Jeff Jefferson & Andy Milford – Brum as F*ck

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Jeff Jefferson & Andy Milford – Brum as F*ck

Continuing in our series, celebrating everything the 2nd city has given us musically, we turn our attention to two lesser known DJs who have achieved some pretty impressive things down the years.

My relationship with each of these guys couldn’t be more different… I’ve known Jeff since I was 6 years old and yet I’ve only known Mr Milford 6 months. I am equally excited about reminding myself of Jeff’s story and hearing Andrew’s for the first time.


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[Music] do [Music] [Music] i can see myself i can see myself [Music] [Music] afternoon welcome along it is inspiring be inspired another weekly motivational conversation occasional life hacks uh we’re back after the summer last few weeks we’ve been streaming and today we’re giving you another in the series of brum as [ __ ] conversations uh new look to the studio different camera angles i’m going to be doing a few tweaks over the coming week or so when it’s all finished i’ll give you a little a showcase of all the changes that we’re doing just checking all of my levels since i’ve been rewiring and moving stuff about i think everything is great i’ve done a soundcheck with my guests and everything is rock and rolling i will say from the beginning as i always do if you’re with us live then do leave a comment you’ll see it pop up on the screen now it would be better if you’re watching us via the actual inspire and be inspired page rather than on my personal profile the reason for that is every time you like a comment or you share the stream wherever we get some sexy little graphics that come up it also does help the page get out to more people so maybe um have a look for inspire and be inspired and and head on over there all your comments will come up on the screen so uh be aware if you’re going to start insulting my guests we’re all going to read them and they’ll be able to check them back after good evening gary thank you for being here brother and i’ll say good evening to everybody else with me live and again to you checking out the recording uh my guests today are two gentlemen who couldn’t be uh further apart on the spectrum of uh how long i’ve known them mr jeff jefferson i’ve known since i was six seven years of age uh andrew milford i’ve known six or seven months so i am interested and excited to hear both of their stories and i’ll bring them both onto the screen now and say good afternoon gentlemen how are we going good afternoon andy and andy good afternoon good afternoon andy or good evening wherever you are in the world maybe good morning we need to start off by just uh stating some very obvious basic rules we’ll try out because there’s three of us we try our very best not to talk over each other i will hopefully be the one that’s heard the least on this evening’s conversation um i’ll put some questions to you guys and then i’ll keep my mouth shut we do want to make it as interactive as possible so every now and again i will draw a reference to the guys who are and the girls who are watching if they’ve got any comments and i’ll start off by saying we got justin bond with us who says hello so uh nice one justin jeff has been having a couple of internet issues so we’re going to do our best to soldier on through uh maybe everything will settle down uh by the time we get into this um so i think we’re just going to crack on a nice light-hearted conversation we’re going to be talking about the history of these two gentlemen they’ll be mentioning a lot of familiar clubs a lot of familiar names um i always say we’re not going to cover their life stories in this chat but we’re going to do our very best to paint uh an extremely vivid picture of why um two names who wouldn’t boast being the biggest on the club circuit but they’ve achieved some pretty incredible things um i think they’ll both won’t mind me saying so let me go first of all to the top i’m mr jeff jefferson good afternoon my friend how are you good afternoon and good afternoon everybody it’s tuning in how’s everybody are they all good everyone is good uh we got paul boots uh jumping on and saying good evening it was a pleasure to meet paul a few weeks ago at the hockley social um and justin barnes says have you not paid the bill again jeff so um i did start off by saying that i’ve known you since um i was six or seven years of age actually before we get into that uh because i don’t want him sitting there for hours andrew good evening sir how are you my friend i’m fine i’m fine thank you uh good evening to you and uh and to jeff i hope you well this evening what is it afternoon where you are uh well it’s 25 to 8 on the costa blanca the sun is still the sun is still high in the sky and it’s fairly warm so uh it’s it’s a lot cooler these last few days actually it’s been a ridiculous summer uh you’ve not had it too bad over there yourselves have you no we’ve been really lucky until the last two nights we’ve had two knots for thunderstorms which were um wet but beautiful right okay well let’s not get into that talking about the weather shall we right okay so i shall come to you very soon and i must remind myself to call you andy not andrew so uh jeff jefferson i did say at the top of the introduction that um i’ve known you since i was six or seven years of age and i’ll ask the question do you remember when i actually moved onto the estate or was it years later that you realized that we were friends i was going through like sort of like my memory banks and thinking when you said like six or seven and i was trying to think when we actually moved on to the veil and it was i think it was i just turned six years old so it would yeah i i think six sevens about right when we when we knew each other met each other because we were all hanging around together as kids were you know that’s right uh infant school we literally lived um adjacent adjacent rows of houses to each other on castlevale um i had to relocate from where i was living because i had a a car accident i broke my leg i was in a wheelchair and we moved into a ground floor house uh on the that’s why we moved to the vale and then i got to know yourself and your brother but that’s uh that’s a bit of a deeper conversation um let’s find out uh the year you were born first of all well uh it’s froze the yeah you were born 1969. yes so you are older than me so that that would definitely be right uh on the veil so you say you moved to castlevan where where did you grow up before then my father was in the british army so we used to move around i mean i lived in germany for a couple of years um and then we moved to nottingham for a couple of years and then my dad’s last posting because my dad was from birmingham uh he chose to come back to birmingham and i don’t know i never got sadly he’s passed away but i never got to ask him why we moved to castlevale because my dad’s not from castlevan i mean he went to school in birmingham king edwards grammar school so we relocated and just at the age of just turning five six it wasn’t that we really look at but you know when i asked my brother as well jaffa if people that know him and i look back now and think why did we ever move to the vale but now looking back on the great times that we had andy you know there’s kids knocking around me you the hindsies tippo cheslin and checky you remember yeah um i don’t know if i’m going to be able to sit and listen to you breaking up like that you do he’s really quite bad he needs to really really really good fun breaking up a little bit here uh right let’s see let’s see if it settles down mr milford let me come to you um what you were you born you’re only you’re only a few months behind me i believe you were born 1973 okay i know a few years it’s it’s mental because i still feel like i’m 50 i i was i just turned 52 so i’ve got a couple of years on you um so back to you 73 where were you where were you uh where did you grow up so you know what’s what’s really interesting and jeff already knows this because we discussed it the other night i actually used to live on castlevale as well um so yeah so my family uh moved on to castlevale when my mom they were on chelmsley wood they came onto castlevale i was only about four years old when we moved away from castlevale so we moved uh we moved over to tamworth but uh you know if we wouldn’t have moved it’s quite possible that we would have grew up together sniffing glue okay so you you mentioned tamworth uh that’s where you um that’s where you would have spent your formative years now because there’s the three of us talking i i don’t think we can get into too much of a deep um talk about our early childhoods and whatever so let’s get straight to the the crooks the important stuff uh even though you’re a couple of years younger than than us you still would have gone through the same era the exact same era of the um soul music and the emergence of hip-hop and break dancing that must have been huge for you right yeah i think so you know for