It's just not possible ! Is it ? The truth and lies surrounding 9/11

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It's just not possible ! Is it ? The truth and lies surrounding 9/11

I’ve had too much time on my hands these last two weeks, it just gets me into all kinds of mischief once my mind searches for things to keep it busy.
One of the positive outcomes of being in this state of mind is that I am more perceptive to things I usually wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to, the last two days have given me some really interesting material to digest thanks to this awareness.
If you follow my blog you’ll know about my occasional non-music related outburst, which could be anything from… well I can’t even think now but I’ve been known to chat some shit, let’s just say that.
Anyway, cut a long story short, yesterday on Facebook I read a story stating

Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers.

I then shared that story and it struck up a rather lively but civilised debate.

During the discussions, links were shared to two very interesting videos I hadn’t seen before and seeing as I had so much time on my hands I watched them. It’s a shame that there is over 2 hours of footage there because I know people are too lazy to commit to putting the effort in that’s required to sit and watch something that doesn’t involve blood, sex and tears (although one could argue this plot is better than any Hollywood blockbuster, and the money shot doesn’t come much bigger !)
Here is a copy of a further Facebook status earlier today in response to those videos.

Yesterday, without really paying too much mind but being careful not to say anything too inflammatory, I posted a link to a statement made regarding the Twin Towers atrocity on 9/11. It sparked up a great discussion which you can read on my wall if you wish. In it were two links to two further videos which throw up even more scientific evidence disputing the ‘official’ play of events that day. The first video mentions nothing about planes, government, religion, but simply asks “Where did the Towers go ?”. The second video looks at the planes a lot more closely. They are so unbelievable, it is hardly surprising that most people refuse to accept any of the scientific facts as remotely possible. I will post the videos in the comments if you want to see them. I’m on no mission to change anyone’s mind or offend anyone, I’m just sharing what I am glad to have seen. Before anyone decides to have a knee jerk answer talking about politics, race or religion, watch the videos and then make an INFORMED response.

*Change of direction* – I’m incorrectly assuming you’ve read my previous blogs about this I posted some time ago. Let’s start from the beginning.
If you have never seen it, I recommend you start off by watching the Loose Change documentary which I have inserted first. It is the first documentary on this subject I watched and could not believe it. Seriously, to repeat what I’ve stated, despite how it may seem I have zero interest in convincing anyone and am most definitely not on any mission to change the world. I just find the whole thing extremely stimulating !
After that video (and I’ve watched a fair few others too) is a talk that simply asks the question “Where did the Towers go ?” No talk about planes, terrorists, government… it simply questions what happened to the Towers.
The next video, which I was given a link to during Facebook discussions, suggests further that the planes were not those as officially reported, it even goes as far as to say holograms were used. That does take some believing but again, well worth a watch.
Finally, a great video which shows rational resistance to the many theories supposedly put forward as the official chain of events surrounding 9/11 and the final straw which made me blog about it all again.
Invest some time in these films. I’ll say no more ! Please don’t bother trying to argue any point if you can’t be bothered to watch at least one of the following videos !

CONCLUSIVE PROOF Morgan Reynolds The 911 Planes are FAKE Re-Mastered from NexusX22 on Vimeo.


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