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Miami WMC

I’m sure I have posted these before, but one would have been on my old Facebook that was deleted.
Two clips from classic WMC in 1997 and one 2006. Both Masters at Work events.
I put the 2006 up in memory of a great guy who left us this week, RIP Yannis. He was responsible for booking most of the international flights for most of the deep house guys thru the 90’s and 00’s. He will be missed. You can see him here (the big greek guy) having the time of his life dancing away to Louie on stage.

The other clip throws back to one of the best parties I ever attended. The reason I love this clip is you can see me gingerly trying to film the likes of Louie, Kenny, Morales, Todd etc etc way before I got to really know them. It’s a real who’s who and hysterical to see such young Sarah Favouritizm, Craig Bartlett, Kev Beadle, Frank Ainsworth etc etc. The rest of you all look old and haggard back then too !!
If the people at The Vocal Booth feel as part of something special as I did at this party, then I will be happy !

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  1. Dear Andy Is there any chance I could see the 1997 miami WMC video. Every single week I play Nu Yorican Soul to my neighbours and I would love to show them if possible. All my love Dionne

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