me it was um obviously a lot of my friends are older i’ve got a brother that’s the same age as jeff northern seoul was um was a bit of an entry point for music for me and it kind of went northern seoul uh into kind of electro bright dance and stuff like that so it’s kind of you know obviously um you know you you it was believe it or not a lot of the families have moved to where i was in tamworth it was quite diverse so you had a lot of different kind of um inputs into the community as far as music so it was quite of uh a lot of families you know still over birmingham we got into the electorate so i went from northern seoul electro hip hop acid house house house again yeah the same story as pretty much all of us yeah um early early doors were you again same same story for many people you must have been buying by music early on because it was uh it was what identified us all right yeah absolutely i you know obviously having an older brother that was like fanatic about northern seoul and stuff like that i was kind of you know pulling onto these coattails and getting into the record shops digging in the crates and kind of just really enjoying the search for records and it was to say i think my collection really started with electro so i’ve got most of the electoral albums um and it was just you know just kind of went from there then it just become an obsession a vinyl obsession that’s been with me ever since beautiful jeff it’s funny because it would be years years later that uh you know our paths would cross on the music scene because we didn’t really grow up together as music fanatics but what i don’t recall us being music fanatics together and yet at the same time you must have yourself been heavily into the music right yeah and at a really early age from being a drummer in a band actually and um collecting records ever since i was what 12 years old going to um i’ll tell you a funny story and you remember carrefour don’t you the supermarket demanded yeah just off the veil even i remember car fall yeah and going there and i remember my mom remember the car for you my mom entering this um music quiz on a panel which she knew absolutely nothing about music anyway the team there was like four ladies the team actually won and she got a voucher to spend so she knew i was collecting records so she gave me this voucher i remember i bought a seven inch of prince charming adam and yance because i’m i’m an old i mean a lot of people don’t know this in my history but i am an old punk and rock fan before i was even into sort of like um the acid house music and sort of like the rare group stuff so because i was a drummer you know i was collecting punk music and rock music and playing that and it was only the later years you know uh in the teen years when you know the rave culture started to come around and we were listening to pirate radio station when i was collecting sort of like the stuff on network records and and going out and just exploring and spending all my pocket money on records yeah wonderful uh that’s uh again despite knowing you for so long the whole the drummer story is something that had completely escaped me passed me by um we got more people joining us good evening everyone thank you for passing through um okay so you you talk about your your teen years um a conversation when we get the when we get your internet sorted i want to have just a one on one you and i jeff because there’s lots of things about the vow that we can talk about uh reminisce but that’s a completely different a different story yeah tell us uh briefly your um your background your uh what’s the word your heritage yeah so i’ll simulate father born and bred in birmingham i’m a late mother from malaysia so my dad met my mom while my dad was serving out in malaysia during the malay emergency uh they obviously met my mum got married over there and then brought my mom back to back to uh uk uh back to beeston because i was actually born in birmingham um i was actually born in uh banbury in oxford okay i’m bored in raf cosford so obviously you know we we moved to birmingham you know when i was at the age of five uh obviously you know my dad left the british army after 20 years he was um he did his national service uh around there so yeah so very much i’m always moving around you know a couple of months here and you know six months here six months there moving to germany around germany then settling back to uk and then setting him down in birmingham cool so uh andy tamworth i have fun memories of venturing venturing to tamworth because it wasn’t too far after about now you have to excuse my ignorance is tamworth part of uh litchfield or is litchfield the town next to time wherefore because tamworth is in birmingham is it no but as i keep reminding people from tamworth it soon will be so yeah we invaded the town in the early 70s and we’re slowly taking over but now i would say um this is going to make me really unpopular thomas probably the poor relation of litchfield leechfield is a city with a beautiful cathedral um we’ve um we’ve got somewhere tamworth’s got a broken down shopping center yeah he’s got a broken down shopping center and he’s got his big metal shed with the snow dome he’s got the snow dome yeah i live right by it actually it’s uh it’s great fun met loads of celebrities in the early 90s it was the only one in europe but that’s a really boring story [Laughter] it’s quite green all around by the snow damn if i remember we used to use the head up there a lot of rolling fields and stuff yeah i mean thomas thomas lovely you know just in terms of you know lots of countryside and stuff like that especially if you’re a dog owner like me it’s kind of it it’s a nice place to grow up to be honest with you um but you know again something that probably drove me to find more creative pursuits was it’s you know and you know a lot of my friends in tamif will forgive me for saying this it’s a bit of a cultural void at times um so you know people are kind of intellectually curious and wanting to look for other things you know we naturally came quite nomadic all of us you know from the rave days where we travel all around the country to club into record buying it was you know i’ve always been you know even birmingham you know we’ll go on to talk about some of the clubs that are dj within stuff like that i was never just solely going clubbing in birmingham so it kind of i think just going back to the fact that you know living in a town like tamworth which is kind of like this small enclave just north east of birmingham kind of makes you quite adventurous okay yeah so uh the name of significant moments in your uh in your journey that you you can think of let’s skip forward to maybe the birth of the the acid house and 1718 when you would have you would have gone somewhere and had like a pivotal moment um i’ll give you two things one of them neither of them are at clubs although you know clubs came later the first one honestly um i was a bit of a tear away when i was a kid as well as we all and um youth club you know is where i first got involved with it was like oi come over here have a look at this there was a guy that used to build sound systems in the youth but my dad was an electrical engineer so i started an interest in that around 12 13 years where i was actually getting involved in building sound systems um so just in terms of the entry point into kind of music and stuff like that it came not from the actual music to begin with it came from kind of the equipment side um and then i’d say the second one was listening to john peel and pirate radio station so pcrl you know back in the day i used to listen to that quite you know quite a lot but john peele especially um i i used to stay up and watch uh mike tyson fights you know mid mid 80s honestly this is going somewhere um mid 80s i used to stay up and watch mike tyson fights and it was it was a real treat because my dad would have work in the morning so he didn’t want to stay up and and watch them so he used to give me this little portable black and white tv that i’d he’d bring it up to my bedroom it would feel like a real treat to have he’s felt special having a tv in your room i mean it’s kind of you know the norm these days for kids but whilst that was on i’ve been listening to the radio as well so i’d listen late into the night and it was john peele’s show so john peel used to dust obviously in between the punk and the indie stuff and that he played the odd weird electro or electronic music that i didn’t quite know how to articulate what it was yet i was just learning it and hearing it for the first time and i heard a track um by a gentleman called armando gallup called land of confusion uh it was like mid-1987 and that was it man there was there was absolutely no turning back from that that was my entry point into acid house and from that really without ever it was a couple of years before i went to a club i’d just become really fanatical about it um a friend over of mine over in birmingham he suggested that i go to a record shop called summit records in birmingham which for a