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Leighton B

As we prepare for the reunion of all reunions… 20 yrs of Marco Polo’s, I am happy to be able to share with you a live set from those glory days.
Centre stage is Mr Leighton Bullivant, aka DJ Leighton B.

Anyone that frequented Marco’s will be more than familiar with Leighton, he was part of the furniture and everyone’s ‘cuddly’ little friend. In the early days Leighton, who came to the venue as a friend of James Dean, used to help out on the cloakroom amongst other things, looking somewhat bemused by most of what he saw.. after all he wasn’t long out of school and some of the antics were over the top, to say the least. Always a lover of quality music, his tastes were more in line with mine than any of the other DJs at Marco’s and I watched him grow from a shy, not so confident young lad into a very good DJ in his own right.
I laugh to myself now at the typical ‘rights of passage’ Joseph and I used to exert on him, as well as the times we used to put him on the flyers as “Leighton B (Cloakroom)“.

How we remember him.. there's a lot less to him nowadays.

Here, Leighton shows just how on-point musically he was all those years ago, as well as reminding people of the kind of tracks they can hear him play on Sunday 30th September @ The Penthouse (the former Steering Wheel) club in Birmingham city centre.
Be sure to look him up & leave a comment on the mix below.
LEIGHTON B – Live @ Marco Polo’s, 2nd Jul 1995 by intothevault

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