Hate male

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Hate male

Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I’ll begin.
“Once upon a time there as a man called Andy. Andy was a decent enough chap who took the most pleasure from pleasing others along the rocky road called Life. Occasionally, he would meet up with strange and colourful characters who tested his patience, yet he still smiled and did all he could to assist them in anyway necessary. Unfortunately this was still not enough for some and so they tried to attack poor old Andy with all manner of weapons and mean tricks. Now what these special characters didn’t realise was that Andy was protected by a magical cloak of foolishness that kept him safe from anything other than physical abuse, so he brushed off the attacks and went about his business with a spring in his step and smile on his face.
The End”
Did you like that story ?
Ok, time to be serious now, well as serious as possible.
The last thing I am about to do is start mouthing off and causing any more drama so I will take this opportunity, as always, to put a positive twist on what has recently happened in “Facebook Gate.”
While I lay sound asleep I had my Facebook hacked, in the early hours of Friday morning. Fortunately for me the email I used to log in wasn’t the regular email address I use on a day to day basis. If you only have one email address that you use for everything, then I advise you to change it immediately to a different one for your facebook log in !
This is why.. pay attention, there is a lot of info here but stuff you need to know !
The guy that hacked me first got into my hotmail account I used for Facebook.  This email address is clear for all to see on your profile if your settings aren’t right.  To be honest, email addresses aren’t exactly secret are they ?He then clicked the “forgot password” link when logging in which sent a “reset password” code to the email he had already accessed. By simply following that link that got mailed out, he was able to log in as me, change the password & photo of me to a semi naked man with the hairiest back side you ever did see, and basically run wild through the account.
At first I thought it was an automated attack, phishing for secure info like on-line banking etc etc.
Because I hadn’t logged out of Facebook when I want to bed, I had been using it all morning unaware of what had happened.  I can’t remember what made me realise something wasn’t right, but when I eventually got into the hotmail account, I noticed a weird email had been added in the options section, an email I didn’t recognise.  This meant that anytime I tried to reset the password, this 2nd email account would also be sent notification, enabling the hacker to cancel the password change or whatever.  That’s when the penny dropped.  So the first thing I thought of doing was posting an update.
“Ha Ha, some dick head has hacked my account, luckily it’s not one I used much” I wrote.  I then logged out of Facebook to see if that had been tampered with, and when I tried to log back in of course it had been.
So who is it? I know you’re dying to find out.
Believe it or not, I am not actually in the habit of upsetting people so there wasn’t too many people to choose from. I’m fairly sure there are a few out there who secretly don’t like me, but as far as ‘enemies’ go, they are few and far between. It was only after I logged into my wife’s computer and saw this post on my Wall that I reaised it was more sinister than I had thought:

I sat and stared in disbelief at the screen as he then messaged me via Michelle’s account, pasting my sort code and account number proving he wasn’t bluffing.   He then posted the same details onto my wall for the world to see before unfriending Michelle so I couldn’t see any more.  He’d got my bank info after I had clearly given it to a friend/customer to deposit money into my account for a ticket or T shirt or ‘ting and ‘ting.
I was petrified.  What if someone got into my bank account and cleared it out ?  All that money, gone ! Gutted.  I then remembered I don’t have a pot to piss in and saw the funny side of it.
He must have then spent the next few minutes or hours or however long it takes for these genius’ to work their magic, going through my account unfriending people, deleting my DJ Andy Ward page that had 4000+ friends in it, making The Vocal Booth Weekender event disappear etc etc.. He just went through basically being really hard.
It would be wrong of me to say it wasn’t an incovenience, because it was.  Fortunately I did have some spare time to change all my passwords before I had to catch my flight which left my mind at ease as I flew to the UK.  I sat on the plane trying to think about who I could have offended… I just didn’t have a clue.  It was only when I landed in Bournemouth and was met by my good friend who immediately said “You know who it is, don’t you !!”  I literally lol’d.  Of course.. way too obvious.  Someone I had upset by telling them about themselves had come back to haunt me.
When I got to a computer at my friend’s house I had received this email..

Well I definitely learned a thing or two that day, I can tell you !
I learned how very easy it is to access private information if you leave it in the open.  I don’t want to challenge you to hack into any more of my accounts because the summer has just arrived in Spain and I’d rather be outside than sat here writing this.  I’ve learnt that people need to be made aware of how vulnerable they are if certain people want to attack them, and so for that I thank you.  My friends will no doubt thank you for now making them tighten up their own security so the same thing doesn’t happen to them.  I also thank you for giving me the excuse to close down my Facebook account, something I have actually been meaning to do for some time.  As I construct this blog my new DJ Andy Ward page is slowly accumulating friends… it’s like being stood in the DJ booth as people start to arrive into the club.. this time I am the first one in and I can watch as the buzz starts to build in anticipation for a cracking night…. come join us now here (click this link for my new DJ Andy Ward page).
I’m sure this incident has made many people consider how they use Facebook and the likes now, but you know what people, you can’t live in fear !
I guess I’ll never really know if it was meant to be an undercover attack or if you wanted me to realise it was you.  All I do know is this, I’ve got about 20 different passwords to remember now, one of them is “Yourmom1234”.
I’ll fill you in on my weekend another day.  Please paste a link of this on your Facebook wall ?


