How Clubbing Changed the World

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How Clubbing Changed the World

I was lay in bed watching Big Brother’s shitty bit on the side. I got up to get some water. I came back to bed to see some weird-looking dude with the most mental beard and moustache talking about house music. I was a bit confused. It was Andrew Weatherall.
The show was called How Clubbing Changed the World, It showed exactly that. It was presented by Idris Elba (the guy who played Stringer Bell in ‘The Wire’ and the detective ‘Luther’ over here). There were parts I LOVED and other parts I thought were a bit inaccurate, it was obviously put together by someone who knew their shit and I strongly recommend you to watch it, if you can. If you are outside of the UK, try to find it on YouTube.
The reason for the blog, apart from sharing some more great vibes with you? After 2 hours of amazing footage, music and back story and finding out that… well actually I won’t give the game away as to what the number one defining moment in clubbing history was.
Anyway… to be lay in bed watching this very emotional show (there was some footage of a very good friend of mine on there who is now not with us that really got to me) and have Soul Central’s version of Strings of Life playing as the credits rolled was pretty special. It choked me, if I’m honest.
Amazing memories we have all shared. Amazing music. Amazing people.
Check out the show here

If you loved Warehouse/Acid parties, then you may enjoy this mix of mine if you missed it before.


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  1. Funny I stumbled across this after finally chilling after a long week listening to some music I hadn’t thought about in some time. Hope I can check it out here in Cali. Doesn’t it always seem like some of the moments burned in your soul are listening too music while the sun comes up!

  2. I missed much of the clubbing scene pre 2000,being busy with a mortgage and babies; but musically speaking, I am glad that I caught the vibe from 1998 onwards via my younger brother Jim who made me lots of mixtapes from his vinyl collection as he was there at the 90s illegal gatherings and early MOS, Bagley’s, Turnmills nights.
    I came from Motown in the 60s and Soul in the 1970s/80s and when I heard Jim’s mixtapes it set fire to my soul once again and I was alight!
    I came back onto the scene at the best time musically in 2001 and have met some wonderful kindred spirits through working for Pressureradio and last night when the intro for Strings started I leapt up off the sofa with a fist in the air and a warcry like a madwoman… talk about save the best for last … Amen x

  3. this took me back ( made me feel very very old)
    memories ..didn’t realise we were so oppressed .. all seemed to pass me by for some reason :O)

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