house really feels like a home at the moment and we both couldn’t be happier. We don’t have much, but what we do have, we take great pride in and we both know that relatively speaking we couldn’t be ‘richer’.
I have enjoyed a couple of official Vocal Booth Radio Shows and the odd stand-in show on Pressure Radio, with the next two Sundays seeing me fill in for Iain Willis on his Butt Naked show, watch out for the podcast to follow. I am still thoroughly enjoying having no responsibilities as far as music is concerned. I continue to listen to my favourite shows and have only been moved to purchase the odd track that I need in my collection, other than that I really couldn’t care less about all the music I am ‘missing out on’. I had a blast at the Choice Reunion and am looking forward to the Summer Ball and Ibiza. Other than that, being out the DJ circuit is amazing, I wish I did it sooner ! I am currently listening to Sean McCabe’s set from SPW50. As always immaculately put together. Reading everyone’s Facebook comments about SPW, it seems to have been another monster success and rightly so, I am sure the October event back at the original Southport site will be just as momentous for them. Upnorth have definitely upped their game for this anniversary year and I think they may have won back a few people who were considering knocking SPW on the head after this event. Respect ! I’m sure that the October event will have a slight impact on people’s decision to attend Vocal Booth Weekender, obviously due to finances, however as I always say, VBW is put on for the people who simply cannot afford to NOT come, whatever the costs, and September is shaping up nicely anyway, so all is fine on that front.
Regarding VBW, remember we have the Summer Ball upcoming in 5 weeks and counting. Full info here, as well as the Ibiza Gathering in July. Our summer is going to be pretty special.
Preparing for the summer and with an ’empty diary’ ahead of me, I am thoroughly enjoying my fitness at the moment. I have been helping a friend train for the Edinburgh marathon and recently got up to 15 miles, the furthest I have ever run. I plan to do the Barcelona Marathon myself next year and am confident that with the right training I’ll be able to do it, now the weekends are all my own I relish this challenge. In the meantime I spend an hour every day either running or in the gym and curious as to how I’m going to look come the summer. I enjoy the odd beer and wine too much to ever really take the whole ‘body beautiful’ thing too serious although I am making a conscious effort to really concentrate on my eating habits for the next two months. Time will tell !
I was sure I had a few more things to share, they escape me now !? Oh, have you noticed how crap Facebook is nowadays at trying to keep up with your ‘real friends’! Most people who use it regular will understand that the concept is to try to get people to pay for better exposure of their posts, so your updates appear in more of your friend’s feeds. One way to ensure you keep up to date with your proper friends is to visit their profile every day or so. As soon as you do, I guarantee that you’ll start to see their posts appear on your timeline again ! Also, helping friends out or your favourite DJs has never been more important, so if you care about anyone, be sure to LIKE their posts or photos or give their mixes or pages a SHARE to help out.

DJs and promoters remember, sharing constantly (within moderation) is essential in today’s over saturated market place !

I think that’s about it.
So that’s my world right now, I’m keen to hear from you and what you’re up to, what you’re excited about or generally what’s on your mind ?  Use the handy Facebook commenting tool at the bottom of this blog to reply.


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