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Funky Feet – Belgium

A few words here from the promoter/DJ from Saturday’s gig in Belgium – FunkyFeet.  This starts the summer series of tours for Pressure Radio and the Vocal Booth and continues in a series of interviews where I give the spotlight to some of the parties you may not have heard of before.

Who are you?

My name is Saar Tibau aka Dee.   I am the organiser and resident DJ of a small concept in Belgium called Funkyfeet.

How long have you been promoting your night?

We started Funkyfeet in September 2008.  We belgians have been very spoiled when it comes to parties and Housemusic.
I am from Leuven and we had the honour to have Club Silo in our backyard.  Club Silo was known for its wide range of international heroes such as Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Karizma, Osunlade, the list goes on and on and on…
The year 2008 was a black period for us when Silo closed its doors.  We founded Funkyfeet to be able to continue the party vibe we lost with the closure of Club Silo.  This of course in a smaller venue with up n coming artists.

Which other guests have you had?

We’ve had the honour to invite loads of international guests such as Chris Simmonds, Sonny Fodera, The Littlemen, Soul de Marin, DJ Mes, Byron Foxx and many many more…
Funkyfeet would not be Funkyfeet without our national hero Raoul Belmans who has put the place on fire several times.

Tell me about the venue.

It is a small venue with a very underground atmosphere…Perfect for what we wanted to achieve.. Funkyfeet is all about the music.  We are blessed with a superb crowd that has supported us over years.

Tell me what you set to achieve with the night

We just want to continue what we are doing so well…Bring all kinds of house music to Belgium to keep the music alive and promote achieved and young talents from all over the globe.

Tell me about your crowd

We have the best crowd in the world 🙂  They all come to our party for the love of housemusic and for the love of dancing.
Since we had years of education in partying and good music our crowd knows what it’s all about.  Sometimes they go on untill 8 AM…
We can best be described as unstoppable crazy music lovers 🙂
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