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Jesus Loves Me

I had thought long and hard about some poetically written blog to share my experience of Saturday night in Portugal. Then I decided I couldn’t be arsed. I’ve just changed my mind again.
Basically, I was booked for this gig over 4 months ago by my friend/agent who had specific instructions, 12 months ago, to NEVER put me into any more events that were even SLIGHTLY commercial. He then got me a gig over there in a small club and it was PROPER deep.. it restored my faith in the scene.
Not long after that gig, he gave me another date for another club. This was months ago.
Alarm bells started ringing last week when I asked for links to flyers, website or Facebook event to promote on my wall. There were non. Always a bad sign ! I was then told, on Friday when I received my itinerary, to “play a bit more commercial”. I had 3 options…

  1. Cancel the gig. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, I don’t like letting people down. This decision had NOTHING to do with the fee.
  2. Load up my wallet with a bunch of music I detest in order to get a job done. Considering my recent blogs I think you know that wasn’t ever an option.
  3. Turn up and play music I want to play, regardless of the consequences.

Now… watch the video !!
For the back story on my love affair with Portugal.. you REALLY have to read this blog from the same time last year, it ALL makes sense then.

The moral of the story…

  • I’ll never take another booking from that guy.
  • I hope the video makes someone feel better when they have a shit gig
  • Jesus Loves Me !

Next up… Vocal Booth Weekender. That might be a little better !
By the way, I took this whole experience on the chin, played for an hour, packed my CDs away and went to have a drink with my driver and another friend in his lovely new bar. I wasn’t upset by the gig in the slightest because I knew exactly how it was going to go down !


  1. Andy Respect for persevering mate , just count the dollars . The sound system was shit that’s what the left ……lol. You made me smile over my breakfast in Ramsgate today, trust me I need a smile here… GILLMAN

  2. You should have finished your set with the specials…this place arrh arrh is nothing but a ghost town…LOL
    BTW, what is the track you started with?

  3. Ahhhh bro! Mr Belias alerted me to this today!
    Looking fwd to having ya back in Melbourne town soon and we do it proper!

  4. fuck me… you killed them …. literally….
    i love at 2.55 theres a bloke in a salmon tshirt… yawning…
    this has made my day… brilliant

  5. Hi Andy! Unfortunately is reality, or put shit sorry, commercial, or people will, unfortunately here in Valencia we have this and worse!, And the few professional djs each week there are very difficult punch in a pub or club.
    Do not worry, be happy.
    Thanks to you, we are fortunate to have the best Soulful festival in Spain, and that not everyone can say.
    A big hug! Because the vowel is short for weekender booth where you can enjoy as a child!!
    Sorry for my English, google translator can not ask for more…
    Hola andy!!!, por desgracia es la realidad, o pones mierda perdon, comercial, o la gente se va, aqui en valencia por desgracia tenemos esto y peor!!!, y los pocos djs profesionales que hay cada semana tienen muy dificil pinchar en un pub o club.
    No se preocupe, se feliz.
    Gracias a ti, tenemos la suerte de contar con el mejor festival de Soulful en España, y eso no lo puede decir todo el mundo.
    Un fuerte abrazo!!!, ya queda poco para la vocal booth weekender donde podras disfrutar como un niño!!!!
    Siento por mi ingles, traductor google no se puede pedir mas!!!

  6. hahaaa thats brilliant Andy.
    Love the old dude who just stands there and folds his arms.
    tbf though, that first track is a bit zzz 😉

  7. Well, you might have had a crap gig, but hey, this has at least brought laughter to the world, thanks to this video and your comments.
    All the best,
    the Inkfish guys

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