small fat ginger lad with freckles it was a daunting task walking through and through that um hairdressers uh and into that and and and with you know uh my voice hadn’t broken yet asking for the latest up from acid house um but but i did and it was kind of like you know this this was the track this was the trap that started it all for me um armando uh lander confusion which you know it’s a very stripped back um minimal acid house track that’s quite you know it’s got the repetitive beats but that was it for me and i’ve always you know i’ve followed on i’ve always been into deep deeper house kind of like more minimal styles of house um and you know that that was it um that was my entry point before i even got to a club that was later right uh and jeff yourself getting getting into clubs did you start off like many of us going to the powerhouse and stuff like that or was it a little bit late yeah going to things with you as well coast to coast well early days powerhouse powerhouse first ever time i went to powerhouse to watch a punk band called stiff little fingers which my mates actually sneaked me through the back door because it wasn’t old enough and then obviously the days of uh like i never say you know the private radio stations listening to um star night fm you know going to uh coast to coast as well and i think we went we must have gone a few times andy but i just for life and we can’t remember when because me and jeffrey used to follow mickey finn around the country and go and watch him and go and see early carl cox and you know all those old rave djs um but it was for me was that yeah the pirate radio stations and my dad had this little one uh with a tiny little microphone on the stand and um what he used to do is tune into the radio unlike starlight fm and pcrl and then press record on the tape so i’ve got tapes and there’s a round somewhere and i think my brother jeff has got a few a few right tapes and i’m sure he’s got some of you as well andy somewhere in the archives wow wow off of the pirate of pirate shows or yeah yeah because i ended up doing pirate not with you but i ended doing pirate radio with patrick smooth and then i don’t know if you ever did the one that was on the lindhurst estate in erdington i don’t know mate my my memory of all those days is so terrible it’s uh that’s that’s the whole reason why i started doing these conversations basically just to try and remind myself of what we got up to because i yeah i know memories yeah yeah it’s it’s insane uh peter holston uh off the veil he says there’s one of these a drummer that went to castlevale comp by any chance so uh shout out i was the drummer in the school band and he’s actually commented on a facebook group that you’re on andy the castlevale one yeah i’ve recently joined so yes i was that said drummer in the school band and then making lots of noise uh in my mom and dad’s garage during school holidays with my band right okay so these are quite in-depth uh stories that uh we need to cover it’s getting warm in here let me put my air conditioning on um [Music] andrew i know yeah it’s a bit one it’s a bit warmer there uh the first opportunity that you would have got from going to the clubs and buying the vinyl when did the opportunity arise uh andy for you to start sharing this music um actually in a club actually in birmingham um um i’ve got to shout out jockly massively on this um i uh obviously it was just many years later it was like post rival i used to do some warm-up gigs um at raves um but i kind of used to i wouldn’t say you know i used to enjoy that more than kind of like relish into the art form of dj that um but let’s just gloss over that and just go straight to probably um probably about 90 to 93. it was kind of post-rave i’d kind of ended 91-92 right i was done with rave it was kind of you know do i be sorry to cut you off do i recall you saying you actually organized some parties oh yeah i mean um so obviously i built i built a sound system um when i was about 15 years old with one of my friends who was a lot older i actually built some turntables so it’s kind of you know we couldn’t afford technics turntable so um obviously i knew a little bit about electronics back then and um we bought some really um crappy old uh panasonic uh turntables and i was able to kind of put variable resistors in it so we was able to mix i mean it’s like mixing was um no one used to mix man it was just kind of like people just used to chop in the hip-hop djs used to just cut the crossfade and stuff like that but i really love the mix no one i’d never actually heard anyone mix before but i read about it that it was like you know the the kind of uh interpolation of the beats you know matching the beats so i really wanted to learn that so i got two copies of the soundtrack i can’t remember where it was and i managed to put these um from radio shack these little wheel variable resistors that i put in between the 33 and 44 45 switch i built them and then we put that together with a sound system and we went out and we did parties like you know when i was 15 16 the guy i was hanging around with the timers in his 20s he was older he was able to secure the gigs and you know we we put on what he some might consider in his contested the first ever acid house party in tamworth um which was great which basically comprised of this really bassy sound system one strobe light and a smoke machine and obviously we were i mean i’ll do i’ll do another cheesy link this was the biggest tune of the night um silver bullet bring forth the guillotine so that was that was that was one of the tunes that we uh it was absolutely he was it was pretty hardcore affair there was no no kind of you know i’d like to say it was a balearic dream and that we were playing don carlos and things like that but it was pretty hardcore um and stuff like that and it was you know it was there was a lot of a lot of things going on um that were kind of you know discovering the magic of you know being an adult let’s say um but yeah and then obviously you know later on you know through the rave scene um i did some some work we’ve seen sound systems i’ve got some warm-up gigs you know used to go to the eclipse in coventry i went to coast i never dj’d at coast to coast i dj’d at the eclipse um we just got shelley’s um you know we i mean even early doors um we went up to uh quadrant park in liverpool um and all these kinds of things you know as i say i was saying we were tories we were touring the round and going to all these different places so as i say it was he was a mixture of djing and sound systems that i was fanatical about at the time um but it wasn’t later on really until i got a really decent break and that was through jock well you mentioned jack uh a young gentleman passes through and says yes yes you are lee fisher sounds familiar [Music] also we had colin curtis passing through earlier uh saying we got to blame neil rushdown for network records colin if you’re still watching uh honor to have you with us my friend uh and emily and justin and sherry is also commenting so uh good evening everybody uh okay so where where does the story take us um we we all followed the same path in in and around birmingham jeff i’m interested to find out how you actually yourself got into the music because i’m not ashamed to say completely not ashamed to say i can i can’t remember the the point where i realized you were a dj or you know when we were going out to the parties and whatever so you know jog my memory on all of that yeah i mean i came sort of pretty late as a dj onto the scene but i was already on the scene but not as a dj and and obviously moving around [Music] got me start to doing a couple of parties there then it was only really when i came back to birmingham and then hooking up with uh pete gooding steve lawler matt booker who used to work at global grooves for pears and and mark and adam and barney and i think my first proper birmingham gig was toots at the old liberties but then after that i was doing key largo with that was like 96 97 where you used to do a sunday night when you were on choice fm you in school i used to come across didn’t you on a on a sunday was it on a sunday and then bringing something like more i wouldn’t say mainstream house music but obviously there’s the more funkier side that me and nick gillick used to play at uh key largo yeah and and then and so basically i’d worked in a couple of record shops uh vinyl matters i did a couple of shifts at depot records with jim and the boys um obviously global grooves was my first ever you know record shop of working you know it’s see i completely forgot that you worked it and he knows himself because yeah completely i completely forgot that you were there so it was the case of you know it was like a pulling of shifts on a on earth on a saturday morning who was going to open up because obviously i was doing my thing at toots with matt booker steve lawler was doing his thing beat gooding said it was like okay well who’s in and around birmingham and playing that we could give the keys to to open the shop in