Life Begins at 50 – June 2020 Birthday Cruise

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Life Begins at 50 – June 2020 Birthday Cruise

You may read my blog posts but no longer bother checking out my radio show… in which case, this is for YOU.
I’m one step closer to getting ALL the information I need to be able to confirm FULL details on this… but thought I’d start a thread here for anyone that may have missed it before.
In June 2020 I will be celebrating my 50th with anyone that would care to join me onboard a LUXURY Cruise ship. This offer is extended to EVERYONE, not just VB Family (meaning you could even class it as your own B’day celebrations and invite YOUR friends).
The important points of note are:
1. ANYONE can join us.
2. This will be the perfect holiday for people with kids/grandkids/parents etc as there are a multitude of activities on board alongside the daily excursions.
3. There will be a few parties with our VB DJs on board throughout the week but it is NOT a full blown House Music cruise (I see this as a good thing).
I am just finalising the dates and a few other important things, this could take one week or one month. All you need, for now, is to know that prices will range between £450 and £750 per person, depending on what level of style you want to travel. These prices include ALL YOUR FOOD and soft drinks for the entire week. ALCOHOL PACKAGES are around £25 per day, all you can drink. Oh dear!
As soon as we are ready to rock and roll, you can reserve your cabin for JUST 15% deposit! There is no panic, there are literally thousands of cabins available!
Any Questions? Who loves the sound of this?

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