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  1. OH MY DAYZ BREDRIN!!!…..He Sent Me A Msg..”I was proving a point , if i give you the password can you give him back the account or not?” I said..”Yes I can give it to him” but no reply..I dunno if he replied to everyone or just me?..that made me think of that eejat from Spain. He hacked Abicah Soul & Boddhi Satva’s emails and then Facebook accounts. Dunno if u pissed him off as well. Anyway you live & learn init?. See ya next week bro. Weezy x

  2. There are a lot of scary people about, twisted, lonely and with too much spare time on their hands. Someone willing to break the law by hacking into a private email account just because of an abrupt email is bordering on psychotic. I hope all is ok for you now Andy and the weird weekend is over. If facebook wasn’t such a popular forum it would not be worth it, we are quite careful who we have as friends and what we put on there because of the dangers.

  3. Andy, I feel your pain. Its not that long ago that I suffered from a public hate campaign live and direct in the SS Radio Shoutbox!
    Its really good that you can make light of the situation, as I found it really difficult, especially as I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong to this person direct for them to behave in such a way.
    As “Jeff N Jules” said, some people have too much time on their hands. Continue doing you Andy, there is a saying: If people hate you, you’re doing something right.

  4. This has been a real eye opener and a shock to boot, can’t believe people will go that far just because you offended them, most people would just leave it or maybe write a shitty email back, Andy you amaze me that you have been so positive, and yes maybe a lesson learned by the hasssle and inconvenience caused, but so worrying that it can be done that easily

  5. What a silly thing to do! I just don’t see where people get the time from! It could definitely be spent on projects far more constructive and positive than what I have just read. Anyway thanks for letting us all know to tighten our security! I’m changing my passwords now! X

  6. …I’ve seen some crap lately, but this really takes the cake!! How sad, twisted, and at the same time childish to do this, and for what? Because the person got told about themselves? Wow, doesn’t say a lot for their mentality, does it?
    As you say, though, there are positives to be taken from this, and I’m glad that you’ve seen those…let karma take care of this pathetic individual…it’ll be more satisfying than anything you could personally do to them.
    …big up brother!!

  7. How small minded and vindictive some people can be, thank God you are made of all the nice things in this world, be strong and positive xxxx

  8. madness…
    glad its sorted and def a warning shot about security worth noting.
    hope you’re enjoying the sun now fella 🙂

  9. im not into all this myspace, facebook, cant be arsed. this has defo put me off too.i know youll get over this youre such a positive bloke. have a nice cold beer and chill out.

  10. Andy, also meant to say :-
    Am gonna miss the Andy Ward facebook page BIGTIME, your comments and the oscillating replies cheered me up many a day and often had me laughing like mad, am gonna miss that very much, also the heavyweights page, which was a big help to me and was great to hear how everyone was doing, such a shame that a nasty twisted person ruined all this for soooo many of us, whoever it was doesn’t realise just how many people he / she affected, thanks very much whoever you were, you have done damage to so many of us by losing Ansy Ward on facebook

    1. Aaah Steve.. you haven’t lost me bro. In the words of E.T “I’ll be right here”.
      I will be letting things calm down for a few days and normal programming will be resumed with the banter/photographs et al !
      Join me at http://www.facebook.com/djandyward – That’s another positive to come out of this, I got the username I wanted !!

  11. Just to let you all know, someone changed my password on facebook, so watch your security settings, have just had to change my email address for facebook and my password, soz to post on here, but just wanted to let you all know

  12. For the Record: Andy Ward is one of the most astoundingly sensitive and patient people I’ve ever encountered in my life. Anyone who has ever corresponded with me can tell you how taxing an experience it can be. I’ve “butted heads” with Andy a few times and he’s always handled himself and the situations with composure and insight and sensitivity. While it would be a bit “much” to say I wanted to be like Andy Ward, I’ll certainly say that I wish I had his social skills. Not to mention his obvious ability to make positive use of his time.

  13. well I have heard this happen to many random people. but yeah you pissed off a wrong person, sadly.
    I change my password regularly. even though to a real hacker this doesn’t matter they can hack everything.
    Be smart. Take care dear 😀

  14. Been away for so long I only wanted to listen and share Streets of the Sun and you were gone. Could have been worse you could have been loaded mate! : )
    All in all not good anyway, hope your well and the best.

  15. The one time “not having a pot to piss in” works to your advantage :).
    I don’t know what “beef” you guys had with each other (don’t really want to) but I really don’t understand how hacking your accounts is supposed to teach you manners..or am I missing something.
    You’ve dealt with it in a good dude, turn it to your advantage and rise above it.

  16. Andy thank you soo much for sharin with us such information,now most of us will know what to do,I always had took fb lightly but now I thought twice
    @Steve I feel ya its the same as Grant Nelson to me. .

  17. What a nightmare! Sick fuck, what is wrong with some people to make them do such a thing.
    Thanks for sharing definately worth being aware of.

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