there on the saturday morning i was a late comer on the scene of birmingham but not as a late camera as a dj as such because i while i was in the british army i was playing at raves over in germany right where jaffa my brother was emceeing because he used the mnc for a group called terrorized back in the day bad i saw it’s all uh enlightening fully free enlightening and piecing it all together uh so uh andy jeff mentioned a lot of those record stores there and a lot of those venues uh i do know that you yourself actually transitioned out of birmingham at some point how does that fit with your timeline yeah so i um oh it was quite a few years later but it’s yeah the record stores yeah pure records um big shout out lee fisher i know i’m sorry was watching earlier um so yeah pure records don christie was a big record store for me in birmingham by the way um you know it was kind of important um i think as important as summit records i think i used to kind of flip-flop between the two and just to mention record stores but uh as i say i i think you know throughout the 90s i used to be my first dj residency was me jock lee um i i have to tell you this about jock because i’ve got so much love respect and admiration for that for that man um he’d never met me before and i was kind of like you know 18 19 or something like that i’d come out the rave rings i’d had enough for that scene um and i came over and i just started kind of you know talking to him about the music he was playing um and he went oh look you know i’ve got a nick to the loo he says you know you just told me a dj can you hold a few tracks together for me okay i will do and um anyway jack would seem to be gone for a while and obviously i was enjoying that that was fantastic and he was standing at the bar listening to me that he never met me before in his life listen to me deejay dejan you come over and he says if you got these kinds of records at home and i was like yeah and he says we’ll bring him next week and that was it i dj’d with him every week at the institute and he didn’t know me from adam you know he didn’t have to do that you know and you know i always um i think although i was involved earlier on and stuff like that in house music i really believe that that was my my start and i can never thank jacqueline enough for that amazing amazing i i probably would have been there at some of those parties as well so it was a pandemic it was the pandemonium um stuff it was the type of pneumonia wasn’t it yeah pandemonium yeah and i did some of the other bits with him as well but um yeah i think my transition out of the midlands completely began in 2003 i was 31 years old and a friend of mine owned a bar in tamworth called bullet and mr paul brindley brynna bringley um good friend of mine um he owned bar um he asked me to come to resident dj because i was kind of like playing some kind of more more chilled stuff at that time and he he got in touch with some be a brand called corona um that i thought corona was a pup that we used to have when we were kids exactly yeah let’s get let’s get physical um like you know so i kind of you know okay this is oh yeah it’s from mexico and now these are quite cool t-shirts and i was like if i come in dj in this because he wants me into their dj competition i was on 31.31 can you imagine i still thought i thought i was really old at 30. could you imagine um i said can i get one of those t-shirts i says i’ll come and dj for you if i can get my nose too because it was it was a cool t-shirt anyway i entered this dj competition in quite a blasey fashion and um i ended up winning the regional uh competition um and anyway i got through to the national final which was in manchester a club called lucid in manchester and one of the celebrity judges was jordan uh the model um katie price which was interesting um and and anyway short story i won i won the uk final and i was congratulated off stage by kevin webster of coronation street i’ll tell you what i i i and then i got through to the global final so i went to the world final and i was like come on what’s this this is crazy i was no way i’m going to win the world final anyway a friend of mine he was he got to the semi-finals of the uk turntablist dmc competitions and i says come on let’s let’s do some stuff show me some tricks i know i’m playing a house format but let’s put a little something into this performance just to kind of make it a little bit different to everyone else so you know bit bit of kind of rhythm scratching a little bit of beat juggling and stuff like that i took i took that to the final um it was in a club in madrid called teatro capital and i was the last dj on i thought i’d [ __ ] it um it was kind of guy reguetta was kind of standing next to me ready to go on um anyway i won the world final um of the dj competition and then obviously they asked me to go around the world djing for them um at all their corona parties around the world so obviously i spent a lot of time in mexico italy france germany you name it i was kind of on this on this whole kind of whirlwind of a of a of a tour um after a year’s time obviously came up for the next year’s competition to and to get somebody new in um and i got talking to uh the boss of corona at the time a mexican gentleman called angel garcia gomez he was very flamboyant mexican guy who was ace um and he kind of i’ve been going to some of their other parties and he asked me what my opinion of with these parties were and i said look you know you know i’m going back to my old job i’m going to you know this is this is roads come to an end i said i’ve got to be honest you angel your your parties are [ __ ] you’re going to say that and he says well okay well do you think you could do better and i went well you know i’ve organised a few in the past give me a go and we’ll do it so i started organizing some in the uk i’ve got to be honest with you i’m not gonna stand here and blow my own trump here i was i didn’t have much to make much effort to impress because the bar was set very low at the time that parties were awful it was kind of almost like an instant success and it was kind of you know it was like i was doing voodoo or something and these parties start to be really really good anyway i was doing that for a year um managed to catch the oil let me put a time let me put a time stamp on this 2 34 2005. yeah 2004 2005. i managed to get the eye of um the european the head of corona for europe and the global bus then they asked me to start looking after the events in europe so that that was really cool and then that opened me up as kind of you know working on the brand and i started working with ministry of sound um so i did um uh the sessions tour with ministry of sound we had we had some fantastic you know dj sneak fetty legrand when he first broke um and stuff like that and we were doing these amazing things i did a lot of stuff down at the actual miniature actually used to dj i’ve managed to squeeze myself for slot at the ministry of sound once a month which was which was quite cool and i did that i did that for many many years and then through kind of just natural osmosis i ended up getting involved in the business end of the brand and i ended up becoming the brand manager he then got bought by budweiser i ended up working for budweiser and they asked me to come up with a music program um that would help you know the brand be a little bit more credible so i i kind of met up with the guys from the new york office and we kind of went we went out to ibiza for two weeks and we just sketched together this plan and we came up with um something called corona sunsets which was it was it was a global festival tour that we created it wasn’t just a matter of just putting music on there was a whole concept beyond it that was kind of around the kind of ritual of sunset and what that does to you spiritually and you know we worked with some really great designers and we created this amazing music stage that we toured globally we did it on tulum beach in mexico and we took it to canada we took it all around europe um you know and then obviously we brought it home we ended up doing it on the thames just outside a place called meridian key just outside the o2 arena we managed to you know get that away and then we did various small tours and then i started working with board masters i started working with love bucks and i really got into the realms of kind of getting involved in the programming of the dj’s so it was kind of like a who’s who of you know who do you want to dj with marshall jefferson i got in there we even got jazzy jeff norman jay you name it i could reel off justice who’s who um and it was kind of then towards the end of that journey i met phil gifford um who you know we’ve become quite close just friends uh said hello uh yeah good evening sir yeah so i met i met phil and um obviously we hit it off i call him the chef and then let me let me pause you let me pause you there if i may um because that is an incredible and incredible journey so far up until that point um you’ve completely shocked me i mean i was you