Goodbye Australia

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Goodbye Australia

30 days later, I am about to make the long journey home after an amazing month ‘Down Under’.
As you will have read, things started off a little hectic for me.  The unforgiving flights were coupled with changes to my tour which left me with some logistical problems that I could have done without.. needless to say that everyone pulled together and the whole thing went as well, if not better, than I had originally planned.
As I think back, it is amazing to think what wonderful friends I have across Australia.  Already plans are in place for a return in 2011, giving me plenty of time to recover from this one.
Week 1’s report saw an in-depth review of the tour and what I got up to in between times, I am struggling to remember what I did yesterday now, let alone 3 weeks ago so I will focus purely on the parties.
Saturday 9th Jan – Music Matters @ Favela, Sydney
Paul Strange has booked me several times before in Sydney and came to the rescue to fill a gap in the schedule for a great party in the King’s Cross area. Warming up for Da Sendri, a UK DJ now residing in Dubai, I enjoyed playing a set of house classics and deeper grooves.  It was a great night and I partied hard with all the Sydney crew.  Fun and frolics all night long.
Sunday 10th Jan – North Gong Hotel, Woolongong
Another gig brought in at the last minute thanks to Jack McCord.  Myself and Sean Doyle had fun on the journey there and the newly refurbished venue had some nice looking people in, although the sound system set up meant we were simply playing background music to people eating food and chatting out on the terrace.  A good night with Sean nonetheless.
Friday 15th Jan – Fashion Lounge, Melbourne
Chris NG and Theo continued to show what sheer commitment and passion can achieve at short notice, pulling off a great event with a real nice crowd with only 7 days preparation.  We partied hard all night (can you see a pattern here?) and the music was on point from the very beginning.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this party so special, both behind the scenes and on the night itself.  Special thank you to Dave Ferris & Joys for their spare room and great hospitality in Melbourne.  Also thanks to Sean for some great jokes all night.
Saturday 16th Jan – Velvet Monkey, Cobram, VA
I took this gig purely as a chance to go hang with Paul n Pippa Riley, friends from Birmingham who emigrated to Australia many years ago.  These guys drove 3 hours to see me in Melbourne and then drove me 3 hours back to their small rural town that was buzzing with the anticipation of having an International DJ grace the decks.  I came on the rather basic set up and gave them a mixture of big room bangers and classic house tracks, considering it was probably as far removed from any crowd I have played to before, it was one of the most receptive.  A packed club ‘went off’ and the scenes outside make me smile just thinking about them.  Thank you Cobram, and thank you Mr & Mrs Riley for your hospitality, I could have shared stories with you all week, Paul !
From Cobram, I flew north to Cairns where I spent a day with Mr Alex Lowes (Southport Weekender promoter) at his luxurious property in Port Douglas.  Joining us was Sam Hussey of MyVisionTv for some great food and a couple of hours out on Alex’s boat.  The next day I took a 3 day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef for one of my passions, Scuba Diving.  As a licensed diver I try to dive as often as possible around the world, and despite the weather being atrocious for us it was a great trip indeed and I will have some video footage of it soon, along with full interview on MyVision Tv.
Saturday 23rd Jan – NightVision @ Alhambra, Brisbane.
Spending time in Fortitude Valley is always a highlight of my trips to Australia, no one wears watches because it is constantly Shot-o-clock !  Staying with Brett J, Jimmy Vegas (yes, I said Jimmy Vegas.. the man has no shame) and Zach Salar, I always knew it was going to be tricky.  I survived 3 days of alchohol abuse, just about !  The gig itself at Alhambra was always intended to be a trip down memory lane, playing house classics all night long.  The crowd were loving every single track and all the DJs on the night delivered the goods.  Rocking !!
Sunday 24th Jan – Birdies, Brisbane
In at the last minute and what a way to end the tour.  Lots of foul tasting drinks, semi naked DJs, failed attempts at clearing barriers ending in pain and humiliation (not guilty this time !) a swimming pool and lots of good music.. always a recipe for disaster and a brilliant afternoon.   Brisbane, it was emotional !
I am spending the last few days relaxing on the West Coast in Perth, where I have met up with the guys who I started this crazy journey into house music with all those years ago.. 25 years later my good friends have created great new lives for themselves and their new families in Perth.  Great to see Sully and Nathan again after so long, and thank you to Brad, Jo and Thea for your hospitality.  I could have done with a bit more food though, ha ha ! (I have not stopped eating this whole trip and now have some serious work to do to rid myself of a belly that any professional darts player would be proud of).
I have TOTALLY skipped over many, many hilarious anecdotes that happened along the way.  Things that will have me laughing to myself for weeks to come.   It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a sentimental one, so understand as I wipe away the tears how very grateful I am to each and every person I had the pleasure of hanging with, I now have a very productive year ahead and this tour has given me the drive and determination to make it as best as it can be.  That is, after a few week’s detoxing !
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  1. Andy, it was an absolute pleasure. Thanks for the memories and the sheer enjoyment you provided to me and the crowd. Would be glad to have you again when ever you see fit!!! You bring the goods i bring the grey goose. Good luck and have a safe trip home.

  2. I am just remembering sitting at the table as you were all waiting to go night diving, only to find out that everyone had gone 1 hour prior! haha.
    That was a funny moment.

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