Jack Swift – History of House and Garage 1991 – 2000

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Jack Swift – History of House and Garage 1991 – 2000

Another gem of a find by my good friend Ali Mac, and something for anyone that has followed me for a long time to appreciate.
This 5 hour set is available for download and has me searching in the racks for some of these gems to play at the Vocal Booth Weekender. Almost every tune has been massive for me over the last 20+yrs and have been put together with total skill.
I have to admit.. a few minutes in I was rolling my eyes as I’m not a fan of the fast mixing style in general, I prefer to let the tunes breathe but I’m glad I stuck with it… I am seriously loving this mix.
I spoke to Jack on Facebook who is surprisingly 26 yrs old, even more impressive seeing as I consider some of these tunes to be amongst the best underground tunes I’ve ever played and he would have been 8 at the time I was rinsing these out at Marco’s.
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