know i don’t think it’s unfair to say i was most impressed by the kevin webster and jordan part of the story that really doesn’t sit high enough in the bio you need to rewrite that um but we’re going to come back to you through all of that jeff we’ve been listening to that i know also yourself um got involved on the uh dj and promotions traveling side of things so um because i don’t want to get too far ahead and bring it straight back to yourself tell us how you got involved with money pennies and you started um being quite heavily involved with their branding and their management yes so um being i mean i’ve known that i’ve known the lads for a long long time obviously through through the depot through the clothing uh you know going to some of their boat parties and it was a good friend of mine colin that’s um that was working in town uh my brother jaffa was the security guard at the place the solicitors i used to knock around with them um i gave colin colin said you know why don’t you just give the boys a tape because they’ve never heard me before colin gave them the tape they put me on a couple of times uh money pennies and then just started to um get more and more involved with them get involved more with jim and uh becoming um one of their their main touring residents with you know the likes of ken fan and neil navarro as well and i’m just saying going back to andy i’d saw the flyer somewhere with your name on andy at buns and i’m and i think it had and it was andy milford corona what’s it worth dj thing i don’t know if you ever remember that um yeah yeah so getting involved with those the money punish which i’m really grateful for and and you know obviously money pennies um i was going to their events in ibiza at pasha in 1995 i think they started there and they did a couple of seasons there then they moved to el dorino so by the time you know they’ve moved to el devin i was pretty much getting my foot in the door with jim and the boys and and getting on the tours and everything uh playing over there and then doing a lot of tours with with jim and then later on down the line uh working actually with jim on the actual label and becoming the label manager and putting out the compilations uh you know signing records with with witching putting out mixes and doing radio shows yeah and that would have been taking you to the back end of the 2000s that’s right 2000’s but but also then i mean um i was a resident at a night called in bed bridge space and that would have been 2007. yeah 2007 because i was also assigned to a company called the mine group from germany that used to look after money penny’s tours in europe all around europe so i was um one of the residents there with jonathan ulysses and neil navarro uh bushwacker played so i did that for um i was telling you about i think it’s about two seasons in bed with space so i was pretty much you know doing other things as well as doing money pennies i would add gigs um through m two s as well whereas to liverpool manchester but the majority of the gigs and the tours were money pennies but you know traveling all across the world you know from colombia to dubai with gym and to moscow and pretty much being one of their main touring residents okay so very briefly um you can answer this as in depth or skirt over it to your um to your own desire how involved were you getting with regards to the party and then the touring did it play a toll on you or were you uh were you keeping yourself uh focused on what you were doing it was it was a bit of both um partying was very much hard especially the you know the early el dorino days that i was doing you know me and jim would fly over on a thursday you know we go end up somewhere in pasha on a thursday having our party on the friday finishing the party at six seven o’clock in the morning at el dovino hanging around you know with the other djs outside the little coffee shop just home from pasha and then jumping back on the plane back to birmingham and either me and jim you know jim would probably be in manchester i’ll probably be in scotland or down in london or liverpool so yeah um i was partying partying hard then but partying hard as where i knew i had to cut off because you know what it’s like when you’re touring and you’re meeting new people you’re at a new destination and obviously when the gig is finishing people like to go come on let’s go to an after party and yeah and then you’re being stuck in the middle of nowhere where the promoter is not you know you’ve got no numbers you’ve got no taxi numbers and you’re thinking right i need to get on a flight in the morning how the hell am i gonna actually get back to my hotel and it has happened to me once or twice and when i’ve been in limbo thinking you know you’ve got the beer sweats and and how the hell am i going to get back but i managed to get back and then never never missed a flight that’s it that’s one one thing that i must say i was i never missed a flight from any any gig to and from well i’m gonna i’m gonna be bringing uh jim back on at some point we’re gonna we covered um we actually spoke at length about the history of birmingham we never really got the full money penny story so i am going to uh get that from jim at some point and he can tell us uh we’re not talking about them now but we’re gonna talk about some of those legendary villa parties at the owner’s place um but that’s that’s a that’s a story for a different stream so uh andrew you did mention yourself uh early doors about being uh you know wide-eyed in essence along the the clubbing journey uh you obviously seem very switched on you you were very focused yourself very professional that brought you um your journey along and we got up to the point where you were talking about you met up with phil so how does the story continue yeah so it’s kind of you know um i met with phil just before just before lockdown really um i’ve been doing i’d you know i’d i’ve been pretty much into kind of like really new house music um you know so sorry sorry to interrupt you because you’re both from tamara if you you hadn’t known him from early doors and then you just rekindled the relationship or you literally met him for the first time i i mean we’ve probably been passing acquaintances but we really didn’t know each other and you know phil left tamworth you know when he was 16 i believe um and he um you know he’s a little bit older than me so there’s no way i would have known him obviously you know i knew i’ll fill with wobble and stuff like that and we know all the same people but we never really knew each other personally um and it was you know i i think you know i was getting to a point where we’ve um with corona sunset so i was doing this board masters thing and i just wanted to bring a bit of um people i knew um djs i respected on to the stage so i had books jock um um i booked a friend of mine very dear friend of mine uh dean brakewell of a sound collective called the easy life sans association and then i saw phil out and i booked phil i found feeling big but dining club and kind of went up to him i think at first he thought i was talking [ __ ] you know so you know i was coming up with all these yes i’m a big festival promoter organized festivals and he i think he thought who the [ __ ] is this guy you know he you know he you know probably to someone who’d never met before some of the things that i was saying and some of the things to do you know i don’t look like a seasoned kind of festival organizer in hindsight in hindsight where you would you say you’re a little over enthusiastic no no not at all because i’m i don’t i don’t i don’t massage people’s egos you know i am where i am so it’s kind of i just i just kind of like you know i wanted jack there and you know and i wanted i wanted phil to play there as well because i really wanted that moment where it was jock filled me that whole birmingham thing and you know we had a really good lineup but unfortunately uh disaster struck i built the most beautiful stage i used to move down to cornwall like two or three weeks in advance and i’d be there to oversee the complete build i think you know what what jeff was saying about partying and stuff like that i missed out on that a lot because i’m just obsessive about getting it right it was just i’m involved in every part of the build the construction putting it together that just you know the lineup the sound i’m getting there for soundcheck at ten o’clock nine o’clock in the morning even if i don’t sleep it’s really important because you know i really care about the art form i really care about the craft and i wanted it to be right anyway i put a lot of love into that stage at boardmasters it was all handcrafted from wood and we created these beautiful sculptures of griffins and sounds quite anal but it was [ __ ] beautiful um and um anyway literally this festival we’d sign the stage off i’d walked around it we checked it six literally six hours before the festival was due to start um uh there was a weather warning of a hurricane coming in off the atlantic and they cancelled the [ __ ] festival there