Late to the party – Disclosure

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Late to the party – Disclosure

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about my recent blog. Your support was never in doubt !
One of the things I had meant to mention, but forgot to, was another factor in the progression of the music scene for myself.
I would not consider myself a trend setter, musically speaking, far from it.. but I have always followed my own path. I prefer to be totally ignorant of what goes on around me, content in the fact that the music I play is the music I love, especially on my radio show. I don’t mind playing music that other people are playing, as long as I don’t know everyone else is playing it… does that make sense ? In usual, Gemini fashion (totally contradicting myself) I also enjoy listening to other DJs play and am never too proud to look for a tune that someone may turn me onto or indeed to pull out a tune I previously didn’t really like but saw the appeal of. Such records have to be special though.. otherwise I’ll just listen to what other DJs have to offer and rarely get moved to find out track IDs.
Living where I live, despite being on the internet all day – every day, I do feel out of the loop somewhat. I don’t follow any blogs (aside from friends’ or non music related stuff). I don’t pay any attention to DJ charts and now I am not travelling so much, I find it hard to catch up on the regular podcasts I used to listen to from other DJs I respect. Occasionally I will catch a glimpse of producer or DJ names cropping up on a regular basis on Twitter which will get the better of my curiosity. More often than not I never check them out… I have enough great music to deal with as it is, without having to find more !
Earlier this year, my good friend and total nutcase Ali Mac mentioned the artists Disclosure to me in one of our mental Skype chats. He raved about the music style of these 18 yr old (approx) young kids and told me to “get onto them”. I agreed the music was OK, but nothing I hadn’t heard before. I thought no more of it. Over the next few months, their names cropped up more and more in conversations I was having, but I still thought no more of it. Eventually when I checked out some of their tracks on YouTube I thought… “yeah, not bad”.. but I still wasn’t that bothered.
Then Suncebeat came in Croatia, and I was with the man like Giddy who kept telling me “This tune is Disclosure.. it’s baaaaaad”. I think it was Eddy Ramich who played a few of their tracks. I made a mental note to come back and check out the tunes again. Was I the only person on the planet who hadn’t got the memo ? I forgot all about it.
Ok, so a whole lot of words to basically get to this point.. I like to explain things.  What !
When I woke up this morning at 4.30am (pre-VBW insomnia), I needed things to do. I can’t even remember how I ended up buying some Disclosure tracks on iTunes but I did. I also realised that I had previously talked of The Disclosure Project on one of my shows, but these are not the same, 18 or 19 yr old brothers that everyone was raving about. So I wanted to point that out.
The main reason that I wanted to write this blog is that, when I eventually got around to finding Disclosure on Soundcloud, I was shocked at the amount of hits they have. These are clearly not false hits… you can see they have a massive following. I then looked them up on Facebook and they are all over Ibiza and recently played Space. I am definitely late to the party ! I’m not embarrassed by that but it does bring home just how much information is floating around out there. I’m shocked it took me this long to really “hear” them. Imagine how many other killer artists and tracks there are that we are all missing !!  Every day we are bombarded with YouTube links and Soundcloud pages, edits from this person, mash-ups from that person… I’m glad I don’t feel the need to be on point with everything, it could drive a man insane.
I think one thing that this does drive home is the fact that as we get older and get out less, we are moved less by music… sitting listening through our laptops or on our headphones while we are surrounded by paperwork just doesn’t bring the tracks to life like hearing them on a system. I think that’s why I feel so out of the loop. I miss the dance floor !
Anyway… maybe you’ve never heard of them either ? Maybe you’re shaking your head in disbelief and calling me a knob ?
Here is the important stuff !
Non DJs – find Disclosure on iTunes here (not best quality to play out but cheapest to purchase)
DJs – Find Disclosure on Traxsource here
Find Disclosure on Beatport here

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  1. Thanks for that Andy, great Music! And yes, we have to go out more and listen this wonderful music on a massive system! But it’s hard to find real good parties with a real good sound system and passionated DJs.

  2. I don’t think you’re that too far behind, they are still only really known in the club-verse. First time I even heard of them was roughly six months ago. Should be interesting to see if in the coming months they can maintain the innovation without replicating their current sound too much and stagnate. I’m rooting for the trend to become legend. We’re in for some changes soon either way.

  3. wow these guys sure have had alot of listens on their soundcloud page! thanks for the sharing, music is well produced for sure 🙂

  4. Hi Andy penny told me about this post of yours and I felt compelled to reply. Firstly I don’t think your late to the party I think your early reservations were correct as I’ve been following them from the start and it’s taken them a while to find there feet but there sound is fresh and polished and it’s going to be a challenge to keep it that way as well you know. They are a good few others that are coming through with disclosure though and keeping on top of them at the moment is a challenge but anything on 2 labels are smashing it for me at the moment Dirtybird records being the head and shoulders stand out label and BlackButter records have some stupid talent on there books. Disclosure, rudimental but a few of my favourites at the moment are Justin Jay, Justin Martin, Nick Monaco, James Talk,Shadow Child, and A1 Bassline.
    Just the right mix of fresh polished producing with that deep sound, rolling bass and slick vocals.
    The wealth of talent around at the moment is something that has been missing for a long time and Looking for it gives me that vibe you used to have spending all day in a record shop but without leaving your front room.
    It’s a good time for music.
    In my opinion anyway I don’t know what everyone else thinks.
    Keep up the good work Andy, and my love to the family.

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