'Friends' flying high

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'Friends' flying high

Respect to everyone for thrusting the Friends of the Booth E.P Vol 2 to the number one spot on Traxsource for album downloads.
The project came about after my good friend Paul Groove teamed up with Soul de Marin at last year’s Vocal Booth Weekender and approached many of the producers.  Each was asked to present a free track for an album project which would be given to me as a surprise, for all my hard work on the event.  Friends of the Booth Vol 2 was born, and what an amazing body of work it is too.
This whole EP was GIVEN out to over 500 of the Vocal Booth Family members at Christmas as a free gift, and after being released last week on Tony Humphries’ “Tony Records” imprint it now sits at the number one spot on album sales, number 2 in Soulful house downloads and one of the tracks is at number 6  in the actual top sales for the whole of Traxsource.
I believe this cements the power of the VB Family who all came together to show support and purchased one (if not all of the tracks) in a show of appreciation, it also shows just how strong the whole EP is as the rest of the world follows suit in purchasing.
Respect to you if you helped in this, if you didn’t get your copy yet, show some support here… all proceeds off this track go to a good cause, this was the only stipulation made when I signed the project to them.


Andy Ward pres. The Friends of the Booth EP Volume 2 
# Track Price
01 M&S – Tramonto (6:08) Soulful House $2.99
02 DeepCitySoul , Yelitza – Life (6:27) Soulful House $2.99
03 Groove Assassin – Afternoon Delight (GA Minesweeper Mix) (6:17) Soulful House $2.99
04 M&S – Tramonto (Instrumental) (5:53) Soulful House $2.99
05 Soulful Session , Rachael Calladine – Days Gone By (8:56) Soulful House $2.99
06 Soul de Marin – Campoamor Sunset (6:12) Soulful House $2.99
07 Soul Renegades – Talk to Me (7:01) Soulful House $2.99
08 Blackwax – For, With, Of (9:08) Soulful House $2.99
Buy all mixes $7.98

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