was 50 000 people on the on the festival i remember seeing i remember seeing the news reports about that yeah there was 50 000 people on the on the festival campsite and they cancelled the festival i’ve got to say that is the most disappointing moment of my entire life um but it you know it was it was you know i think that was the end of it for me i was kind of you know i never went back there again that was it for me and then i started working on some other stuff with budweiser i bought filling me and phil um obviously phil you know phil forgave me for that um very graciously and um you know as well as many others and you know we struck up a really good you know friendship and then obviously i didn’t see him again for a while because i started working for budweiser i started working on the premier league um i started work on the fa cup and i started working on wimbledon so i was working on on managing those partnerships for budweiser um but then during lockdown um i do this this thing once a year in tamworth just a bit of a get together called the social um and we took that to online and um i i i literally i decided to take redundancy from budweiser at the time which was like massive i haven’t been out of work since i was 16 years old and i decided to do a series of podcasts working with a very important charity in tamworth called tamworth well-being and cancer support center um because you know there was a couple of you know family of mine and friends of mine were really suffering at the time it was we was able to kind of do two things we was able to raise money for for that charity um but also as well we were able to kind of during quite the early dark times of lockdown we were able to provide a bit of a campfire for everyone to gather around in their own homes and talk to i know lots of other people do it i mean a good friend of mine yantz uh greater exit he did the same with um with his thing but i i started working um on that concept with wobble and with phil and we actually the first event i think we did together was a socially distanced party in dead wax um it was you know we called it a sit down rave um let me tell you there was one doorman in there trying to keep people sat down when we were [ __ ] playing bangers and this diamond he was just like in the end everyone was hugging him he became a hero at the end this door i remember seeing phil’s socials in the run-up to the event and during the event as well phil’s actually just popped up and he said uh for the timeline you played for wobble the november before lockdown that’s where you really connected uh with us live as you can tell guys i’m just sitting allowing the guys to uh talk welcome jeffer good to have you here my friend it’s been a long time uh and also nadine says uh the socials kept us alive due in lockdown shout out to you nadine um yeah okay so uh yeah we we we’ll come back to you we got ahead of ourselves then um let’s talk to jeff and how how did it come about that you um decided to up sticks and completely leave the uk behind for for a while yeah yeah it’s seven years actually i was away uh obstics moved to malaysia um and the story goes and so it was my niece’s wedding my father was still around at the time and he was over in malaysia so i’d gone over there for three months obviously for my niece’s wedding who i you know i hadn’t met before a lot of the family in malaysia as well so i’ve got a huge family in malaysia and i haven’t told that you know i don’t know i’ll tell the the viewers this and everything i’m actually i think you know andy that i’m related to royalty over there through my lecture my late mother uh my late mother’s a was a princess over in malaysia so i’ve got um a huge huge family over there so i went over there for three months to go and meet a lot of my uncles and aunties and nieces nephews that i’ve never met before go to the wedding and everything and um i started doing a few little little guest dj uh slotted a few bars and things like that and there’s a guy called slyantro he used to work at bcm in york and he was living over there and he calls me up one day out of blue and says um have you got any gigs on new year’s eve now i was only doing this i was like no not really because i’m i was just finding my feet in malaysia and getting to know people in within the music scene in malaysia so he said i’ve got this gig for you a place called mourinho’s on 57 no mourinho’s on 57 is one of the highest rooftop bars in malaysia it’s situated on top of the petronas headquarters and right next to the the uh the twin talents have shown us travis terrace so he said to me um well they’re looking for an international dj because they’ve been let down for new year’s eve i was like yeah okay then got paid a lot of money for it you know got put up in a nice hotel and the gig was absolutely fantastic i’d only ever visited the the venue once with my nephew so i got that um i got that gig locked down a couple of days later i was talking to the business development manager who called me in and said look um we’ve got this job that has just come up as a music director what was a group music director because mourinho’s had a a couple of other venues they had like a steakhouse that was opening and they had a few more you know some other little bar restaurants dotted around so i said so what’s entail well programming the music curating the sound you know not necessarily djing in all the venues but putting together playlists for the restaurant and things like that and i thought yeah that’s so good so go back to my dad say dad you know i might you know does this job come up and he said well have you got your cv with you i said yeah i’ve got it on my laptop he said well there’s no harm in you just giving uh this your cv and see what comes to it now i think but that my dad always wanted me to sort of like connect reconnect with my family and everything in malaysia and hopefully stay out there which i did so obviously gave him my cv the next day i get a phone call do you want to sign the contract and i did that for um i was a music director for like five years so five years of that um doing events for those we did huge events car launches watch launches fashion shows and then i was involved with a series of parties that were called sunset errors so rewind before i even signed the contract mourinho’s the uh ginny the music the business development manager and the marketing manager said to me look we’ve got this series of parties called sunset arrows we want to put out some albums for the venue i was like okay we want and we us they said to me well you know do you know jose padilla we want him to be the first one and fully enough phil um so pete gooding was actually managing um jose at the time god rest his soul with his secret life music with phil through phil dougherty so what what better way to reconnect with pete and phil and put this project to them so we ended up doing three albums for three years launching them all in ibiza the first one was with jose padilla second one was with chris coco and steve miller which was afterlife and then the third one uh was simon mills from the old group called bent and so doing those parties going out to aretha um i left there after five years then went to go and work for another mate of mine um doing sound systems and club installs and then we actually uh a year or two down the line we actually got a job off my xbox to install tvs dj consoles and uh lighting rigs for his new venue right and then it came back around that you started promoting then and bringing uh more yeah you had the hookups to get more people in more parties so that other uh it was it was called it’s all about house music was the series that we’re doing so what we wanted to do as they basically gave myself ana and ginny the business development manager the reigns of programming music so programming music for malaysia’s national day medica which is just gone um the motor gp weekend um the malaysian grand prix which suddenly isn’t there anymore um christmas uh new year’s basically so we put in this um this series of parties it’s all about house music where we did chicago we did new york we did uk we did ibiza so we bought the likes of um danny ramplin in um germany negro lost uh dave lee and then from the states roger sanchez david morales we brought in finally jack master fong marshall jefferson simon dunmore did a defective one with us for the moto gp rob raw from a betha ken fan yeah all those guys steve silk early was a good one as well obviously jose madeira to launch the albums and all the guys that did the albums curated the albums forum for us uh we brought him to do the launch of those parties as well so for me it was it was a great time for me doing that in malaysia because i was pretty much i mean i wasn’t i’d say i wasn’t i was an outsider but being half malay i wasn’t in respect you know so you know i used to get some odd comments from some of the the djs that were out there going you know oh my god who’s this guy that’s just you know steps on our doorstep but yet he’s bringing in all these massive fantastic