Feeling productive

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Feeling productive

BIG weekend in the UK. I’m reeling from a mixture of sleep deprivation, vodka overload and non stop laughter.
Here’s a run down on what’s bussin’ right now in Ward World (as you can see I’m still not quite right – I’m so glad I don’t take drugs… I honestly don’t think I could cope with the comedowns !)
As I type this, I am listening to my Warehouse Classics mix I did last year. Since taking it off my podomatic site I have been contacted by quite a few people asking for it back, so I uploaded it to Soundcloud. Grab it while you can if you missed it first time around. As with all the Soundcloud links, the downwards pointing arrow on the right of the box is what you click to download the mix.
Andy Ward – Classic Cuts, The Warehouse Days by intothevault
So, the weekend.
I flew into Birmingham and got taken down the London by Euge. Stayed at the very stylish B2 (B squared) Hotel in Bermondsey. Wicked 27″ Apple screens as TVs in the room and nice staff. I recommend it if you’re ever in that area, although I have no idea of the price. Soul Heaven @ the Ministry of Sound was great. Nice warm up sets in the bar from Aaron Ross and Garphie S and I really enjoyed playing a predominantly older set of big songs and melodies. Shame the sound system could have been better and parts of the room absolutely STANK of a mixture of sick and stale beer !!?? Sy Sez rocked it until the end. In the main room Neil Pierce, Joey Negro and Louie Vega had the place bouncing along nicely. I will be adding some photos and videos to Facebook once I get a card reader to transfer them from my camera.. just another gadget to add to the 1000’s I have at home I always have to buy again. All in all it was a great return there for myself and can’t wait to do it again later in the year.
I caught the train back to Birmingham on Sunday and made my way to Sobar to see Kid Creole and Julian Bendall. Bank Holidays are always good in Birmingham and as it was Gay Pride it was even busier than usual. Caught up with loads of the “Family” and had a groove to some great sounds before having to make my way over to Coventry. Enjoyed a fun drive over with Jai Spence, The Logistix duo of Fabrik Soul and J Phunk, alongside the lovely sailor boy Nathan RG, sporting the tightest jeans possible before they officially became jeggings and some nifty turn ups. WWJD and Like-Minded was in full swing when I got there and Steve Young was playing some seriously soulful grooves to warm up, I have to admit I totally had a different image in my head of how the gig was going to be and how I would have to play. The venue looks totally different to how I recall it and the crowd were very stylish and up for it indeed. It went off as I played some great music !! After me, Dave Thatcher rocked it till the end. I think I was actually the last person to leave the venue. Respect to Stuart Talbot for a cracking party.. I look forward to returning one day.
So that’s a very brief rundown on my escapades.
This week I am in Birmingham, waiting for my gig next Saturday at Alter Ego @ Bambu.
While I am here I will be spending a couple of days with Timmy Vegas in the studio working on some new Soul Central tracks, I am hoping also to hook up with Matt & Owen for some Deep City Soul badness.
Things I’m doing.. along with talking too much nonsense on Facebook I am about to open the VIP group for all the people purchasing their passes for the VB Weekender.. this will be the only place to get info on the event ahead of every one else and you can only gain access if you have purchased your pass. We are currently at 49 people, which doesn’t sound a lot but when you consider these are predominantly people that didn’t come last year, it seems that we are going to have a very good party on our hands. Add the DJs to that number and it goes up to about 90 (Which reminds me, I started a sweepstake for the world cup between all the ‘support’ DJs, you can keep your eyes on the banter here)
Music wise, there is the Vocal Booth live show from Thursday to check out if you haven’t yet, as well as the Vocal Booth Club Sessions podcast which this week features my Southport Weekender live set from a few weeks ago. I hope you like it !
I am getting loads of feedback from all the mixes, videos and shows I am constantly uploading so thank you to everyone for making the effort to check it all out, I try to only share stuff I think you need in your lives.. it’s only ever about the music !!
I’m racking my brain to try to remember if there’s anything else I need to tell you about so I don’t have to send another update… nope.. empty head… so see one or two of you in Birmingham on Saturday 5th June @ Bambu, I’ve got a few weeks off then to enjoy the sun and kids.
I hope you feel better than I do today !
Finally, here’s a little video my bezzy buddy Giddy just asked me to watch..
as he says “Bwad!”
George Benson will be near my house this year @ the San Javier Jazz Festival, I might get him to pop round for a game on the Xbox.


Streaming Gear I use and recommend:


Mac Mini M1 2020 (upgrade to 16GB RAM) = https://amzn.to/3YSkcWZ
Elgato Stream Deck = https://amzn.to/3Jd08sU


1 x AOC U2879G6

1 x AOC 24B1W


Sony ZV1 = https://amzn.to/41fSkgR
Logitech Brio 4k (x2) = https://amzn.to/3KYMbQx


Wave XLR = https://amzn.to/3INhw7s
DJI Mic2 = https://amzn.to/3IKIDjf

DJ Kit:

Shure 55s Radio Mic = https://amzn.to/3Igp94w
DJ Controller = Pioneer XDJ-XZ
Technics 1210 Turntables = https://amzn.to/3Eqzyth
Stylus; Ortofon DJ = https://amzn.to/3xHmSL5

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