Keyboard Warriors – You've got to love them !

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Keyboard Warriors – You've got to love them !

Featured photo taken from this wonderful blog about Keyboard Gangsters.
I had the most bizarre on-line exchange earlier today.
I received a Facebook message from my good mate Pugwash who was no doubt stirring the shit, ha ha.
“I think someone isn’t feeling you bruv…lol”
I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. He proceeded to tag me in a status update, as below. This was posted last night, 16th April. I apologise for the weird language.. It hurt my head too.

If you are fed up without they Fake Andy Ward Websites and Vocal Booth join me in producing a venue to support Authentic. DJ’S NOT A CONNECTION TO PROMOTE A (goes to new status) Conn to make profits for a private wanna be web site builder. You can build website for free contact me for the info – Joey

Weird !?
I knew this guy from seeing him in the Pressure Radio chat room in recent months, apparently he had become part of the furniture there now but as I no longer do my regular show and rarely have time to pass thru the chat room, I didn’t have the chance to get to know him. I spoke to him briefly in there a few weeks ago after I had heard he had a major heart attack.
I clicked on his profile to view his wall. He has 217 friends.  54 of them mutual. There was pending friend request from him. I have hundreds of pending friend requests. I added him and checked his wall. I saw this from 2 days ago.
Again, Weird !
I’ve been on Pressure Radio for almost 10 years now. I’ve not actually presented my regular show for several months. I don’t remember ever seeing him online when I had my show but if he is from the States then we probably kept missing each other. Shame that.
So, I sent him a couple of replies to his latest status, as well as copying links to my WardsWebsites on a couple of new status’ earlier today where he was asking if people had anything to promote. I’m kind like that. I gave him time to reply but to no avail, even though I saw him posting on other people’s walls etc.
I decided to message him…
It was interesting ! You’ll either “get” my tone or you won’t.
Joey1 Joey2 Joey4 Joey5 Joey6
The 15 track E.P I keep referring to something he is promoting on his wall. I bet it’s going to be fantastic. It’s a shame I’m not playing out anymore as I probably would have taken the roof off with it.
There is apparently a little more to this that I’ve been given the back story to but I can assure you, I have absolutely nothing at all to do with it.. so why I get dragged into it, I have no idea !!?? (He was singing the praises of Pressure weeks ago on his wall, now he has turned all his attention and promoting skills to a different station in Italy. Strange that, for someone in the U.S apparently).
I didn’t think twice about it at the time. Now, in hindsight, I wonder if it’s another “Kate-gate” i.e Catfish type affair and this is just some saddo. I never even bothered to check how big he was before blocking him but apparently there are NO photos of him on his profile. Probably not allowed due to his high security clearance and all that.  BTW – I purposely blocked out his name as I’d rather not give his ego any oxygen !
I just wanted to document this episode in case I suddenly disappear one night and no one hears from me ever again. Reminds me of the time that racist threatened me. He never did accept my invite for a beer at Vocal Booth.
You should read this blog about Cyber Bullies !


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