names but because i had a relationship with a lot of them through being with money pennies and being with jim and the guys and getting to know them and the bookings and everything i had that relationship with them i had the relationship with their managers other relationship with their booking agents so it was the case of you know marshall i’ve got this for you well your brother your brother’s just saying he didn’t bring you though andy but we won’t talk about that we won’t talk about that i’m not bitter i’m not bitter at all um [Music] all right so malaysia was a good one for me because it was bringing house music legends over to asia where a lot of people um don’t usually travel you know a lot of i love dj friends that are over in malaysia do go to a beta in europe and go and see other people but for me to for us to do that was like it was for me it was a real honor because not one that i knew them as djs and friends that i had the opportunity to give people in malaysia and put on some really good quality house music nights and you know the education basically yeah that’s where or seen on the internet to give them really be able to uh a proper taste and a proper feel of it yeah yeah yeah okay so andy you’ve been sitting there patiently listening to uh jeff’s escapades of far-flung territories um you would come back to birmingham yourself as you say through the lockdown do some great parties um [Music] you still had the energy you still had the the desire to uh create create things and and uh you you made more connections right and so tell us exactly where you’re at now because you you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire so to speak yeah so um obviously it was obviously doing some bits with with phil um we managed to get a monthly slot as some of the places playing but specifically we were playing at mamaroos and i managed to meet up well phil introduced me to a gentleman called the james swinburne who is the owner of big berth dining club i’d already found a job by the way um i was going to go and work for um i was going to go and work on the commonwealth games obviously i i’ve been out for six months and i was going to go work i’d already found the job anyway i kind of met up with james and he kind of sold me a bit of a vision of kind of you know what he wanted to do with big buff dining club and obviously then i kind of went and met his business partner jack brabant um and i went and i’m gonna met them in this um industrial estate just on the edge of the jewellery quarter um i was kind of walking there thinking you know where where i’m going and i turned the corner and i found this what i can only describe is a bit of an urban oasis and i kind of went in and they kind of told me what their business vision was um and then also kind of everything they wanted to build um and plus also as well you know i could indulge myself creatively you know on the dj side as well as well as kind of work with them commercially so i ended up um i ended up starting to work for digbeth dining club which has been fantastic the business has grown it kind of emerged out of lockdown um against all odds really because you know jeff will tell you because he works in the hospitality industry that you know kovid was pretty much devastating for hospitality there’s so many so many businesses that didn’t survive and it’s been really really tough um so you know we really kind of had to pull a lot of irons out the fire to get the thing up and running obviously it’s built on really banging street food but also you know what um another colleague of mine bobby barnes uh calls the vibes so it was all about kind of you know building this collective of people around this kind of like community hub um you know take all the egos out um and let’s just kind of focus on the good stuff you know the creativity the opinion leading thought leadership taste making and stuff like that and we created hotly social club which has been you know it’s been absolutely fantastic you know i’m very much involved in all of the programming of entertainment and i’ll book all the dj’s um i work on the b by the way that’s only a small part of my job there it’s kind of like almost like the side bit which i just enjoy it’s my hobby i’ve got quite a serious role which i’m not even going to go into right now um but um no he’s been fantastic and you know obviously we had you over there andy and it was a fantastic um afternoon it’s kind of you know it’s bringing people together um you know over food and to listen to great music it is really great i was um some time ago uh we we did we used to do parties quite a bit down at um down in digbeth and the guy who i worked with paul griff he said to me are these hockey hockey social they’ve got venues we could have it inside in the cafe item and if we get enough people we can we can have it outside where they do markets he didn’t really sell it to me very well to be honest i was like i’m not interested i’m not interested at all and then through um a series of uh unfortunate events actually you know my good friend passing away um we had converse you’d mention to me if i was ever over would have been interested in coming and spinning and as many people know you know i’m totally at the game and i said well as it happens i may be over for a funeral very soon so let’s let’s talk um and then i came over and uh it was beautiful absolutely beautiful i i cannot commend you enough on the venue it’s really great some of the events that have taken place there and it’s still um even though you have smashed it i i still there’s a huge amount of scope there right i think you’ll be the first to agree yeah i mean absolutely i mean you know obviously we’re opening up with the venues we’ve we’re opening up two more venues hopefully by the end of this year one in birmingham and one in the black country and then we’ve got another venue that’s already open called herbert’s yard out in longbridge which is on the former rover site and plus we do all the external events you know we do you know about 100 or so events touring around and we just take the same thing really good street food great vibes some really nice music djs was playing their personal record collection no pressure a lot of the djs are kind of world renowned you know with lee fisher is a bit of a main staple he comes and dj’s with us all the time we’ve got people like some read more um mr jeff jefferson he’s now coming to play with us as well um and it’s um jim schaffrine played recently as well and i say the same things to the djs you know just come and play your personal record collection what you really would like to play if you was having a chilled barbecue afternoon with your friends or something like that and you know come and you don’t have to play vinyl but if you’ve got any special pieces that you want to play just come and play and you know people just absolutely lap it up um we’ve taken it one step further obviously working with people like um dean smith with phil gifford we’ve been able to attract um you know some some dj’s of significant we had rocky um from rocky and diesel express two a few weeks ago that had a fantastic afternoon and then plug club uh we’ve got uh mr john de silva uh coming to huckley social club this saturday to play on the terrace obviously john the silver of hacienda fame um he’s coming uh phil gifford he’s hosting i’m gonna be supporting as well and it’s just absolutely fantastic because these djs are starting to hear about our reputation of that leader can come with their family can bring their kids they can bring their dog you know and they can come and just enjoy an afternoon of great food music and drink and there’s djs now um i can’t mention who we’ve got in the pipeline at the moment but it’s like i just can’t believe that those people want to come and play at hockley social club and we’re really excited about it um you know we’ve got some the bits in the pipeline as well so it’s it’s it’s a really beautiful project to be involved with and i feel really grateful that i am with it wow fair play to you because you’ve definitely slammed your mark on the place and i don’t think it’s uh by look that it’s got that reputation and you’ve managed to to draw in those names so we wish you all the very best for that and uh at some point in the future we’ll get you back and you can tell us all about it uh now emily asks where will the one in the black country be yeah i’m going to keep my power to dry on that for the moment and it’s kind of in advanced stages at the moment i don’t want to jinx the project um but um yeah it will be released soon um okay wonderful okay so jeff uh andy mentioned that you’re back in your in the hospitality trains yourself now back firmly in birmingham the madness of lockdown behind us um yeah tell us what you’re doing you’ve still got i was going to say you’ve still got your finger in a few pies but that’s probably not the right thing to use working in the restaurant probably not that yeah back in the hospitality uh game i’m i’m working it and helping run a bar in the jewellery quarter called the j.q bar grill where i’ve worked there for some time um i’m doing a little things but you know me and the um i get i get itchy feet at itchy feet as regards to doing new projects i mean obviously you know andy’s um brought me on board with hotly social which has been fantastic that the times that i’ve played there you know it’s something completely different uh for me which i really enjoy um i’m also working my girlfriend who’s um she’s watching now shari who’s just relaunching her uh agency in uh in orlando called hands on deck so i’m doing uh projects and work with her uh previous projects we’ve worked together and of course you know during the lockdown um which we didn’t touch base on was um the clubhouse what i was trying to get you on and you know the the speaking up where um every friday i used to do um host a room uh called the politics of dancing where i just invite just like this just invite people to come on and we talk about all the politics within the music industry from getting tracks signed to prs to just general general chit chat basically so and i’ve got a few other projects um in the pipeline as well i’m hoping to go back over to the states uh pretty soon as sherry has a friend who has a club opening in washington hopefully october time i don’t know the date set so hopefully going back over to the states there uh doing a little bit more djing and yeah also um working back with uh jim shafran again back on the money penis label which we’re about to relaunch we’ve got some tracks ready to rock and roll and basically put up a lot of uh the old money pennies albums that uh were only physical uh onto digital so that’s that’s going to be a job in itself i’m going through you know i’m still going to lock down a date regime we’ve got to go through the archives of a big hard drive and go through lots of music that we didn’t didn’t release digitally only physically get them on it you know your spotifys and your itunes and things so i’m still keeping myself quite busy regards to gigs gigs are coming in as well as we as well as to work out you know sort of a nine-to-five job in a bar i get yeah i get yeah well we have skirted over your stories ever so very briefly we’ve been chatting for uh almost an hour and 20 minutes um as you’re sitting jaffa says you’re crap at playing golf um as you’re sitting there that’s right all right are there any parts of the story that you just thought in the back of your mind actually you know what i really should give this a bit of a mention um i will say before you answer that thank you to everyone that’s with us um we’ve got the core of the conversation out there right now do stick around and we’ll just get a few more words from the guys so uh andy or jeff any any any things that you want to shoehorn into this conversation um yeah i got some bits coming up with phil um phil and i are doing some bits and pieces together um and we we’re going to be doing some um obviously we were doing a lot of stuff with mama roos and we’re going to still be in digbeth we’re going to be doing some stuff with dead wax coming up soon um so that’s that’ll be me and phil and obviously wobble is back at the hare enhanced on the i think it’s the it was the last saturday in november um and we’ve got some other bits and pieces coming up as well so you know it’s been fantastic but look you know it’s kind of you know for me after 20 years working mostly in london and in europe and stuff like that it’s been absolutely fantastic to come back to the city my birth and each as i was saying to you andy earlier it’s i kind of feel as if i’m meeting 20 or 30 new people every single week i’m i’m i’m kind of meeting the birmingham house club dance whatever you want to do with community at pace at the moment i’m getting around and i’m getting to know everyone and it’s it’s so enjoyable getting to know people obviously i knew jeff you know very um you know just just to say hello to you know for many years but we we’ve got to know each other quite a bit just of late and stuff like that and it’s been fantastic and it’s kind of um i i’m absolutely i fell in love with birmingham again um and it’s it’s it’s a fantastic scene we’ve you know a lot of people are coming back to birmingham as well and there’s some really really good times ahead we’ve got some real talent in this city um so you know i just want to say to everyone that’s kind of um that i’ve just got to know um everyone that’s come and supported any of our events or or anything like that just you know say thank you and how grateful i am um you know because you know i just enjoy every moment and i get with everyone um and that’s it really just thank you to everyone this is the part where i come out of the big red book and the and the horns [Applause] [Laughter] fantastic well guys listen we could sit and talk all evening but as i did say i think we’ve got the the core of the story down um as the months and the weeks progress we’ll get you back together maybe we’ll bring you and finland together and uh jeff yourself with uh jim i’d like to get lee garrick on as well at some point because i think that would be interesting to get another angle um but i’ll i’ll say thank you very much for now i’m going to say a few goodbyes to everybody uh you enjoy the rest of your tuesday evening and i’ll be in touch thank you guys thank you andy so much big love to you and to you andy cheers man take care big love thank you so much right there you go um the guys have gone so i was threatening to get jeff for so long and uh finally we made it happen thank you to both of them um let me read through any messages that have come through justin bundy’s back thank you for your messages throughout my friend stevie smith how are you uh jim was there i don’t think i saw jim comment earlier hello sir i didn’t realize you were watching we’re honored definitely speak to mr garrick will ya let’s have a little money penny special i actually um happened to uh listen to the conversation with yourself and mr fisher last week and i realized that we really spoke more about birmingham than we did about your own personal story so we need to have another conversation that’s going to happen um and then leaffish says the seafood linguini is nearly ready wow if nothing else i’m here to just keep you company while tea is finished tea dinner oh that’s a conversation isn’t it depending on what part of the country you’re from is it your tea is it your dinner uh thanks for being here guys as i did say earlier on different camera angle doing a few tweaks to the studio um people with me live thank you very much i can see uh christy uh like the video as did fidelia i hope i pronounced that correct mr judge uh and then previous conversations mark spain tim moore frankie shields belinda and yan thank you all if you aren’t a follower of the inspire and be inspired page then do head on over and be sure to subscribe to me on youtube as well go and take a look on youtube there’s a world of incredible conversations there really interesting topics of conversation not only to do with music mainly music but we also do delve into a few deeper topics as well thank you nadine thank you um super lee says uh and jeff comes in and says thanks everyone jaffa big up mate really good to hear from you and then uh andy milford posts his links in the chat room feel free to drop him a like jeff do the same you can’t let him have one over on you uh right what was i saying i was talking about youtube make sure you subscribe go and check out all the past conversations that we have and then you can see on the screen mark archer next tuesday at six o’clock uk time i’m going to be talking to an undoubted legend on the scene actually did i say hello to neil rushdown earlier i’m not sure if i did hi neil if you’re still watching uh forgive me if i didn’t um yes neil rushdoon responsible without a shadow for that for much of the success uh attached to this gentleman he’s going to be telling us about his nexus 21 and alternate story they’re just two of the uh names that he’s known by a world of other projects and he changed the face of uk club culture um i don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to say and we’re gonna find out why next week i’m looking forward to that uh finally let me thank uh these people you see the logos coming up on the screen um a group of people who support me on a monthly basis they stick a tenner into a plus they subscribe via paypal it’s just tenner they get their logos on the screen and they also go into a prize draw and every month somebody wins 200 pounds so if you’d like to be involved i’ll give you some information uh in a few weeks time once i get the matter of a little event i’ve got going on out of the way right that’s enough for me thank you so much for being here if you’re watching the recording i will say again please feel free to leave a comment tag uh jeff and andy let them know you enjoyed that leave a comment on the youtube and i’ll catch you online respect guys i absolutely most respect you take care now [Music] you


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